Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • 3.15M

Parth, 18 Jul 2010They have taken snaps in 4Q 2008 when this phone had v10 fi... moreThank you vy much for the sharing in picasaweb.
the pic quality improved tremendously both in short range n long range shot.. finest quality among 3MP camera..
but X6 8GB coming soon,better camera n touchscreen.. might take it into consideration too b4 purchasing 5800.. =)

  • amru

i m havin ma 5800 since a month and i had the v40 software in it... toda i updated it to v50. i did it myself thru pc n d updat was succesful. but i dint lose ma contacts or msgs evn tho both r in phone memory. i dint make a backup. but still its ther in ma phone even aftr updation.. is this abnormal????
someone pls temme abt all this... i really need ya help... i m waitin for rspons.. pls..

  • Parth

3.15M, 18 Jul 2010can anyone tell me : after u have update to the latest v50 ... moreThey have taken snaps in 4Q 2008 when this phone had v10 firmware. The camera quality was not good at all. But after many updates it has improved a LOT and if you take the same pics with a phone having the latest firmware, you can notice the difference! Buy it!
Check out my pics from the tube here.

  • Jai

Helo Admin,
i have nokia 5800xm with firmware v50.0.005.
Is the new firmware version release by nokia after v50.
Plz tell me lastest news.
Plz thanks.

  • along

hey everybody whats the differents this phone with nokia 5530 xpressmusic?? please give me which one good phone???

  • 3.15M

can anyone tell me : after u have update to the latest v50 fw,is the 3.15M camera snap better quality photo?
according to the sample photo shown in GSMArena review,the noise level and white balance in the photo rather disappointed..
thanks.. (jus want to clarify the photo quality before making decision to buy this phone)

  • vishnu

xXx, 17 Jul 2010hi friends, my phone restart several time..what to moreupdate to new firmware....go to nokia care..

  • Anonymous

useless mobile in the world

  • Houward

Anurag, 17 Jul 2010One more question After hacking, does hard reseting make t... moreYes...u can unhack ur phone by doing hard reset.

  • Arik

prism, 17 Jul 2010is there any app for this phone which rejects call showing ... moreOf course not. For this you need to hack the protocol stack of the phone - which you can't

  • Anurag

Houward, 17 Jul 2010Hi there, try 2 answr ur question. First.,spb mobile shell ... moreOne more question
After hacking, does hard reseting make the phone unhacked again????

  • xXx

hi friends,
my phone restart several time..what to do...pls help..
i just brought is 2 days ago..
every things work fine only restart problem..

  • max

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2010dude,, for your kind inf'mtn,, x6 dosent have the memory ca... moreoh yea..i kno that...
while writing i 4got, its actually the sim card slot, which i wrote as mem.card slot! sry 4 d mistake!

n btw, having only a inbuilt memory is also a negative of x6, if for some reasn u have to factory reset ur phone, then u hav to say all your data...buh byee!!!

  • Parth

[deleted post]It's around 13k in Mumbai.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hazel sux,looks ugly. Definietly 5800!!!

  • Anonymous

hi amjad i m purchase xprees ms ast daybatery tok time not innoff


use software v50 is very good have no problem on the software

  • prism

is there any app for this phone which rejects call showing waiting on the other side?
plz can any1 help me?

  • davincianguy

Roar..., 17 Jul 2010I got this phone the same time as you do, but so far everyt... moreyes it is also my everyday phone have 2sims one main i use it with 5800 after this touch problem i lost my faith with this phone. It hadn't given any problem with apps i filter use of apps before using it. I had signed and used most of the apps and even had spbmobile shell but i had to uninstall bcoz of memory lag. The apps i had was gmail, opera mini and that's it. I like music alot so its a great phone for that and also for phone purpose like receiving calling its best even better than my htc desire which lacks contacts and some phone calling features. I could have repaired myself by flashing it and installing a new phone software but had waranty so took it to nokia care for repairing. I think they put new software as i noticed a new office apps and rihana widget which old software didn't. My phone was v20 and upated v40 n latest to v50. I like this phone and have no grudges against it.

  • Roar...

davincianguy, 17 Jul 2010I got this Nokia 5800xm last October 2009 and till now it w... moreI got this phone the same time as you do, but so far everything is great (Knock on wood!). I've dropped it a couple of times, but it's still working fine. I did the update from v20, to v40, and to v50, with no such problem. I did installed few apps which makes it unstable sometimes, but when it does it, I immediately uninstall apps that hangs up the phone. So far, so good. BTW, this is my everyday phone, and I use my Vivaz as my wireless modem...