Counterpoint: Apple is the undisputed leader in the United States

04 November 2021
Samsung is also on the rise at the expense of other makers during Q3 2021.

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  • Anonymous

I'm rather surprised. I thought Apple clearly had 50%+ in the USA. Almost every photo or video I see taken over there seems to feature an iPhone user.

  • Anonymous

The Truth, 04 Nov 2021Apple will always remain on the top at least in USA, becaus... moreUS won't ban Samsung. But Samsung may overtake Apple one day.

  • Anonymous

Because we don't buy junk from CN

  • The Truth

Apple will always remain on the top at least in USA, because the support of USA Government, if any company will try to overcome Apple then they will ban the whole company...

These figures also prove that even in a country like USA where budget or prices are not an issue for people, they still prefer to mostly buy Android, as is proven by these percentages

There is a 42 percent share for iOS but 58 percent for Android

Apple share is the biggest but that is more so because of their monopoly on the iOS phones. If there existed other companies selling iOS phones, then Apple share would shrink very quickly, as people will have an option to buy from others without being compelled to go to the same company every time

I do find it redundant and predictable when you see videos saying, "Why I switched to iPhone" or "Why I ditched iPhone for Android". Expect it every year. People are fickle and can get bored fast because these phones really are toys.

PepperPot, 04 Nov 2021Nobody banned Huawei phones in the US. They never sold pho... moreXiaomi and many others make highend phones too, some cost a lot more than the top specs iphone. Unfortunately those don’t sell in the US.
Seems the US is no longer the country all companies want to sell to. Like EVs, the smartphones market is a lot more rich and dynamic in Europe and Asia.
Not sure I understand why a lot of companies are not selling to the US
Too bad, that limits the choices of the consumer.

Not just in the US, but also in HK, Japan and Taiwan. Apple dominated in all these four markets. As among them, only the US has restrictions on selected brands, it's interesting that those markets are pretty skewed towards Apple.

(For me, more than 80% of my friends use iPhones but I don't)

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[deleted post]I've looked and I'm still here. What exactly is your point?

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PepperPot, 04 Nov 2021Nobody banned Huawei phones in the US. They never sold pho... moreYes, they did. US banned carriers from selling Huawei phones in the US.

Man, the US has such a boring market. Not many choices. Seems a lot of companies that sell premium phones don’t sell to the US. Happy for the Europeans and Asians though ☺️

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[deleted post]I explained how passive cooling on phones are gimmick.

So many people obsessed with vapor chambers? I don’t get it. Seems silly. Proper cooling is found on consoles and PCs with high surface area for heat dissipation, fans and vents.

Mi 11 and 11 Ultra with its said large vapor chamber overheats badly it can reach 50c and performance gets beaten by let’s say, a Realme GT Neo 2 with weaker SoC. I don’t get why people are blaming the SD888 chipset?

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Z, 04 Nov 2021P.s. for those who trust Apple propaganda regarding their C... moreCooling system (vapor chamber) on a phone is just a gimmick, as phones are covered by thick frames and glass backs.

No, the A15 actually performed a lot better than SD888. Check Gary Explains video about iPhone 13 Pro throttling. Throttled iPhone 13 Pro beats Samsung S21 Ultra Snapdragon without throttling. The 11 Pro did pretty bad.

If you want proper cooling system, go get a console or PC.

Impressive gain for Samsung, let's see if the pixel 6 shows up.

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Only the US has banned sales of Huawei phones, lol. And,... moreNobody banned Huawei phones in the US. They never sold phones in the US and if they did, it would make little difference. Apple dominates expensive phone sales and their brand awareness is on a different level. Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi live off low to mid range phones at affordable prices. It has always been that way. No point in losing sleep over it now.

"And, really, those intelligence agencies were pressured by the US into making those claims against Huawei which are still unproven."

What does that mean? Who is the US? Don't generalize. I live in the US. Was it me? Who pressured the "intelligence agencies"? Be specific.

  • Z

AnonD-1024704, 04 Nov 2021"Trust me bro" Check GSM for score compares And... moreWe were not debating camera quality here. Also lol at the software support, another attempt by the consumerist media to try to get you to upgrade over and over.

The average Joe won't run questionable benchmarks every single day

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-Trix-, 04 Nov 2021I don't see what difference it really would make if th... moreApple only has around 1% market share in India, around 10% in China and around 17% in Europe, so I'm pretty sure the lack of competition is the sole reason for Apple's strong market share in US.

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Such limited choices in North America. I live in Canada and only brands carriers sell are Samsung, Apple, Motorola, TCL and Google, that's it.

  • AnonD-1024704

Z, 04 Nov 2021Golden Reviewer, he is a pretty reputable source. The iPhon... more"Trust me bro"
Check GSM for score compares
And have fun with your F3
No one cares, you never know the meaning of quality or use of 5mp telemacro🤣🤣🤣 and maybe proper software support

  • Z

AnonD-1024704, 04 Nov 2021"according to some Chinese sources"And non-Chinese sources are reliable?