AT&T is sending out replacement phones to people still using 3G-only models

07 September 2021
Even if you didn't ask for one. However, what phone you get depends on what the carrier has left in its warehouses.

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Fanboy of All brands, 07 Sep 2021Imagine someone using an P50 Pro with 3G only. No 4G at all... moreWell this is referring to phones that are only 3G capable, the P50 Pro is 4G capable so no.

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AT&T sent me a Calypso out of the blue when I have a ZTE Axon 7 as my device is not part of their list even though it is a 4G phone.

Seriously, a Samsung Note9? A phone that is no longer supported by Samsung themselves? That is daft.

NXTwoThou, 07 Sep 2021Imagine having a Xiaomi Mi9 Transparent Edition 12GB/256GB ... moreAnd to think, all AT&T needs to do is make an app similar to T-mobile's Digits app. It's not perfect but even when 3G is shut down, it will allow any phone that has the bands to run calls and texts through there.

OnePlus 6 is not on the list of supported phones, why? It perfectly supports 4G.

reddit. com/r/oneplus/comments/nbxcme/oneplus_6_no_longer_going_to_work_with_att/
reddit. com/r/oneplus/comments/pewk0k/goodbye_oneplus_6_you_will_be_missed/

Looks like it's just AT&T being a dick to its customers. The phone is fully capable but they haven't whitelisted it.

Imagine having a Xiaomi Mi9 Transparent Edition 12GB/256GB where you forced LTE and VoLTE(aka, the only reason you will be blocked is because of AT&T's "white list" policy) and being offered an AT&T Radiant Core. My bosses current plan is to switch us all to T-Mobile come Jan.

Imagine someone using an P50 Pro with 3G only. No 4G at all. Do he get an replacement?