OnePlus OxygenOS 12 review

09 December 2021

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  • 10 Dec 2021

not so much as changed looks like colour os 11 = oxygen os 12

    It is very beautiful. I wish the Samsung UI also had square corners and lots of details. For the first time, I think it's better and more professional than the Oneui.
    OneUI has a very good user interface but it looks childish! OxygenOS 12 is professional.

      AnonymousCRL, 10 Dec 2021They thought the complainants (using OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro) ar... moreGiven that they are doing a typical Android vs iOS comparison instead of talking about OxygenOS (or anything that is related to this article at all), that's highly likely.

        Considering this im staying on battery hungry Samsung note10lite. Wanted to go OP, have no other options atm.

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          • 10 Dec 2021

          I don't know why people are shocked or surprised really... unless if this is your 1st year w/ Android and 1+, you'd knew that it was gonna be a disaster back when they've announced the merge:- this was barely 6 months ago.

          It's not rocket science. BBK has an ego that beats 1st gen Samsung's older chaebol days. Don't forget Realme and iqoo, that totals to 5 separate phone brands = A TRAIN WRECK of marketing + developmental headaches. So the "shortcut" they chose was; "OK we gonna do ColorOS for ALL. Yes ALL SKUs". Well not exactly all. Mess is still compounded by Vivo on Funtouch OS... omg if there ever was the worst name for a UI that'd be it just short of it being some kind of a bad Chinese made soft porn hentai game...

          Now if any of you are a seasoned enough Samsung user you'd already know (as a parallel example). Just imagine Samsung 1 of the earliest and still THE largest/strongest Android device partner and the longest possible UI/software design + development experience in the game themselves, STILL can't quite nail it 100% and huge part of that is because of => product line's complexity. An alphabet soup of A-Z of Galaxies across a variety of SoCs and components.

          Then bring in a co. w/ BBK's mindset of volume sales' success ONLY. everything else be damned (hint:- just look at these ridiculous monthly phone rels on mostly same core components?), there's no way they'd catch up to what Samsung has learned over the years or even worse, if they actually want to? They're not gonna care. Put a shiny enough phone out, people would still pay. Shit OS be damned. Hell I wouldn't surprised if there's actually only a 5 man dev team to cover their entire Android/OS/software base.

            Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021That's shockingly sad... Is BBK trying to shut down ... moreWell it feels like they are trying to kill OnePlus, so that the users shifts to Oppo. Perhaps that is their plan.

              TechBoy-Dexe, 10 Dec 2021"Several apps have also crashed for no particular reas... moreShows how disappointed even GSMArena is after this Color OS fiasco. Never imagined that Oxygen OS, which was sooo good, would fall like this.

                "Several apps have also crashed for no particular reason. Or maybe they saw what the UI now looked like and didn't want any part of it."
                "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"
                Haven't read some reviews in a while but this is gold!

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                  • 10 Dec 2021

                  Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021Had to rollback my OnePlus 8 to android 10 because android ... moreThank god, I only updated my op8 once. I will stay on Android 10 for as long as possible. Many of my friends quickly updated and are now repenting and cursing op. Although 90fps doesnt work on games and some features are missing, i would still prefer this elegant ui and its stabilty. Never been a fanboy but it is still heartbreaking that oneplus is no longer a good recommendation. Choice has again narrowed to apple or Samsung imo.

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                    • 10 Dec 2021

                    I don't like how some competitors try so hard to "take inspiration" from iOS. I do like Realme UI (or ColorOS/OxygenOS), though, but what I don't like about that OS is the Control Panel on Realme's budget phones and the app drawer, it looks messy in my opinion. I'm alright with bloatware, as long as they're uninstallable, but DANG, there's a lot of pre-installed apps that I can't uninstall nor disable, I can use ADB/Root, but why don't they just allow users to disable Google apps and uninstall Oppo apps such as music, game center, compass, and more? I have more design issues with the current OS, but they seem to be fixed in Realme UI 3.0, which the C25 will surely get.

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                      • 10 Dec 2021

                      When i saw the app drawer i died (lol). It's pure Oppo.
                      My OnePlus 7T is my last OnePlus ever.
                      I just want to get my 3 years use out of it and will jump ship.

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                        • 10 Dec 2021

                        Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021Had to rollback my OnePlus 8 to android 10 because android ... moreI see you are a man of culture as well

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                          • 10 Dec 2021


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                            • 10 Dec 2021

                            Brilliant Review, I'm going to bookmark this and share it across

                              I was already expecting this, better wait for OnePlus (read Oppo) to iron out bugs and inconsistencies before updating, they rushed the update just to say they were one of the first to release it, they picked a beta software and released it as stable, closed and open beta for this was too short, they couldn't handle ironing out all the bugs, Samsung did the same with One UI 4.
                              At least they didn't brick the phones 😂

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                                • 10 Dec 2021

                                Fantastic Review of the OS, but one major flaw: the app drawer does show significantly less apps than before. Not more as stated in the article.

                                  Color OS will turn off a lot of people away from oneplus. It might affect their sales.

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                                    • 10 Dec 2021

                                    Oneplus goodbye. I had great experience which is now vanishing with latest updates Oxygen OS... RIP Oxygen OS

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                                      • 10 Dec 2021

                                      Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021That's it, going to sell my Oneplus 9 Pro as soon as s... morePixel 6 pro perhaps

                                        MilesPrower1, 10 Dec 2021Shouldve released this update on April 1.There is an unified OS coming soon, we don't know the name yet. If we know OnePlus well enough by now, the OS won't be any better