Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro debut with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets, Xiaomi 12X comes with SD870

28 December 2021
All three phones will be available in China from December 31.

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  • Anonymous

Battery a issue to small

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021For their mainstream model? They're always trying to h... moreEven OnePlus had USB 3.x since the 7 series in 2019, it's starting to be annoying now, that's one of the reasons I'll be skipping another Xiaomi.

2x telephoto 2x fail

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021S21 Ultra and iphone pro max scored over 100h. While othe... moreNothing to do with ltpo screen.
Samsung scored more than 100hr because of underclocked processor while ios is running lightweight operating system.
This is also the reason why Huawei flagship running lightweight harmony OS without Google play services gives second best endurance after iPhone 13 pro max among flagship.

The Snapdragon 888 consumes too much power bringing all the flagship rating under 100hr.
Similar phones with snapdragon 870 give 100hr and above easily.

  • Kokuyo

Chixby, 28 Dec 2021Sd865 (that rebranded as 870) is the best chip that Qualcom... moreWhy so?

  • Anonymous

It's got an all new Snoy sensor

  • Chixby

Sd865 (that rebranded as 870) is the best chip that Qualcom created to date and I'm glad to see this chip on 2022 products

  • Anonymous


New render, cam bump is wprse than X3

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Why are Sony's sensor terrible?! They are pretty good,... moreAll sony are better than samsung and omnivision counterparts.
One of the reasons they cost more.

RAW files are better. This is why Samsung pairs the snapdragon variant with exmor while give isocell to the exynos devices.

  • HutHutHut

Why do these manufacturers deliberately omit the micro SD card slot... With supposedly better image and video quality -- And as a reslt much bigger file sizes -- Consumers need more storage options... Not including a memory card slot is literally insanity... These manufacturers lay so much emphasis on the imaging prowess of these devices that its only natural that a consumer would use it as an alternative to a dedicated digital camera... Majority of consumers don't want to use "cloud storage" ... Which is just a nicer way of saying to store everything on third party servers.

  • Anonymous

lord5, 28 Dec 20216.28-inch is a joke ...The biggest issue with small phones ... moreDepends on how bigger are the hands. Women in general like that kind of phones because can be handled easy enough with one hand, while the screen is sufficient.

My wife still regrets Mi 8 due to the size which was perfect for her hands.

For anybody else, mi 12 pro, poco f3, Redmi note 11 pro, mi 11T etc. There's a lot of fish to catch if money aren't a problem.

  • Andrew

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Digital Chat Station says Pro has imx707 + dual JN1. JN... moreYes you probably right i didn't pay attention to the size of the lens, with 1/1.3 sensor size lenses should be bigger and that 1.28um pixel size is probably binned

  • Anonymous

Ivo., 28 Dec 2021Only 2x zoom and horrible Sony sensors = big fail for Xiaomi!Why are Sony's sensor terrible?! They are pretty good, some say the best. I say that they are at the same level as Samsung and Omnivision, but very good.

  • Street Puppy

Cripple hammer, so you feel need to buy Ultra.
Pathetic to charge almost $900 when device does not have IP rating nor usb3.1 that even flagships from LG, Htc, Sony and Samsung used in 2017.

  • Street Puppy

Ivo., 28 Dec 2021Only 2x zoom and horrible Sony sensors = big fail for Xiaomi!Only main camera on both is exmor.
The 13mm, 48mm and macro are isocell.

Only 2x zoom and horrible Sony sensors = big fail for Xiaomi!

  • Anonymous

Andrew, 28 Dec 2021Yes but is says that pixes size is 1.20μm, and that pixel s... moreDigital Chat Station says Pro has imx707 + dual JN1.

JN1 is tetracell 50MP 1/2.78".

If the 48mm was GN1 for example, the cam bump would easily be 2x the thickness at least.
Too large for this Focal Length.

  • Andrew

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Yeah, like xiaomi would use main camera as the smallest of ... moreYes but is says that pixes size is 1.20μm, and that pixel size of GN1 sensor and JN1 sensor has pixel size of 0.64μm

  • Anonymous

no ip68 nor usb3.1. lol

  • Anonymous

Digital Chat Station on Weibo

Xiaomi 12 Pro

- 6.72-inch 2K E5 flexible screen is itself a top-quality screen, and the look and feel is naturally nothing to say. The biggest highlight is the addition of LTPO 2.0 hardware-level adaptive high-brush. The measured mainstream apps such as Weibo at station B can achieve sliding 120Hz-stay 60Hz-stop 10Hz multi-speed refresh rate switching without obvious frustration.

- The image is the first IMX707. Although this 50mp 1/1.28" super outsole is not as hard as the GN2, the imaging and focusing speed is much faster, and the picture quality is also acceptable. The sub-photographs are 50mp JN1 super wide-angle and 50mp JN1 2X portraits, and the imaging is average. Level, more selective light environment.

- 4600mAh+120W wired+50W wireless, the official data is similar in 18min actual measurement, and the speed of a single cell is really good.

- Four-unit double-amplifier, although it is not a symmetrical structure, because of the high and low frequency crossover design, the performance of the external amplifier is still very good.

***There is no periscope ultra-telephoto, IP68 and USB 3.1 ***..