Carriers in Finland suspend sales of Xiaomi phones

20 September 2023
The action is due to Xiaomi's growing market share in Russia.

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So the war continues. :(

    Stupid and hypocritical decision. At first, China has not joined the sanctions soap imposed against Russia so they trade with whomever they want. Secondly, common Russian people are not responsible for this disgusting "special operation" and you cannot argue that they are under the excuse that they voted for the powers that be in Russia (there is no democracy in Russia, just an illusion as it is Putin or Putin) and you are brainwashed each day and each hour of the day that the west is evil then you do believe that (unless you're brave enough to challenge all that is being said at the risk of "falling out of a window" on the highest floor of a building where you don't live).

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      • 21 Sep 2023

      danielfgom, 21 Sep 2023This is SO stupid. The people of Russia have nothing to do ... moreWell.. they do make drones beside the phones

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        • 21 Sep 2023

        That's good news.

          Carol, 20 Sep 2023It is actually about the fact that xiaomi is owned by their... moreXiaomi isn't owned by their government lmao. They're a plc. And I love how you complain about comments having nothing of value like ppl aren't just upset over companies being forced out of their home markets. You complaining about us complaining is of even less value.

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            • 21 Sep 2023

            The population of Finland is as big as in St.Petersburg. That makes Finland around 30 times smaller in population than Russia. Xiaomi sales in Finland account for less than 10%, and it's over 30% in Russia. Absolutely agree, money talks. The math is simple. Don't be ridiculous, Finland. Stop hyping! I've always considered the finnish reasonable and very pragmatic.

              This is SO stupid. The people of Russia have nothing to do with the war. It's politics. Why should the people themselves be punished by having everything removed?

              Xiaomi is a company doing business. Why should they care about politics and war? It had nothing to do with them.

              Anyway, I'm sure they are selling way more phones in Russia than in Finland. So the only loser is the Finnish people.

                I don't really think a small country will be a huge blow to Xiaomi.. now if this was England or Spain where Xiaomi is huge. Then this would be a different store

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                  • 21 Sep 2023

                  NOki, 21 Sep 2023So you better sell data to USA?If there's no choice? Between China and USA? then yes. Rather USA than China.

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                    • 21 Sep 2023

                    Iran also banned iphone 15 series but not even a single english website covered the news
                    search in persian

                      Xiaomi's finnished then?

                        Why not ban rest of companies that still work in Russia? Oh right, because most EU countries and bigger companies earn massive amount of money because of that but they dont have their share from xiaomi sales...

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                          • 21 Sep 2023

                          "Anti Russian sentiment" does not describe the complex relationship we have with the Russians to any degree. I have had Russian team mates, who are decent and fine people. We have shared some vodka and talked about our life without hatred after work. The Russian state however, that's the toxic component, and downright deadly for their own citizens.

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                            • 21 Sep 2023

                            Money talks, I believe they will still continue with this since their target market is not from this region

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                              • 21 Sep 2023

                              Oki, 20 Sep 2023Finnish government is smart. Chinese spyware needs to stop ... moreSo you better sell data to USA?

                                you have to suffer, 21 Sep 2023can they still use their carrier? Why not. I'm talking about unlocked phones bought from other sellers. The only downside is that they can't get the phone with some sort of carrier subscription based payment plan, but I'm sure the other sellers offer payment plans.

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                                  • 21 Sep 2023

                                  This is funny. Western countries just keep on finding ways to do this kind of nonsense.

                                    alcatraz, 20 Sep 2023I'm sure that finns can get Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco devices ... morecan they still use their carrier?

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                                      • 21 Sep 2023

                                      But buying Russian ammonia and other resources is fine. So hypocritical

                                        Furkan, 21 Sep 2023We all know Miui will be much better later therefore Finlan... moreIn what bringing bugs and ads on software?