Weekly poll: do flagship chipsets still matter?

20 November 2022
Do you have to have the latest top of the line chip or is an older one okay? Or even a mid-range chip?

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Flagship chipsets still matter coz Apple made it matter. Apple never made a dedicated midrange chipset. They only delegate out of date flagship chipsets into midrange.

I hate how overrated Snapdragon 625 and 626 was and I wish Qualcomm only made SD8, Mediatek focus on Dimensity.

    Flagship chipsets were an absolute requirement for me until a few years ago, but as of late, even upper midrange chipsets are more than powerful enough for pretty much anything I have to do on a phone, so it's no longer a priority for me. Good amount of RAM still matters though, regardless of which chipset it's paired with.

    What i do care about is premium hardware (exterior, screen, etc), excellent cameras, fluid software & long battery endurance. Of which, the first two are pretty much connected with flagships which always come bearing flagship chipsets. And hence, I always end up buying flagships for that reason, even though the processing power mostly goes underutilized for me (that also applies for like 95% of smartphone users, except mobile gamers).

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      • 20 Nov 2022

      Anonymous, 20 Nov 2022You sound like a person that say you will not buy a car bec... moreyou sound like a person that means that you can do more than watch videos, play games and be on social networks and all that is done even on a snapdragon 835

        Anonymous, 20 Nov 2022"Ray tracing" is a scam even on computer class GP... moreAgree.
        I have switched my smartphone from xiaomi midrange to samsung midrange series (A5x/A7x) especially using Exynos 9611 and SD 860/870 (both SoC have a good software compatibility and good battery life for normal to mid usage)
        But SD 860/870 have more power for photo/video editing speeds.

          Nice to get the same opinion as majority. I voted "Flagship yes, but not latest".

          Most mid range phones are hardly improved over the previous gen in performance (SD680, 695, Helios G96, G99, etc), but bloat continues to rise. Today, its far better getting even a Snapdragon 845 flagship phone than any midranger.
          Even if midrangers perform higher in bechmarks, they're often compromised in terms of music quality & features, camera quality, or video recording specs (many max out at 1080p30 or 4K30, with no 60 fps option).

          Ages old Samsung Galaxy S7 can still shame some midrangers out there, in overall camera and music quality, you wanna bet?

            GrandCentral, 20 Nov 2022honestly, if the Exynos 1280 in my phone was better-optimiz... moreAgree,
            for example the Mid-Range Exynos SoC is good for daily usage (call, sms, social media app, camera with great AI, etc) because Samsung care about both software and hardware compatibility (sychronization/stability)
            There are few new Smartphone producer (from China, India, Taiwan, etc.) just produce smartphones with gimmick features (fast charging, high resolution camera sensors, gaming specialization, Camera AI) due to latest SoC version, and have a bad aftersales services (hardware problem, software bugs, etc. )

              Only thing worth anything from flagships now is things like the improved ISP for cameras or top end security chips, if a mid range chip included the same ISP and those types of hardware features then flagship SoCs would be pointless. The newer cores or higher clock rates and new GPU makes very little difference to what, 90%+ of people? Don't need an x2/X3 core running at 3.2ghz to use Facebook and twitter or run multiple Web pages on a browser/watching content on a streaming service.

              Mid range SoC with good/excellent ISP, security chip/ai processing for battery endurance, atleast 8gb of the latest ram (with virtual ram extention), 128gb minimum drive, WiFi 6/6e, 32bit DAC, that with 120hz screen with dolby vision and hdr10+, full charge in atleast 50-60 mins and 50% in 20 mins.

                omzig, 20 Nov 2022don't wanna be dismissive, but that "responsive&q... moreyes, 1 off the great problem is the Android's RAM Hunger.
                in the first place, Android was designed using Java programming language which not optimized for linux mobile device (but it's the open source project and have many contributors).
                You can see another older phones / smartphones OS which have much better RAM management (Nokia, Palm, Symbian, iOS, etc) due to build using low level programming language.

                  honestly, if the Exynos 1280 in my phone was better-optimized (although it sounds like it is in One UI 5), I'd have zero complaints about the performance whatsoever. flagship chips for phones are kinda pointless with how good the midrange has gotten

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                    • 20 Nov 2022

                    zodiacfml, 20 Nov 2022of course they do except the dumb prices of flagship phones... moreCan a laptop be carried in a trouser pocket?
                    Can you call?
                    Can you take a photo?
                    If you buy a laptop, buy a pc, you will get something more powerful than 6800u. at the same price

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                      • 20 Nov 2022

                      GAMIR3DH, 20 Nov 2022Most of the times when i tried using a midrange phone. I al... moreYeah this is why i can't use a midrange chip unless i don't intend to use it for good photos and videos. I edit the photos all the time too so having a flagship chipset helps to do it faster.

                        Most of the times when i tried using a midrange phone. I always miss out on features. Like better camera quality and options like 4k60 video.
                        Flagship chips is not only about peformance.

                          Yes, and I am waiting for v9 flagship before I upgrade again.

                            AhmedSLL, 20 Nov 2022I think companies will start going the apple way, as usual,... moreThis is bias, Android Oems already do this before Apple, during sd 888 time plenty of phones came with 870 too, so is this year, lot of phones with sd 888.

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                              • 20 Nov 2022

                              Anonymous, 20 Nov 2022I think it matters but is not necessary to be on the most r... moredon't wanna be dismissive, but that "responsive" thing is almost entirely depends on software optimisation. the problem with android camp is that most companies got so glutted with the power modern SoCs offer they just through heavy unoptimisied cumbersome skins, which work okeish on top tier SoCs but lag a lot on lower tier ones.

                              top tier socs these days are overkill. they also getting hotter and with 60% throttling what actual difference does it make if you have cool SD870 or throttling SD 8 Gen 1?
                              gaming aside, what can one do on a smartphone to really utilize all that power? like, what? whatsapp/ facebook/instagram/ etc.. ?

                              things getting ridiculous with smartphones RAM as well. i have i5-1137g7 laptop with 8 GB RAM and Win 10 and nothing lags whatsoever, i can even play Dying Light with low-medium settings. why do smartphones have to do with 12 + gb Ram?

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                                • 20 Nov 2022

                                Anonymous, 20 Nov 2022You're comparing a primitive looking to current androi... moreYou have found what's wrong with Android

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                                  • 20 Nov 2022

                                  Am using Motorola G 5G since last two years and till now never had any issues. However it has Snapdragon 750g processor and still gives me battery backup of more than 6 hrs. Though I am fully satisfied but i have decided to replace it.

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                                    • 20 Nov 2022

                                    AnonD-762416, 20 Nov 2022On places like this you'll only find robots promoting ... morethis sound like ex apple user

                                      Flagships chipsets do matter they pioneer technology that will eventually trickle down to lower level chipset

                                      Another thing to consider is indirect contributions like bringing health profit to businesses

                                      Consumers think reactively and with a scarcity mindset
                                      Invalidating flagship SOC solely based on demands in the present time

                                      Technology should continue to advance PROACTIVELY even if we don't have an immediate use for it right now

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                                        • 20 Nov 2022

                                        Mills, 20 Nov 2022Most chipsets like A14 and A15 (4-core GPU) have pretty muc... moreMy iPhone has the 3 year old A13, no lag. My iPad has the A12, still no lag. Even the A11 on iOS 15 does not lag (maybe on A16 it does), just very slightly longer load times.