Apple asks for sales ban on Samsung devices

25 May, 2014
Along with the sales ban, Apple is also asking for the full $2.2 billion in damages.

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  • AnonD-237024

Oh! Time to browse through the fanboy comments!

  • AnonD-64830

How very childish of Apple, Samsung or anyone who goes on with the your copying me and im better than you crap.
People will buy what they want regardless of how one company battles another. If Apple iPhones were a lot cheaper more people would buy apple but they are not. So Apple wants to squeeze other companies out of the market so they have a monopoly on Smartphones and then they will crank the price up through the roof and even contracts will then become too expensive.
As far as people copying Apple see the link here about the original WIMP (Windows Icons Mouse and Pointers)system designed by Xerox Parc then copied and added to by Apple Computers. Since then its been a big fight between PC Designers and Makers with the help of Microsoft to produce Windows Based Computers that are better than Apple Computers (I have a Tower Macintosh Computer and you can see where the money went into the design and quality of the product). I am typing on an Lenovo ideapad Core i5 laptop which is a good quality fairly fast laptop but Apple Computers will always be a premium high quality build with the added advantage of not having to worry about Viruses. For those who can afford Apple its Quality build your paying for whether its phone or computer or tablet but if your into lower cost phones and computers that perform well then there are plenty out there. I use an LG Nexus 5 Android on Kitkat (excellent performance and quality) and this is a replacement for a Nokia Lumia 1020 great camera but that is where it stops. If they bring out a 5" Display iPhone for the price of a Nexus 5 or for less than £38 a month on a contract then I would consider an iPhone but until then I will stick with Android.

  • AnonD-134497

RejZoR, 25 May 2014Copying them how exactly? Sure, both phones are slim bricks... more

  • RejZoR

AnonD-134497, 25 May 2014I already said Samsung IS copying Apple. I am not ignorant ... moreCopying them how exactly? Sure, both phones are slim bricks and they both have screen and round edges. But apparently Apple thinks only they have some weird exclusive rights for this shape and everyone else should make pyramid and cylinder shaped phones...

It's funny how car world can co-exist with countless lookalikes of other cars, but mobile phones that are pretty much stuck with the design that all have these days and they constantly harass each other like small annoying kids in school. Who cares how Samsung or anyone else looks similar to iApple. I still wouldn't buy one. So who gives a damn srsly (other than Apple itself constantly bitching over things that seem natural for everyone else).

  • Anonymous

Apple so desperate to battle against samsung. What's their problem with sammy? Their being personal, shame to them, they can't put samsung down.

  • AnonD-151727

keep trying timMy..keep trying...

  • yaqoob

It's 100% true that apple is desperate,
The rate at which they loose the make share is very alarming.
The only option they have is to sue to recover that lose.
The unfortunate part of it being that it can be temporary.
With time they will completelyrics loose.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-134497, 25 May 2014Most of the Chinese phones I am talking about are selling i... moreHey, what's this to do with Chinese people huh???? Apple is American and Samsung is Korean! Get your facts right before you start slandering other nationalities!!!! Where are you from eh????? Is it because Chinese people make many goods and your jealous !!!!?????

  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-209094, 25 May 2014These buyers were never potential customers of Apple in any... moreThat still doesn't change the fact that the market share was stolen from Apple. Apple is also trying hard to sell in China which is oversaturated by their domestic iPhone look likes....

  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-209094, 25 May 2014This kind of copying is not normal, no way. maybe you never... moreI already said Samsung IS copying Apple. I am not ignorant of the resemblance of the designs of Samsung phones before and after iPhone(s). I am also not ignorant of the fact how the old touchwiz looks like.

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-134497, 25 May 2014Most of the Chinese phones I am talking about are selling i... moreThese buyers were never potential customers of Apple in any case, Glock cannot sue toy manufacturers for selling plastic pellet guns to kids, those kids couldnt have bought a real Glock anyway.

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-134497, 25 May 2014Everyone copies each other in this tech whether publicly or... moreThis kind of copying is not normal, no way. maybe you never saw a real Galaxy S running on the original 2.1 or 2.2 firmware, it was completely trying to copy EVERYTHING. iPhones had no LED flash at the time and Samsung went as far as omitting LED flash on the Galaxy S, it was THAT extreme level of copying.

The level of guilt is very high and undeniable.

  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-209094, 25 May 2014Damages man. The word you are looking for is damages. Its h... moreMost of the Chinese phones I am talking about are selling in millions and hence its damaging Apple's sales. Remember, iOS vs Android is the case. It's not iOS vs Samsung as a whole.

  • William

Oh rotten apple just die already!

Samsung is copycat we all know that, but in recent years apple didn't sue Samsung just for copy infringement.

Apple sue because Samsung smartphones & tablets become better than apple every year, and eating apple marketshare. That's what frighten them most.

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-134497, 25 May 2014Oh! so you mean if someone copies your things and it didn't... moreDamages man. The word you are looking for is damages. Its hard to sue when no harm is done, it has to do with legal technicalities, im not saying it is a perfect system.

  • smartphone freak

but apple also steals some ideas from another company like the fingerprint its was the 2nd company add it to its devices and the front camera in the smart phone samsung was the first to put in its devices

  • Butch

Groan...but SAMbashers & iBashers are more entertaining..

  • AnonD-263908

Apple is dying a slow death.....

  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-209094, 25 May 2014This is good, as much as i always disliked Apple i was stun... moreEveryone copies each other in this tech whether publicly or illegally. Samsung does copy Apple but Apple is no exception. Keep in mind the color of icons in iOS 7 and above completely matches the description of Meego and Maemo OS. Apple even had lost to Nokia in patents. Apple has also infringed many Nokia's patents and hence paying them. However, Apple is suing Samsung mostly because of:
a) Market share
b) Samsung is a BIG company so more money will come.
c) Desperate attempts to grab money if it can't come out of the products sold...

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-9845, 25 May 2014Sometimes, i just stop and think, 'why is the clone damagin... moreGalaxy s, the first clone, wasnt that cheap. I knew one guy who bought it at launch and he did it for two reasons:
1. It looked good (because it looked like an iPhone which was THE hottest design at the time)
2. AMOLED, this guy was, and is, insane about oversaturated colors and contrast.

Another reason was Apples reluctance to sell iPhones outside of carriers, a Galaxy s could be bought in any store off contract, iPhones couldnt, at the time there were no unlocked iPhones.