Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

5530 doesn't have CPU. So it will be as fast as 5800. So no one can say that 5530 is better than 5800.

  • Kumander Robot

Man, this 5800XM is waaay better than the HypePhone in one key function that Americans don't place much importance on: SMS text messaging. I tried it side-by-side with the iPhone, and the 5800XM is better and much more responsive/faster in SMS texting. It's just like typing on a real hardware keyboard, unlike on the HypePhone where SMS texting was not optimized since it's a little-known & -used function in the US.

Try it both for yourself, and you'd know that the 5800XM is *the better touchscreen phone for those who are heavy texters (meaning, the rest of the world outside the US)*.

  • Anonymous

this is a very good phone for its performance and price. also user feedback is more on the positive side. I will buy it now after my long wait.

  • Potential Buyer

i think if 5530 xpressmusic will have a more stable operating system "no lags , hangs, crashes," and also a better quality 3.2mp camera and a much better home screen shortcuts like the standard "6 or 5 not sure" icon shortcuts and the friends shortcut icons all in one homescreen , this will be a better alternative over the 5800 even though it doesnt have 3G or GPS !

Additioanl Wish list on 5530:
I also hope the loud speaker of 5530 will be as good or even better than 5800 and i hope its battery last long even if its only 1000 mah !

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

poor 5800
every body go 2 c the king {5530 xp}
and leave this junk

  • zia

it has some screen problem.As many of my friend bought and got screen problem.

  • Loz

Hi, does anyone have this phone on the Orange network? I would just like to know whether Orange have branded the menus as their own as they usually do with their phones? Hope not!

  • Anonymous


  • toots!e

is it true that the picture quality of this phone at night sucks?! for those who do have 5800 xpressmusic hope u guys reply with this.. thnx in advance

  • Saurabh

Hi, I want to know how to increase contacts in contact bar in homescreen. It is showning only four contacts i want more my favorite contacts in the home screen. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Brendan

I have to say, this is a great phone! The gps is excellent, and the music playback is great. the resolution is brilliant, and video playback is smooth and crystal clear. Battery-life is acceptable. Touch interface is great... It was disappointing to not receive the stand and case advertised-what's with that? Anyhow, need to get some sort of case for it as the screen is a bit of a dust-collector. All in all, Nice job NOKIA!

  • mhel

i want 2 watch cartoons in my phone but they ask me 2 install 1st a flash player.what kind of flash player i need 2 install that suit in my phone?pls. somebody help me.tnx.

  • Lakshan

Hi guys, I thought of buying this phone, its a made by nokia one. Is there anything to check before buying this. Pls help me!

  • Anonymous

where can i download free themes?? and games???tnx

  • TotoyBato

regina, 15 Jun 2009anyone know how much 5800 xpressmusic costs in the philippines a... morein the philippines it cost around 15k below...its worth buying for those who love music and video....its camera is disappointing at night but very good in daylight so better to think wat you need in a phone before buying i suggest if you much money buy one a nokia n97 ranther than nokia 5800 if you are a nokia fan but if you are a sony ericsson fan buy satio a.k.a idou and if you are samsung fan buy samsung omnia hd....basically nokia is good sa pilipinas naman adik mag text kaya ate pag binili mo ay 5800 hindi sya masyadong maganda sa texting pero ok parin heheh update mo lang sa latest firmware para d mag hang at mag restart parate

  • regina

anyone know how much 5800 xpressmusic costs in the philippines and if it is worth buying for?

  • Anonymous

moji, 05 May 2009does it matter where the phoneis made? the one in this site says... moreThe American version is made in China. I asked nokia usa outlet in New York City. The European version is made in hungary or finland. They told me its the same thing, but the 3G of the European version phone wont work in US and vice versa

  • Anonymous

Aloha from Hawaii. My name is Tim, aka Cellular-Decay.

I'm a Computer, Gadget geek from way back. Besides computers and gadgets, I also enjoy photography, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, fast cars and even faster women (or is that the other way around?). Just kidding about the fast women, so no offense to the ladies here. Wink I also enjoy astronomy, and being a computer, gadget geek, of course I also like video games.

In spite of my fascination with gadgets, I only recently got into fancy cell phones ("smart" phones). I used to carry a basic phone and a PDA, because I didn't like what was available in "convergence" devices. It just seemed like they were too much of a compromise.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic "Tube" seems to have changed my mind, since my old Razr and Zodiac have been collecting dust lately. There are things the Zodiac did better, but I'm still early in the learning curve for the 5800, and I'm pretty confident that with some more time (and applications) I will find it easy to forget the old Z.

There are, of course, lots of things the 5800 does better, so even if I can't totally forget the Z, I'm sure I won't have any regrets.

Oh well..I hang out at a lot. take care all. See ya 'round.

  • sam

Can 5800 be used as FM transmitter, because this a music phone, so i hope its can be used as Fm Transmitter like N85..