OnePlus responds to app throttling fiasco

07 July 2021
The behavior seen on the OnePlus 9 Pro was on purpose.

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  • Anonymous

NotAFanB0Y, 08 Jul 2021Hahaha... What a 100% true statement... Never Settle in ... moreThis is exactly what I said about that garbage brand Huawei before they p30 was released with it's price increase. Then the P40 was the same price as the rival Samsung model and yet everyone still complained that Samsung was overpriced.

They are all overpriced and we keep buying them anyways.

  • Anonymous

WCOS, 08 Jul 2021This is most certainly NOT performance throttling. The proc... moreThis is downright wrong. Who is One+ to tell me which apps I can have utilize the prime core instead of apps I don't use much.
Lets say I use Opera browser instead of Chrome and it's nowhere near as fast (figuratively)... I would definitely feel cheated and like I wasted my money on something that's overpriced to begin with.

  • Anonymous

Muthu, 08 Jul 2021Only one FACT comes in the way of all the arguments that yo... moreTwo options

1)We'll let a phone perform at full capacity and let it heat up crazy and affect long term expectations


2) Throttle apps so that other than bunch of testers no one else can notice a difference in daily usage scenarios

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021Does the throttling really effect end user experience to be... moreYou're ok with being lied too?

  • cyan

Muthu, 08 Jul 2021Only one FACT comes in the way of all the arguments that yo... moreAgreed

  • Alpha

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021All phones with the SD888 with the exception of S21 Ultra h... moreReally with the exception of S21? There are tons of videos where it heats up even when its idle..stop lying

  • Muthu

Samath N8 808 owner, 08 Jul 2021I think Geekbench is more at fault here. Sufficient interna... moreOnly one FACT comes in the way of all the arguments that you made - Price of the phone. For this performance, OnePlus should have charged $300, not $1000 to its customers. When they charge $1000 for the phone, it is expected that the phone performs at that level. Failing to do that is a FAILURE on the part of the company selling the phone. It is NOT Geekbench's fault that a $1000 phone is ACTUALLY performing like a $300 phone in REALITY but like a $1000 phone while running benchmarks alone. It is OnePlus's fault ENTIRELY.

  • Anonymous

zodiacfml, 08 Jul 2021no PR statement can fix this lame ass cheap engineering in ... moreAll phones with the SD888 with the exception of S21 Ultra have bad battery life. I can see why OnePlus would want to tweak their phones to improve battery life but the problem is down to the chipset.

Samath N8 808 owner, 08 Jul 2021I think Geekbench is more at fault here. Sufficient interna... moreThis is not first and won't be last, these companies cheat for long time, and they use same method, when run Benchmark app your phone draw more power and it won't throttle but in real life it will throttle and draw less power. anandtech did cover this since 2013, and they continue to expose them time to time, oneplus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and almost all big companies know it and they clearly know what they are doing. Don't blame geek bench, it's almost 10 years since they start doing it no need to warn them.

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021You don't even have a 5G network in India so how do yo... moreIn India, carriers are using 4 LTE bands. Not all carriers use all bands and the bands they use vary with region. Depends on which part of the spectrum the carrier has access to.
The concern raised by the other user was regarding this. Depending on the carrier and region the 5g band will vary. Also, the spectrum sale hasn't happened yet so even the usability of the one band that the device has is doubtful.

no PR statement can fix this lame ass cheap engineering in the OS. as anandtech adds, the OP phone has worse battery life even with this. Oneplus doesnt deserve premium pricing.

Oneplus is doing similar thing with the 5g in oneplus 8,8pro n other phones as well .. i could not see any 5g related settings in the phone,not even the option to set the network as 4g/5g/3g..and no 5g reception in areas where other phones get 5g here in uae.. so some one has to complain like this for the company to respond..

  • AnonD-1003038

It was just a case of bad communication between company and users. Apple did this dumb thing with "batterygate" where whole drama was created just because they didn't communicate the feature to users at all and give users choice even if feature was enabled by default and done with best intentions. And same with OnePlus here. Their intention was not to cheat and I said that in the original story article, it's just optimization (why would you cheat by slowing things down lol, other than battery which wasn't that outstanding compared to other similar phones?), but since they didn't communicate it to the users or give them control over this, another drama happened. I just don't get it why companies don't seem to ever learn.

Just TELL users about the feature and give them setting to control it and NO ONE will ever mind it even if it's enabled by default. Most users don't care either way, they just want the phone to work efficiently, but there are people who want full control. With proper communication and controls for such features, you will satisfy casual users as well as smartphone nerds. It's just funny OnePlus of all didn't learn when their sister company Realme was actually caught cheating on Realme Neo GT I believe and they thought not communicating such features to users was a good idea. Hm.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 08 Jul 2021Oh, sorry, did I inadvertently hurt your feeling by not pra... moreJust by the fact that you reply here you use a big search engine, so technically you let yourself abused. This is the world we live in now, deal with it or leave it.

Thor, 08 Jul 2021To be honest I'd love to have throttling option's... moreAbsolute truth you spoke. Each word correct.

In fact, now I think many who want SD888 might just go for Oneplus 9, if they introduce selectable performance modes in the next software update.
More due to SD888's volatile nature, than anything else.

I think Geekbench is more at fault here. Sufficient internal warnings must be given before exposing them in press.

The entire world knows that Snapdragon 888 is a battery hog and a hand heater. If Oneplus wants its users to have a positive experience, without overheating and battery hogging, then why not?
Who is Geekbench to interfere in this matter and create bad press for the company?

Even a Snapdragon 855 runs things speedily, so why should users complain on 888, specially when single core works mostly on UI and interface, and multicore on apps?
At best, the only mistake of Oneplus is to not introduce performance modes clearly, and give users the possibility to use the main core as well.

Why is a no brand like Geekbench affecting throttling decisions? This is supposed to be between company and its customer.

This, and only this, is the specific reason why I bought the Find X3 and not the pro version. The Snapdragon 888 is absolute overkill.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021Again this dumb statement ,India may or maynot have 5G that... moreYou don't even have a 5G network in India so how do you know they're using different bands in each region? How do you know if every region isn't using that band? You don't make any sense.

  • Thor

To be honest I'd love to have throttling option's on my phone. In some instance a 20% tthrottling can lead to way more power consumption, as power consumption is not linear with clock speed.

The 888 is super fast already so it's not like a bit of throttling will make a huge difference in basic apps but it can save a lot of power.

A good idea but they should have been open about it and provide an option for the user. They could even have marketed that as battery saving feature with low performance degradation or something like that. I think with the new chips like the 888 people are looking for this.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Again this dumb statement ,India may or maynot have 5G thats not the point...these brands are marketing phones in the name of 5g ready.. with just one band it wont be sure if it will work in all regions as different careers will have different bands,also a particular career might have different bands in different region