OnePlus OxygenOS 12 review

09 December 2021

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MilesPrower1, 10 Dec 2021Shouldve released this update on April 1.There is an unified OS coming soon, we don't know the name yet. If we know OnePlus well enough by now, the OS won't be any better

    ROFL! What a caustically sarcastic jibe at OP and the mismanagement at OPPO.

      507AMS, 10 Dec 2021Where are the MIUI haters now??? I don't see the flock... moreMIUI was sh*t, and still is sh*t. Oxygen OS was Good, now it's sh*ttier than MIUI. Case closed.

        Shouldve released this update on April 1.

          GSMArena likes to "fanboy" certain products and brands.
          This is a breath of fresh air, to see a review that is more acute and critical than normal. Trust that by being as accurate/truthful as possible you will be financially sound, thanks to having a bigger audience, in the future without needing to cave under Bullying attempts and demands by certain companies. Keep it up, guys 👍

            I'm definitely going to miss the previous iteration of OxygenOS. This new version is no different from using an Oppo phone.

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              • ukiya16
              • KgV
              • 10 Dec 2021

              rip oxygenos

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                • fFC
                • 10 Dec 2021

                Again.. Welcome to the family OP Now you guys can have the same experience as Realme users...

                ColorOs full of bugs that Oppo never bother to fix... Enjoy!

                  Nick Tegrataker, 10 Dec 2021There has been literally only one person who is comparing t... moreThey thought the complainants (using OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro) are Apple users lol.

                    gregzeng, 10 Dec 2021Seem to be many comments from the Apple crew. Open source p... moreThere has been literally only one person who is comparing this thing to iOS in this comment section, how "many" of them do your eyes see LMFAO. And let's get real here, OxygenOS 12, at its current state, is quite messy.

                      So basically: Half-assed implementation of ColorOS with bugginess and some UI elements taken from the stock Android? That sounds like one hell of a mess to me, it makes me wonder why OnePlus simply didn't port ColorOS, change the default accent colour to red and just call it a day. ColorOS is well refined and pretty much bug-free (as far as I'm concerned), so why change it for the sake of making it unique when everything works as they are.

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                        • Tony
                        • G}5
                        • 10 Dec 2021

                        PixelFan, 09 Dec 2021Wait, so is the Realme UI not that good? I was told that i... moreI think what he meant is just Realme UI and OxygenOS are too alike now, which is pretty annoying.

                          Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021That's it, going to sell my Oneplus 9 Pro as soon as s... moreIt would be a fine time to jump OS while you're at it, especially if you're going watch and buds, (mebbe the table/TV box too)
                          I feel 1p is getting a little tight around the waste band, and the only phone I'd probably sping for as android is the Samsung.

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                            • y6V
                            • 10 Dec 2021

                            why are they trying to merge coloros and oxygenos? youre kidding me oppo.

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                              • gIb
                              • 10 Dec 2021

                              it looks very similar to MIUI i must say which doesn't bother me that much cause i am used to it but i guess for Oneplus users it should be a very bad idea.

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                                • Annoyed
                                • I58
                                • 10 Dec 2021

                                Time to put a different launcher on my phone. I despise swipe left to open google.

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                                  • K1L
                                  • 10 Dec 2021

                                  pantat, 10 Dec 2021Disappointing indeed. I wonder when will a new exciting bra... moreJust wait for Nothing Phone (1) next year

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                                    • pantat
                                    • BvA
                                    • 10 Dec 2021

                                    Disappointing indeed. I wonder when will a new exciting brand come and would again steal enthusiast hearts. Just like OnePlus did.

                                      Seem to be many comments from the Apple crew. Open source products like Android are software products. Out is extremely rare that the hardware manufacturer is also very skilled are software as well. Apple tries to pretend that it is possible to have have both advanced hardware and advanced software.
                                      Android knows that these two are very different, and each can cripple the other, like a bad marriage. Good marriages, forever more, all the time, are extremely rare. Often each partner excels the other.

                                      Android luckily has a Microsoft and Nova Launchers. Both are much better than any hardware OEM launcher. Don't tell Apple and their fanboys this secret. Similarly with icons, themes and keyboards.

                                      Open source products are better, especially when based on open source Unix (which includes open source Linux and open source Android). Google's Gboard is the best keyboard of any type: swipe, voice, and multi-language. Goggle's open source Chromium browser is best. This includes a Microsoft Edge, Google's closed source Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera etc.

                                      Open source operating systems like Android also have third party versions. Most Android hardware manufacturers use the operating systems designed by operating system specialists, independent of the hardware designer. Some of these operating system specialists also release free versions for some of these Android hardware devices. Search the site: Needrom for example.

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                                        • atq
                                        • 10 Dec 2021

                                        Had to rollback my OnePlus 8 to android 10 because android 11 just doesn't cut it. Also OnePlus decided not to make it 90fps compatible in most games either. This colour os garbage is heading for OnePlus 8 2022. Looks like I will be staying on android 10. Plus nova3 by Gameloft is supported on android 10.