Xiaomi Pad 5, Pad 5 Pro aim for glory with 11" TrueTone displays, powerful chipsets

10 August 2021
The Pad 5 comes with Snapdragon 860, Pad 5 Pro runs on Snapdragon 870.

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Great specs but I'm hoping they can release a lite version of 8.7 inches,6000 mah battery with 33W fast charging and 13mp camera with MediaTek G95 chipset for gaming on a budget.

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    • 10 Aug 2021

    Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021so its a blatant shameless iPad pro copy. No surprise h... moreWhat can you expect from Xiaomi ? A trash brand that has always copied others and seldom come up with something off their own. Heck, even the OS is a super cheap and buggy iOS clone. Funny how everyone was making fun of this brand some years ago and now there are so many sheep, m.onkeys praising them and saying congratulations to them when they never invest in anything or make a product by themselves. This proves how d.umb the world populations is. And do you know something as funny as the first ? That most of these m.onkeys that praise them never owned or own a super expensive phone from them like Mi 11 Ultra.

      shiba, 10 Aug 2021A little disappointed! I wish there's a 8.0 tablet wit... morethe reason why these Oems release lot of Android tablets is COvid, lot of people work at home, hence they buy tablets/laptop for work. ideal screen size in 10 to 12 inches.

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        • 10 Aug 2021

        Is there any doubt left that Xiaomi is the no.1 manufacturer in year 2021???

          bulbulito.bayagbag, 10 Aug 2021The ipad is the king of tablets period, just like iphones f... moreipad (8th 2020) has more than 50% marketshare among ipads, while ipad pro, air, mini etc occupy less than half of ipad sales. ipad 8th gen cost just $329 and lot of time you can get it for $299. with that price its cheaper than pad 5 and other android alternative while you get flagship soc A12.

          so while iphone are expensive, ipads are cheaper than android tablets, Tab s6 from Samsung has equivalent soc and it cost around $500.

            heffeque, 10 Aug 2021Xiaomi already overtook Apple and Samsung in the smartphone... moreIndeed. I was surprised when I read the price tag. The spec for an already pretty powerful vanilla Pad 5 is slightly cheaper than the base iPad 8th generation, and far lower than any similar specced android tablets currently on sale.

            I sincerely hope this move by Xiaomi will push every other competitors to lower their tablet price tags.

              rocha17, 10 Aug 2021snap 860 is an 855++ so its not so powerful compared to 870... morei know, my point we have lot of choice in $400 to $500 price point, but between $300 to $400 most tablets have mediocre specs.

                Hemedans, 10 Aug 2021True, Tab s7 time to time they drop below $500, and lenovo ... moresnap 860 is an 855++ so its not so powerful compared to 870 but still a good chip

                  Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021so its a blatant shameless iPad pro copy. No surprise h... moreI dont think the IP Laws in china are that strict compared to say, the USA. That's why a lot of them can get away with copying. Besides, if you are going to copy, might as well copy the best, which is Apple. Heck they dominate the tablet market.

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                    • 10 Aug 2021

                    Xiaomi already overtook Apple and Samsung in the smartphone area... I'm guessing that now they're after the tablet area as well!
                    Samsung, Huawei and Lenovo are going to have a hard time topping this tablet's price/quality/performance ratio, even if it gets fairly more expensive out of China.

                      Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021wow das pretty cheapcheap and beautiful

                        Good pricing

                          if it has no pwm, I think that I will buy it. im with the 8 inch squad, but I doubt that xiaomi will release one. we just want a 8 inch with 1080p screen and midrage procesor, come on android, we dont want to go to the ipad mini wich will have 600 euro pricetag. we dont care about some ultra fast procesor that we are not gonna use. just 8 inch 1080p with no pwm and good color accuracy.

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                            • 10 Aug 2021

                            so its a blatant shameless iPad pro copy.

                            No surprise here, thats exactly what Xiaomi is famous for; copying other peoples ideas/IP with zero regards/respect to original designer and engineers hardwork/effort

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                              • 10 Aug 2021

                              bulbulito.bayagbag, 10 Aug 2021Android need to step up their tablet game, I have used a co... moreThey didnt since 2014..so i dont expect them to do...since the dev needs to step up, but all the dev for tablets are on ipadOS

                                Tano27, 10 Aug 2021Not good, you say? See how much Samsung is charging for th... moreThe ipad is the king of tablets period, just like iphones for the smart phone market. there's a reason why the ipad and the iphone sell even if they are not cheap.

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                                  • 10 Aug 2021

                                  Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021Do you know the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7?You can find the tab s7 for 500$ or even lower on discounts, the mi pad 5 pro after adding VAT and distribution tax will be close to 500$(you won't get the announced prices outside of china lol) and the pen is an extra 50$

                                    Android need to step up their tablet game, I have used a couple of android tablets already, and recently just got an ipad 5th gen (2017) for my son for his online schooling. No wonder the ipad lords the tablet market, if you havent used an ipad, please try one.

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                                      • 10 Aug 2021

                                      TabMaster, 10 Aug 2021The pricing is good because it's the Chinese version, ... moreDo you know the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7?

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                                        • 10 Aug 2021

                                        hbkrossi, 10 Aug 2021So dumb/silly release.....What makes them think they can co... moreThey cant compete with ipad mini, if apple is indeed making a new one