Samsung may have killed the Galaxy Note lineup permanently

25 November 2021
The Galaxy Note series are excluded from Samsung's 2022 product portfolio.

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AnonD-909757, 26 Nov 2021Exactly! Many don't realize, but this is the fate of b... moreVery true. Well written. A Sony fan and supporter here, but yeah, can't afford it.

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    • 26 Nov 2021

    Klavs, 25 Nov 2021I don't think I care.You care enough to comment

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      • qKm
      • 26 Nov 2021

      Noni, 26 Nov 2021I believe the S22 Ultra will be the new Note form factor go... moreI'm going cherish my note 20

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        • 26 Nov 2021

        They will lose as a customer I DO NOT like those foldable phone The note works better for me for what I need to get done

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          • 26 Nov 2021

          Thronnos, 25 Nov 2021But yet, in doing so they will lose millions of customers. ... moreAgree!!! I will not order a foldable too, and would still buy a note.

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            • 26 Nov 2021

            Thronnos, 25 Nov 2021But yet, in doing so they will lose millions of customers. ... moreI believe the S22 Ultra will be the new Note form factor going by the leaks.

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              • RN5
              • 26 Nov 2021

              OMG - Why ..... if they concentrate on the flip version leave out the note very disppointed. I am a note user. Being using note since it in the market till now. Maybe they can stop for 1 year continue again in 2023.

                Mobilemaster, 25 Nov 2021They killed a legend! They should have kill the S series, a... moreThe selling point of the note series was the large canvas and the stylus it offered.

                The Galaxy S series had already blurred the boundaries between the note and itself with similar big screen size displays. So it makes sense to discontinue the note especially if they are offering stylus support on the Galaxy S series.

                My Galaxy Note 9 was one of the best android phones I've ever used.... 10/10 device.
                I kept returning back to it frequently after I had briefly switched back to iOS.

                  Sooo sad..😑

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                    • Franzz
                    • MCW
                    • 26 Nov 2021

                    Still waiting for the next note 5 still up and running

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                      • pZV
                      • 26 Nov 2021

                      Anonymous, 25 Nov 2021This. Those fools who made fun of their fellow Note users t... moreExactly! Many don't realize, but this is the fate of basically everything they like in the smartphone market, it is constantly changing and new things, which are often bad trends, become the new obsession and kill everything else.

                      For all we know, in 2 years smartphones might all ditch their tactile display and have only a regular display and hand and face gesture reading sensors.
                      It might seem crazy, useless, unpractical and anyone would think there would be no reasons to remove the tactile for this, but if we were to describe some of the insanity in the current Android market to someone 5 years ago he would think the same, say removing the Jack while it doesn't prevent at all to use the Bluetooth and a huge number of people still use it.
                      Those who think they have nothing to fear because "their favorite feature is trending" could have a huge and nasty surprise at anytime.

                      How many of those who were hating on the 3.5mm Jack would cry when portless devices will be the only thing available, and they'll be awful to use (hard to do/setup transfers, limitation and incompatibilities, expensive wireless chargers only, etc)?
                      Or those who were hating on the SD card when there will only be E-sim even if many carriers won't still have the option for a while, need to support each phone models independently (and many brands outside Apple and Samsung will have only few models supported for a while) and god know what subscription or limitation imposed on our devices, they'll be the first one to cry while they are the one who opened, rip and burned this door...

                      The issue of the Android market is that the community, for some strange reasons, can't accept that any smartphone different from the norm or their personal taste can exist and have to actively try to fight it, which gave a bad image to so many features, designs and tech that now OEMs doesn't bother and only do the same design again and again.
                      And this despite a smartphone being a personal item that has for goal to match its user's tastes and needs, which can only be done if there is a true diversity.
                      For example, some might need a powerful SoC but have no photography need, or have higher than standard photography need (even just a powerful Telephoto or Macro for their job) but don't care about premium features or powerful devices.

                      Sadly, Sony phones are expensive, otherwise I would have bought the Xperia 5 Mk3 hand down!
                      It is only like 85% of what I want, but except the Poco F2 Pro, there is literally nothing else that match as much what I desire anyway.
                      5 years ago it was literally a challenge to not find a phone with the relevant mix of features and specs you'd want.

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                        • Whatsthat
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                        • 26 Nov 2021

                        Crazy !
                        I have only like the note due to it's features to provide productivity, flexibility and multi tasking.

                        I will not nor am interested in getting a fold doesn't matter how they fold as it does not suit my work life or my usage style/pattern ... even the S series does not suit my pattern what more foldables & apple are inferior bricks plus I detest apple so no go there.
                        Where am I to find a similar product like the note now ??

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                          • bJb
                          • 26 Nov 2021

                          6.5 inch. flat-screen. 3.5mm . sd slot .ip68 . spen. flagship spec. and take my money i dont care if its rm5000 6000

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                            • 4dn
                            • 26 Nov 2021

                            Then just get rid of the s line to, they sold less then the note line

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                              • Harshil Solanki
                              • wdK
                              • 26 Nov 2021

                              They should merge the Note Series with the S series.

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                                • 26 Nov 2021

                                [deleted post]Your avatar pic is nude; you seems to have confused your gsmarena and onlyfans accounts, lol!

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                                  • 26 Nov 2021

                                  Anonymous, 25 Nov 2021Should've just kept the Note series to geek segment an... moreGeek segmentation is passé.

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                                    • 26 Nov 2021

                                    Supermanayrb, 25 Nov 2021Agree 100%. From the S3/Note 2 until the S10/Note lineup, t... moreThe NOTE series are the flagship of Samsung handprints. Only Samsung device has pen and no ther model has the pen. Note series separate with the rest of the models
                                    I suggest the model series should come out with face-lift rather than shelving off the series.

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                                      • 25 Nov 2021

                                      Gregorylkelly, 25 Nov 2021They haven't killed the Note. This article is so ridic... moreYes. I think that made more sense to combine S Ultra & Note altogether than releasing both separately. That will streamline Samsung's flagship lineup a bit. As if there aren't enough of them already (S, S+, S Ultra, Z flip, Z fold).

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                                        • 25 Nov 2021

                                        AnonD-909757, 25 Nov 2021I just love it when people hating on certain things, like b... moreThis. Those fools who made fun of their fellow Note users that like removable batteries and other "dying features" , welcome to the club.
                                        How does it feel, Note users, to be treated like an insignificant entity?

                                        I can't do anything about removable batteries as importing Fairphones/Xcover Pro costs too much. But I will support the jack and SD slot for as long as I can. Even if it means jumping to Sony.