Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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may i just ask if which is better? 5800 xm? or 5800 ne version??..

thank you. and merry christmas..^^

  • Indian lover

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2009How's the texting on the 5800? Would a physical keyboard be bett... morei type faster and more comfortable with 5800 on screen numeric than SE w960 keypad.
In term of qwerty, my e71 is far better.

  • Indian lover

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2009How's the texting on the 5800? Would a physical keyboard be bett... moreNumeric keypad with t9 is the best way to type on nokia 5800 as on screen qwerty gives slower and more errors occur. 5800 is very good to use with one hand. I can type fast on it.

  • Anonymous

How's the texting on the 5800? Would a physical keyboard be better than the virtual one on the 5800?

  • Indian lover

VY, 24 Dec 2009Frm whr did u get v31....are u frm india I updated via ota, twice as my 5800 came with v 20. First update to v 21, second to v 31. Just being patient if your phone shows no updates available as it vary from country to country.
I was eager when V 30 came out but my phone showed no updates available and asked why. Surprisingly on early this month when i dialed *#0000# showed update to V 31 available, it's about 9 Mb something so be prepare to update via wifi or cheap data plan.
Date of custom version is 26-11-2009, so i guess delay of V 31 come to my phone is because nokia team is to surpass update. So, be patient if no update available on your phone as i am sure the late it come the better it will be. Btw V31 is very stable, more responsive and easier to scroll, also some other improvements.

  • Indian lover

Gilly Rocket"", 24 Dec 2009Hey frnd little info, if ur handset is made in october & if u ha... moreI am bought my 5800 on june, but thanks for the info

  • Jonathon Mc'Donald

Timothy O'Brien, 24 Dec 2009This gadget is just an absolute corker with its amazing camera, ... moreThats true i love you for your facts about this phone and dont forget the motion sensored games. brrrrrrrrrrap

  • Timothy O'Brien

This gadget is just an absolute corker with its amazing camera, sound quality and its range of apps. reccommend to all and all people who dont have this phone should cry and feel heart-broken.

  • tanvee

this phone sucks to the core.... plz dnt buy it... bad cameraaaaaa........ music isnt loud enuf.... n last bt nt the least its too bulgy!!!!!

  • anonymous

mahhn mahhn mahhn...kewl lukkk hiaa...lurveee dah fone...hell lotta features in there i hear...sooo how abt meh takin it????ppl ppl!!!buzzzzzzzzzzzz...reply dudes and dudettes//\..cmoonnn....

  • Hristijan

Come on people help me how to erase,delete instaled themes on my nokia 5800??? and what is problem with my memory,it says memory full??? thanks in advance..

  • VY

Indian lover, 24 Dec 2009I have 5800 since about 6 months ago. So far so good. I think pe... moreFrm whr did u get v31....are u frm india

  • vy

can smeone tell ne how to improve the cam perfomance at nyt..i bought tis phone last week...smetimes it gives gud shots..but nt always

  • moin

nokia never fails me! i bought this phone since 3-4 weeks... jus amazing!!!!!

  • kane

the sound is crystal clear.

  • kane

u guys those who r planning to get this phone plz go 4 it,coz it's so awesome haveing nokia 5800 xpressmusic. i'am telling his by my own experience. i was sick of reading bad comments 4 this phone, yes camera is not that good but overall this phone is a dynamite. plz dont who doesn't have thi phone dont spread bad rumors abut it. GO 4 NOKIA 5800 XPRESS MUSIC and u'll know what i'am talking about yeahhhhh i'am proud 2 have 1 yuppieeeee.

  • mini

i am really disappointed with it, i thought the speaker sound of this is loud since its an xpress music phone but my friend's 5800 is not, my n95 8gb is louder... i guess i wont replace my n95 8gb.

  • olivarez

my low investment 5800xm on high quality phone,godd case and good quality video and images. plus lot of accessories . more power nokia co.

  • buddy

santa, 24 Dec 2009Merry Christmas to all 5800 usersthnx

  • Gilly Rocket""

Nandini, 24 Dec 2009Hey frnds, pls rply me fast....can i go for 5800...i dnt know... more5800xm is really a piece of cake for easy use, with 8gb card & really affordable price tag... samsungs midrange touch phones are only designed for nice outlook when comes to functionality they are really helpless bcas touch is too sensitive, most of them are without proximity sensors so accident touch occurs when calls, they cant handle more than 4gb filled mem card if u want proof just read-out the star5230 user opinions, battery drains faster, no multi tasking & so on... On positive side samsung had widget home screen, eye catching UI,some fun camera options like face & blink detection....
In my thoughts 5800xm is lot better as a smart phone with tons of apps... Go for it without any confusion