BlackBerry 10 Aristo specifications leak, get us excited

02 October, 2012
With a quad-core Krait processor and 2GB of RAM, this might be the device RIM needs to start the fightback.

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  • devil_13

already seen this handset and had a play with it its really breath takign and a world away from anything blackberry has done to date

  • Gats

It's ok Not So Good ............!

  • sewoo

Cool Aristo I hope the hype won't be cut off when Android product and Iphone hit the mobile Market again.And bb should see to there other product upgrade os issues and applications

  • yooyoo

Plz blackberry plz bring out something great, not just for you but for us customers too... We desperately need better alternatives of iphone and android. WP8 is coming up as a worthy alternative but we want more options :-)

  • Tab

AnonD-11053, 03 Oct 2012Strange , cuz , my BlackBerries didnt lag like this . works even... moreI agreed with you. I used to have blackberry. OS very stable and no need to reboot.

  • Anonymous

Hahaha Quad core? really why you need that? so the keyboard doesn't lag? maybe to show your contacts a bit faster. 2gb of ram? why so much? are texts getting bigger? lol this is like owning a ferrari engine on a toyota echo well done RIM.. well done..

  • AnonD-11053

B_boyMD, 03 Oct 2012Ao how can we restart the device is can't pull battery out. It w... moreStrange , cuz , my BlackBerries didnt lag like this . works even months without restarts :) IMHO one of the most stable OS`es

  • shane godson russian no for the battery part tho

  • B_boyMD

Ao how can we restart the device is can't pull battery out. It wouldn't be blackberry if didn't hang or act weird and needed resets 20times a day >>>>> sorry RIM I love your products that is why i'm living with it. But reality is it hangs and has issues solved only by restarting with pulling out battery!!!!!!!!!!! So what now reset button! Or proper device? I pray

  • AnonD-74400

Been using the BB torch,its not cool but this might get RIM on the Map

  • AnonD-74393

Huge battery pack is awesome, longer life. Traditionally, we don't need replacement battery because they are too expensive to buy separately...

  • Yancey

So no more battery pulls

  • andy kent

quad-core Krait processor at 1.5GHz with 2GB of RAM and only showing text sub menu in setting?

  • Mr Rule

Wow... I might buy this phone. Specs are good, no probs with my playbook so far, it incooperate well with my Samsung Note 2 and my Nokia E6(poor mans BB). I've uses a lot of different types of softwares, from android, bada, meego to wp to webOS and also ios. I really like the BB but they need to move on to design different type of qwerty phones, since it is almost the same.. hope the aristo will be the stepping stone to the new next gen design...

  • oujisan

Now if the Apps will compeet with Andriod and iOS.

Then well see competition

  • Glenone

sp excited hopefully it wont be cacelled

  • MCRL

Kotleta, 03 Oct 2012Why waste this good config with RIM OS, why not go with android?The reason why I use Blackberry is not only the email and messaging features but it's a secured phone. Adroid has a lot of security issues but that was before, I'm not sure about the latest JB.

Maybe some android user can enlighten me on this.

  • AnonD-71871

AnonD-53700, 03 Oct 2012Good that is not android then, isn't it ? .... troll fail :)) And you replying before read what i've replied, soo who's fail know?

  • Anonymous

''aristo'' in greek language it means ''excellent'' or ''perfect''

  • GigBoy

They should launch it before Christmas if they want to blow the market away. Relly Blackberry. It is your only hope. I believe in you guys. You can prove YOU ARE STILL HERE