Weekly poll: did you put a screen protector on your phone? What about a case?

03 October 2021
Screen replacements can be rather pricey. Also, dropping your phone can break its camera too. 

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  • Anonymous

No screen protector but I use a case. Covered screens just don't feel right.

Phone manufacturers like apple and samsung make their phones even more fragile so people can break them easily and buy another phone. More phones broken means more phones sold and so more profits.
Interestingly, 12 years of using samsung phones and iphones, I only broken a phone`s screen once, it was an iphone 4 that dropped from my pocket to the floor. I dropped samsung phones several times from tables and beds but never got broken.

Screen protector?? YES!!
Case?? Thin and light.

P-CHM, 04 Oct 2021There is more to a material than scratch resistance... but ... moreWell i mean, there has been any concrete proof showing that the frame is actually made of Stainless steel? Some drop tests showed that the phone frame still dented like the usual aluminium.

GAMIRSFM, 03 Oct 2021There's proof that the frame is made out of Stainless ... moreThere is more to a material than scratch resistance... but that frame does not scratch easily. It is far more resistant to scratches than my Note9, or at least it is not as apparent.

  • PocoFairRedmi

Funny how those curved screens make the phone more expensive while giving you no upside. Manufactures have to come up with palm rejection so you don't get spurious touches. Completely nonsensical, even factoring in looks. Even Apple, who goes out of their way to make repairs impossible or terribly expensive (outside of battery/screen) still use flat screens, but some high-end Android phones (Samsung, Xiaomi to name a few that offer such models) turn to those BS curved styles.

I put a massive Supcase on my Galaxy S8 Active. So I have a super rugged combo - both phone and case have their own MLT-STD, so my phone is double protected. It's heavy, but I don't mind. I like that I can feel my phone when I have it in my pocket. The only disadvantage is that this bulky combo killed the vibrations, which are now almost useless with my phone in a pocket - I just can't feel them.

  • Anonymous

Screen protector: yes on folding screen, no on external screen. Got nothing against screen protectors for microscratches but against cat claws they fail while the screen is fine as it's harder.

Case: No for heat reasons. Heat makes the battery age faster. The only thing that has convinced me otherwise are cases with kickstands to hold my phone at a useful angle on a desk.

  • Make

Where is the poll option for wallet case? thats what Im using

  • blue.sun

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021The camera has far better grip Also it is ten times that heavy. And still sometimes I just have to hold it one-handed in some really awkward positions...

A beautiful case and a Well hidden glass protector is a nice idea

tigerbomb1996, 03 Oct 2021i use ringke dual x case and cheap $1 tempered glass screen... more#RingkeGang

  • Anonymous

Will you people update your phone buying list?

P-CHM, 03 Oct 2021No screen protectors for me, though once my devices get scr... moreThere's proof that the frame is made out of Stainless steel? It scratches like aluminium!

  • Anonymous

Reza.ermantraht, 03 Oct 2021I didnt use screen protector on my galaxy s8, I had a silic... moreSame happened to me as well. Dropped my phone from barely two feet and the screen shattered like an artwork

  • Anonymous

Plastic screen protector and ultra thin Pitaka Air case, does the job for me with no extra bulk at all.

I'm missing the option for Flip / Book / Wallet case

  • Anonymous

blue.sun, 03 Oct 2021Where's the problem? For me it's absolutely norma... moreThe camera has far better grip

I have factory installed protector and a silicon case that comes usually with the handsets I buy always been good. With the clear silicon case you can still see the beauty of the rear of the phone.

All these years I have never had any screen protector. I tried it once but I removed it in few days. Never had any problems of scratches or anything.
Nowadays many OEMs provide with a case in the box. I am using one such. Don't know how long it will go.