Poco X3 Pro was the best-selling phone in Europe during Black Friday

02 December 2021
The device topped the best-seller list on the Amazon Black Friday in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands.

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ABF Media, 02 Dec 2021Keep your personal experience to yourself because it's... more"Even after Gsmarena and others debunking your myths, you still pouring out lies??"

This is from GSMArena's Poco X3 Pro full review: "The international ROM version of this Poco X3 Pro does come with baked-in "recommendations", but luckily - you can disable most of those. You can't do the same for the File Manager through, meaning complete removal is impossible."

So on your basis, GSMArena is also a Sony troll, then?

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YUKI93, 02 Dec 2021I spoke from personal experience and I'm not going to ... moreYou are in Malaysia, right? As far as I know, all Xiaomi phones including Poco and Redmi sold in Malaysia don't have baked in ads.

YUKI93, 02 Dec 2021I spoke from personal experience and I'm not going to ... moreKeep your personal experience to yourself because it's not true.
Even after Gsmarena and others debunking your myths, you still pouring out lies??
Ohhh I forgot you are one of those Sony trolls who makes it a point to put down Chinese brands

ABF Media, 02 Dec 2021You still going on about baked in ads?? All can be disable... moreI spoke from personal experience and I'm not going to change it. Sorry about that.

P.S I could have told about Poco users complaining about the ads coming back despite having it already disabled or turned off, but that's another story for another day.

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Anonymous, 02 Dec 2021In which part of Europe?No one can help you if you are too lazy to read the article instead of only the headline...

YUKI93, 02 Dec 2021Couldn't agree more. Some Xiaomi phones like this Poco... moreYou still going on about baked in ads??
All can be disabled hater

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2021Would rather use buy cheap phone and use custom rom rather ... moreNot necessarily though. While custom ROM may sound like a better choice than stock ROM, some apps or features from stock ROM wouldn't work well on custom ROM.

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In which part of Europe?

  • Anonymous

And yet people over here still continue to think Xiaomi only sells in Asia and poor countries

  • Anonymous

The most universal product for user with unlimited custom os.you will never find products besides xiaomi for custom os

  • Khaled R Mayar

I bought X3 Pro 8GB, 256GB for 189£ in the UK and its the best mobile for my gaming!!

  • Insanity

The device is pretty fast and the 120hz screen + battery+gpu/cpu are f solid for the price point. The it's my first Chinese brand phone but I didn't take more than a day to get used to the MIUI. There's a few annoying bugs tho, eg screen not changing back to 120hz after exiting battery saving mode, wallpapers can take a few turns of on/off screen to update. Also there is a lot of bloatware that came with the device and when you open an system app like the cleaner you get ads.

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AnonF-1042069, 02 Dec 2021Wow Based China....this definitely makes me want to buy Chi... moreJust buy the phone you want. China is the 2nd biggest market for iPhones. People who think phone ownership should have anything to do with politics is ridiculous.

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2021Poco's are interesting cheapos, but I keep hesitating ... moreXiaomi/Poco smartphones are there for flashing custom roms. Flash a stable custom rom with good kernel and you are good to go for two to three years easily. Flash this with Pixel Experience rom and you are good.

Poco X2 user here having unlimited original quality uploads to Google Photos and Android 12 thanks to unlockable bootloader :D

  • AnonF-1042069

[deleted post]Wow Based China....this definitely makes me want to buy Chinese Brands only.

Thanks for your motivation.

These customers made a good choice. This is the best pound per pound phone recently and I bought one, after a long wait, and this huge upgrade from my S8+ for cheap. Ridiculously good value. I have no complaints other than I noticed that OLED display is more power efficient than LCD but I still would choose LCD as it has no diamond/pentile matrix trash.

  • Bruh

Solun1, 02 Dec 2021I agree. Of course it's good people have options, but ... moreEven Apple products are made/assembled in China lmao. You can argue that the parts Apple uses are made elsewhere but the same goes for most parts in the Poco X3 pro, for example the CPU of the Poco X3 pro is a snapdragon 860 which is from Qualcomm...

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2021Which technologies have Xiaomi stolen to make this Poco X3 ... moreNone. They don't even design or make their cheaper poco and Redmi models anyway. The design and manufacture is outsourced to companies like Longcheer and Wingtech

  • YouProbedByAlien

AlienKiss, 02 Dec 2021Extremely easy! china is a communist country and Poco is ma... moreYou feel smug about "paying double or triple for a phone made in democratic country" but you don't realise most Samsung phones are made in Vietnam, a country with communist government. Even the S21 series are made in Vietnam, 'genius'.