Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • subhash

i want 2 know is it gud 2 take

  • Anonymous

guys please vote also for n900 and e72 a 10 10 10. please also support other phones. it is enough for the rumored n8 to have this very high ratings. rate the ff 10 10 10:


vote them 10 10 10. always. please

  • Dawgert

Wel its the end of march and no sight o firmware updates, m runnin 4.0, but it still needs more work in terms of software and looks, hope the n97 homescreen comes in this phone and hope they make the homescreen tilt too................

  • Anonymous

GAGAN, 26 Mar 2010intelligent saying "dont buy any symbian phone witch donot ... moreFull agree

  • 40

mark03, 26 Mar 2010guys is the v.40 of the softwere available in the philippines???my version is 40 i'm from philippines

  • R.balboa

supun, 25 Mar 2010hello PLEASE HELP, i have a nokia 5800xm. My current firmware is... moreremove memory card and sim before you update firmware

  • ayumi

when the new software released? i thought these end of march,,,, i hopes the rumor is true... ^^

  • orly

GAGAN, 26 Mar 2010intelligent saying "dont buy any symbian phone witch donot ... morelol symbian doesnt crashes like windows mobile....

  • H

GAGAN, 26 Mar 2010after using this phone i will never buy a phone made by nokia why, aren't u satisfied with 5800? what happened?

  • Curious

What is your take on this, singaporeans?
Free to give comments ? Thinking of getting this
phone for my girlfriend! Thank u!

  • Leo chain

I use this phone from at least 1 month.N this is almost similar to Nokia X6. Ya it hangs a lot but if u handles it carefully then it ll not.
My suggetion is Nokia 5800 at any cost.It is a nice fone , trust me.

  • mark03

guys is the v.40 of the softwere available in the philippines???

  • klesk85

Bought 5800XM last month, used k800i before. Initially felt that this phone hangs so much, but after a while realize what are do's & dont's to avoid it hangs, smartphone = complicated & sophisticated phone, and smartphone is for smart people who knows how to get along well with it;)

Nokia OviMaps - killer of GPS~

  • Anonymous

bob, 26 Mar 2010My freind have this phone they say its good but im not sure shou... moreone thing i can say about 5800xm is best value for money.I too using it for more than 10 months.It is more consistent then it does before.I bet you ,you cant find the affordable one with this price point with a lot of features.Others can tell anything they wish.Surely it is not the best available.Given the price,it is the worthy buy for its features.

  • Justine

Mine reached 200mb on updating v40 via NSU. I changed my product code via NSS. is this kinda normal? because I readt that the size is only 130. so why do i have 200 plus and still countin?!?!?! please help me. what should I do?!?!

here is a picture.­mp;l=b701e8205e&id=1601353316

  • bob

My freind have this phone they say its good but im not sure should i buy it? Please answer me quickly

  • mac

Guys i'm using 5800 from last 8 months happy with all the features it provides. Upgraded firmware to v40 but still find the camera very bad is there any othere application or settings by which we can make its camera clarity better......

  • ALi

Anirban, 26 Mar 2010I have been using this phone from last year June (almost a year ... moreeven wid d new firmware.. do u experience any hanging issues?
shud i go for dis or d E71?

  • Anonymous

My camera always hungs.

  • kuldeep india

Justine, 25 Mar 2010Hey guys! I've changed my product code. I checked the codes and ... morehi guy
just go to nokia care and say for change ur handset product code.

it will be easily.