Samsung Galaxy S23 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 tested by Geekbench

17 October 2022
This is a preview of the performance we can expect from Qualcomm's next flagship chip, which has an unusual CPU configuration.

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  • tEZ
  • 18 Oct 2022

dont forgot they also using ufs 4.0

    Hope Samsung use proper thermal management this time rather than software underclocking

      The design is minimal

        RMS Value, 18 Oct 2022Question for you Mr. genius, what are these system cache me... moreOh no, the so called "engineer" has arrived. Now you're going to tell me how you're also literal L3 cache engineer too? What a coincidence... Spare me your nonsense, I'm not interested.

          SShock, 18 Oct 2022And Android users are all about hard hitting specs on paper... moreYou're still here!! I thought that trashing you badly and not hearing by then has affected your gray matter permanently.

            SShock, 18 Oct 2022Wow, if one competed in cramming as much idiocy in one post... moreQuestion for you Mr. genius, what are these system cache memories called? 😁😁

            Spoiler alerts: Google won't help you much. Those are higher education stuff.

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              • 18 Oct 2022

              Mr. Anonymous, 18 Oct 2022I'm more into real life performance, smoothness of ope... moreI am hoping for the same. Samsung should improve the battery life and atleast get close to what Apple has done for Iphone 14.

                mooox, 18 Oct 2022iPhone users are typically subjectively biased, hence it�... moreAnd Android users are all about hard hitting specs on paper, right? Except 99% of them don't know what the hell they are reading and so they go by the logic, bigger numbers are better. It's why they can't stop harping about all the megapixels and how many times it's binned into single pixel and how many cores and clocks and how many gigabytes of storage and RAM and display pixels and MOAR REFRESH RATE!!!!! All meaningless if you don't understand stuff. By this logic, all Android phones would instantly be better than any iPhone, yet 12GB RAM Android phones somewhat match 6GB iPhones in data retention in RAM. Same with chipsets. A-Series Bionic chipsets are only hexacore yet they beat octacore competition left and right. Just big numbers are meaningless.

                  77, 18 Oct 2022That's why iphone 13pro 14pro apple always uses higher... moreWow, if one competed in cramming as much idiocy in one post, you'd win the 1st prize. You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. You don't even have any theoretical ide what L3 cache is for, do you. LOL. Fake platform. Where you muppets crawl from?

                    I'm more into real life performance, smoothness of operation and battery life, than Geekbench points.
                    I doubt Samsung will ever be as smooth as Google's pixel, but I hope S23 battery life will at least match that of iphone 13. Then S23 would be my next phone. Otherwise I'll hold on to my S21 until iphone 15 with type-C is released.

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                      • 18 Oct 2022

                      77, 18 Oct 2022My s21ultra 16gb Ram with virtual ram off 6gb , total 22gb ... moreMost of those 100 apps that you opened would have been closed in the background. For 16 GB RAM, a realistic number is about 30.

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                        • Jax
                        • 18 Oct 2022

                        SShock, 18 Oct 2022Yeah, make sure you list that L3 cache! Totally relevant to... moreThat's why iphone 13pro 14pro apple always uses higher cache, because there platform is fake . They use low Ram too milk you muppet out use l3cache .

                        18mb L3 cache on ip14p

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                          • 18 Oct 2022

                          [deleted post]While I don't think much of apple's processor, there's no need to toot about Android's approach. The current android is an antiquated bloated piece of crap. For example, the multi-threaded nature and the bloated OS stacks cause a significantly perceptible lag in Bluetooth audio. Short of rewriting android from ground up, there's no way to fix it.
                          Just look at Samsung's watches, all ruined because they went from Tizen (lag free) to Android Wear (laggy in everything).

                          It's just different philosophy -
                          Apple - do 1 thing and do it well
                          Android - do everything and not concerned about speed

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                            • 18 Oct 2022

                            riyen235, 18 Oct 2022sony shill detected. Why do I have to think of the product ... moreI'm not poor, so multiple software updates aren't that important to me, but features are. I do appreciate that iphone users probably don't have that much disposable income for a new phone every 1 to 2 years though, so as a value option it does make sense.

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                              • 18 Oct 2022

                              SShock, 17 Oct 2022My iPhone came with iOS 12, it's running iOS 16 now. I... moreiPhone users are typically subjectively biased, hence it's hard to trust their judgment.
                              I think there are quite a number of videos where they hand the current generation iPhone to an iPhone user telling them that it's the next-gen iPhone just before its release. The users all claim that it looks similar but it's faster/lighter/better.
                              My personal experience is that there is a significant lag with the older iPhones due to insufficient ram. The more recent generation iPhones fare slightly better, where they get either noticeably faster or slower with different updates (luck of the draw it seems).

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                                • 18 Oct 2022

                                [deleted post]Lmao someone needs a lesson in history you're talking about it like freezing background apps is a bad thing, it's an efficiency achievement that android still does a half botched job.

                                Darwin is Unix based

                                Unix was a full fledged OS that worked reliably on multitasking, multi-terminal time slicing mainframes and supercomputers when Linux started a hobbyist project

                                Freezing apps in background? That's how smartphones gain efficiency and best utilize limited processing power and battery in a passively cooled package.

                                Android's been doing the same thing only in much worse way. Stock android upto lollipop didn't kill apps untill it ran out of ram so any background process would slowdown/overheat the phone until it was pathetic to use and you'd have to kill apps. Android 6 and above introduced confusing controls (autostart, battery optimization, some manufactures added their own variations to these 2 basic ones) and yet these don't work as intended almost 7 years after Android 6 was introduced. The apps that u don't want to launch in background can be found running processed in background and the messaging /email apps still don't deliver timely message notifications. Making this adaptive in recent android versions has made things even worse. Chinese Brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo kill background apps even in their 12GB ram phones can't expect to return to a paused game after a few minutes u have to restart the level or a document you are writing then ur office or notes app gets killed. Apple does better with their 3GB ram phones.

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                                  • 18 Oct 2022

                                  Pmcp, 17 Oct 2022Why is a crap?because its a TV remote design

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                                    • 18 Oct 2022

                                    Cpu score is not that important. Cpu and gpu stability under heavy load is more important

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                                      • mAU
                                      • 18 Oct 2022

                                      my galaxy s20 with snapdragon 865 and 12GB of ram will serve me well in the next years, till we get something more outstanding like 3nm, maybe 2000nits displays, a solid state battery, something that would really attract me to spend the money on a new galaxy phone. The snapdragon 865 is still a gem of a chip and with android 11 is buttery smooth, switching between apps seamlessly. Heat isn't an issue, actually it doesn't heat up at all, period. The only way I can make it warm is in summer (30+ degrees) with data + gps on in sunlight, where the screen has to dim down and it's annoying. But in usual cases, it doesn't even get warm and runs everything like a champ, love this phone, itss slimness, its rounded edges (last curved galaxy s small phone), it's super slim, super light, with a special white version that has a rainbow effect in light, can't fault it in any single way. Compared to an iphone 13, the s20 looks like a phone from the future, against the big slab, flat edges, thick bezels of the iphone.

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                                        • 18 Oct 2022

                                        Hope the battery will be good. S22 had worse battery i ever used! Returned it and switched to S22Ultra, which is ok but too big. Sadly I can't use iPhone because horrible iOS system, no back gesture