Weekly poll results: the Sony Xperia Pro-I is well received, but not everyone needs a professional phone

07 November 2021
But if you do need one, there aren't many options, especially for photos and videos.

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AnonD-1014095, 09 Nov 2021On manual features with alpha Pro app features, blows it. ... moreReal world output says otherwise. It's you... who needs to stop being in denial.

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    • 09 Nov 2021

    ABF Media, 09 Nov 2021No it doesn't. You Sony people just repeating marketin... moreOn manual features with alpha Pro app features, blows it. Stop being indenial and jealous.
    Sony blows any phones 2 years ahead with the alpha RX series features.

      AnonD-1014095, 08 Nov 2021The Pro app features blows any phones from 2 years ahead. ... moreNo it doesn't. You Sony people just repeating marketing material out of the Sony manuals.
      Image quality out of the pro mode app was already matched and outperformed by last year's pixel in auto mode(which takes 1 second)

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        • AnonD-1014095
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        • 08 Nov 2021

        ABF Media, 08 Nov 2021Debatable???! Lol.. The top 3 camera smartphones currently ... moreThe Pro app features blows any phones from 2 years ahead. Yea the stock camera isn't good, but when you use the Alpha features, it blows your socks off.

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          • 08 Nov 2021

          Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021poor camera software ... lol. What does that even mean? I b... moreI bet you you have never seen comparisons online where the Sony software lets down the camera performance of the phone compared to the likes of MI 11 ultra or vivo X70 Pro Plus.. Even iPhone 13 Pro, Oneplus 9 pro and galaxy flagship are better.

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            • 08 Nov 2021

            SuuperBaka, 08 Nov 2021"You Sony people are hilarious man..." You jus... moreNo professional is touching the Xperia pro. Most of them have iPhones or Galaxy.. They steer clear of any Sony smartphones.
            Although they might use a Sony mirrorless, they want nothing to do with a Sony smartphone

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              • 08 Nov 2021

              ABF Media, 08 Nov 2021Debatable???! Lol.. The top 3 camera smartphones currently ... morepoor camera software ... lol. What does that even mean? I bet you only have a vague picture of what it means.

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                • 08 Nov 2021

                SuuperBaka, 08 Nov 2021"Let’s review a typical workflow process of a photogra... more "A good photo taken from both a smartphone and DSLR are not close in any sense. The smartphone will always be behind in quality."

                You completely missed his point.
                He is addressing the drawbacks as to why the general consumer would prefer the smartphone over mirrorless.

                That better photo quality through the a mirrorless/dslr can only be achieved after post editing which takes quite a lot of time. Most people aren't going to invest time in that.
                That Dxomark article given in the link by anonymous guy exactly explains how far we have come. Maybe read it throughly without your Sony tinted glasses.

                The smartphone is a lot better in many areas and will give better image quality unless the images out of mirrorless camera have been edited. This has been proven in multiple scenarios and is possible because of computational photography.

                Even a professional photographer isn't going to go with his bulky gear on a vacation. He knows he'll get reliable social media ready images through a pixel 6 or iPhone 13 Pro.
                The bulky gear would only be reserved for professional work.

                  SuuperBaka, 08 Nov 2021"So Quad Bayer sensors aren't real cameras? It�... moreDebatable???! Lol.. The top 3 camera smartphones currently are Honor Magic 3 Pro+, Vivo X70 Pro Plus and Mi 11 Ultra. All have quad bayer sensors.
                  Your Sony Xperia 1 III didn't even make it in the top 10 because of poor camera software compared to other smartphones.

                    SuuperBaka, 08 Nov 2021"The smartphones are quickly taking over the camera wo... moreWho are you kidding??? Point and shoot market is dead just like Sony's hopes of going above 1% marketshare in the smartphone world.

                      SuuperBaka, 08 Nov 2021"Calling out Sony fannboys for their lies about Xperia... moreThat was a general comment based on Sony lovers in the arena.
                      You clearly are new.... to be this oblivious to their behavior or just like them.... can't handle even the slightest criticism against Sony

                        ABF Media, 08 Nov 2021You Sony people are hilarious man... On one end you guys s... more"You Sony people are hilarious man..."

                        You just lack comprehension.

                        "On one end you guys say that no smartphone can replace a mirrorless camera basically saying that professionals wouldn't use them for professional purposes."


                        "Yet on the other hand you shamelessly promote Xperia pro as a photographer's tool when clearly no professional would be stoop this low."

                        Replacing a camera and being a photographer's tool don't mean the same thing, I hope you know that. Anyways even this won't replace a mirrorless camera either, but professionals will prefer a camera system like this over other smartphones because of how close the experience is.

                          King Mo, 08 Nov 2021Let’s review a typical workflow process of a photographer: ... more"Let’s review a typical workflow process of a photographer:

                          1)Set up the camera and capture images / video.
                          2)Transfer media to a computer with sufficient memory and processing power to handle high-resolution images and video.
                          3)Import media into a photo / video application.
                          4)Organize and sort media.
                          5)Post-process media.
                          6)Export media.
                          7)Back up.
                          8)Print / display / publish media to the web.

                          The problem is not just with the number of steps, but also with the complexity of each one. The first step of setting up the camera and capturing images / video by itself can take many hours of learning. The same goes with importing, organizing, post-processing, backing up and even exporting!

                          Now compare and contrast that to capturing images with a smartphone:

                          1)Capture images or video with a single button.
                          2)Post-process the media using built-in or third party apps.
                          3)Publish the media.

                          Anyone can do it. The best part is – there is practically no learning curve. Everything is touch-friendly and the results are instant. All images are backed up to the cloud automatically, so you don’t lose anything in case you lose your device."

                          This has nothing to do with my comment, so I'm not responding to it.

                          "There is nothing wrong with geeking out about cameras, lenses and all the amazing technology. Many of us are hobbyists and truly enjoy using the best tools (or should we say “toys”?) we can afford. But that’s not what moves the camera market. A typical consumer has already moved away from point-and-shoot cameras, and many are leaving their large cameras at home in favor of a smartphone.

                          Big Cameras = Big Problems

                          I have already pointed out one of the biggest issues with digital cameras today – it is their complexity.
                          It is clear that the last few years have given us big advancements in camera technology. We have seen huge leaps in image resolution. Thanks to all the CMOS sensor advancements, we now have cameras that can produce amazing dynamic range and very little noise, even when shooting in extremely dark environments. We have specialized cameras with insanely fast autofocus systems, 10+ FPS continuous shooting speeds and huge buffers that can fit hundreds of images. Full-frame cameras are cheaper than ever, and the number of camera options is abundant – both used and brand new. We now have insanely capable mirrorless cameras, with lenses that can out-resolve their DSLR counterparts. Without a doubt, this all sounds amazing and it really is!"

                          Again this has nothing to do with my comment.

                          "However, if we look from the standpoint of someone just starting out in photography, these advantages can quickly turn into a messy list of problems.

                          "Choosing a camera system is a huge task in itself. One has to go through so many different types of criteria, including: camera brand, resolution, sensor size, autofocus system, shooting speed, video features, ergonomics, build quality, weather sealing, price, weight, so on and so forth. Lenses are a whole different ballgame: focal length, zoom vs prime, sharpness, weight, quality, native vs third party, focus speed, price, weight, etc. Add all the must-have accessories like straps, memory cards and support options, and things get progressively more complex."

                          Nothing to do with my comment.

                          "But that’s just the start of the problem. Once beginners get their first camera system, they quickly realize that their expenses and time commitment do not stop there. All of a sudden, their computers are not fast enough to post-process those high-resolution images and video. Their storage is insufficient. Their computer screens that used to handle web browsing and occasional gaming just fine, are no longer good enough – they now need IPS monitors and screen calibration tools for a consistent editing experience."

                          "Then, as they take pictures, they realize that their cameras and lenses are not as perfect as they thought they would be. They spent thousands of dollars, only to find out that their camera autofocus system is out of whack, their lenses are not good enough to consistently produce sharp images. They find out about all the lens aberrations, field curvature and focus shift issues, lens decentering and other optical problems. DSLR shooters have to learn about lens calibration issues, while mirrorless shooters come across brand new problems related to things like red dot flares and phase-detection striping / banding issues."

                          Not related to my comment, but if they are spending thousands of dollars on a system as a beginner, then that's on them. They should be starting with something small, learn, and move up later.

                          And I haven’t even gotten to post-processing, storage and backups. I could go on and on…but you get the point. Digital photography has gotten way too complex for most people. Even seasoned photographers are getting tired of all the things they have to keep up with in order to stay relevant and competitive."

                          Look I appreciate what you have to say about DSLRs/Mirrorless and smartphones. I know it's a lot more work for non-smartphone camera users, but the topic was photo quality. A good photo taken from both a smartphone and DSLR are not close in any sense. The smartphone will always be behind in quality.

                          People who buy DSLRs and Mirrorless are invested in them and will learn and improve. That's why point and shoot exist for regular people who just want a camera. Again great post comparing the workflow, but that has nothing to do with end quality. Bigger cameras consistently are better for taking photos.

                            Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021So Quad Bayer sensors aren't real cameras? It's t... more"So Quad Bayer sensors aren't real cameras? It's tough to take a you seriously after that comment."

                            First of all Quad Bayer sensors aren't real cameras, they are sensors. Don't worry thought, I got what you meant. To respond to what you meant: Are you able to read? When did I say that? Get your eyes checked. It's hard to take you seriously when you don't even know how to read or have any idea what you're talking about.

                            "Quad Bayer sensors have their advantages and and disadvantages."

                            Ok, cool. What does that have to do with what I said?

                            "The best cameras on smartphone currently are all Quad Bayers"


                              Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021Maybe you need an article from professionals over at DxOMar... moreYou sent this article without explaining what you're trying to prove? First of all the actual cameras destroyed the smartphones, so thank you for proving my point. Secondly, this article was quite biased since it leaves out a lot of other information.

                                Dr.Timothy , 08 Nov 2021The smartphones are quickly taking over the camera world, a... more"The smartphones are quickly taking over the camera world, and sadly, there is no stopping it now."

                                lmao, no they are not. Smartphones are not even close to an actual camera. The lens quality, the sensor size, the pixel size, etc are way ahead than smartphones.

                                "I would say that it is already too late for most camera manufacturers to be able to offer a product that a typical consumer would want."

                                For point and shoot less than 1 inch, sure. Anything 1 inch and above, is still ahead of smartphones.

                                "Their only hope for the future is to retain their existing customer base. With all the technological advancements, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the digital camera market is sadly going to continue to decline for non-professionals."

                                I disagree, cameras are starting to get better technology and are still superior to smartphones. Computational photography can only take you so far before physics limits you.

                                  YUKI93, 08 Nov 2021I can believe that. Even former Nokia PureView engineer, Ju... moreQB is mainly a marketing tool that companies can use, the average person doesn't know much about cameras, so they think more MP = better camera, which is not always the case.

                                    SEUL8TR, 08 Nov 2021Everything Sony makes, they focus on neutral off everything. They try to keep it as realistic and natural as they can, that's how it is. I like it that way because if I want to edit it, I can go more ways than something like Samsung's oversaturation.

                                      ABF Media, 08 Nov 2021Calling out Sony fannboys for their lies about Xperia camer... more"Calling out Sony fannboys for their lies about Xperia camera being best"

                                      He said SD cards and headphone jack are disadvantages, you agree with that as well? Also, Xperia cameras are just as good as the rest when you take the time to learn.

                                      "and all others being crap isn't exactly bashing. It's offering Sony Boyz a mirror."

                                      Sony Boyz never said they have their DSLR/Mirrorless collecting dust because they have a phone camera that's better or just as good. If you agree with him, you're just as deluded.

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                                        Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021Just having front firing speakers aren't good enough i... moreyeah but i don't plan to listen to music through the speakers. Actually i would not recommend to do it on any phone. The thing is, how are the iphone speakers better when they are covered by the hands (at least the downward firing one)? I am using now the razer phone 2 and i don't want to get rid of the front firing speakers.