Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

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  • lionel

This Phone can sync with MS outlook i have tried it n it works. i make all the entry in the outlook contact n calander n then synk the phone.

  • adam inabinet

this phone performance wise blows away anything i ever used. but damn this thing is just too big and good luck finding a clip for it.

  • Claudia

Can you sync this phone with MS Outlook?

  • Ahmed Adel

hi there
i have just bought this smartphone one month ago
it is really magnificent phone really it is adream phone i recommend all to buy it

  • Munna

Can anyone tell me which USB Bluetooth Dongle I should use?

  • sandeep

yes ANUPAM the fm work when the flap is close and it is a very nice phone

  • Hasan

One Millions hits of 6260, hey, the owner, let's celebrate!!!

  • anupam

does the FM in 6260 work with the flap closed

  • Bob

you can download ringtones on the phone. best way to get them though is by transferring them with a cable from your pc.

  • andres

this phone is just great!!!!

  • DT

And the sorting for the gallery, messages and call records is all wacko. They do not fall at the beginning of the folder like usual, but make space in the very middle. WHAT IS UP?

  • DT

My phone suddenly started going really crazy.
The voice command first started coming on on its own, then it started going off whenever II charge it. I tried restarting a hundred times but it still kept on. The bug one hhappened: The phone recognized a headset, when I had none connected, suh that I couldn't recieve calls without using a hheadset. It normlized eventually, and I can recieve calls after changing the enhancement in use to text phone and restarting (it took me a week to figure that one out.)
Now how do I solve the problem completely, cos it will happen again if the phone goes ooff

  • bennyc

I've had this phone now for a few months and I absolutely love it.

  • whaa

hey can u download mp3 ringtones on this phone??????

  • Thomas

Has anyone noticed that the funcitonal keys right below the screen are kind of loose, or is it just my phone? I just got my phone and noticed that the entire key section right below the screen moves as a whole. It slides from side to side, and I am afraid it might break eventually. Would someone please let me know if that would become a problem?

  • lionel

Does any body know which software will improve the mp3 quality. I used Ultra Mp3 but no good no bass at all & sound is also low. Plz Suggest anything

  • Lionel

Hi Diner
Thanks a lot for ur reply. My doubts were cleared. Thanks

  • diner

ti LIONEL: this phone has a total memory of 6mb, but, you can use 3,5 mb and the 2,5 mb is for symbian and other aplications. you have 3,5mb of 6 mb to use

  • lionel

Hey Guys, I have just purchased this cell & am enjoying it. my only problem is that in the gsm forum everyone say it has 6 + 3.5mb memory i.e 9.5 in total but i can see only 6mb can any one explain me this. how can i see the 3.5 mb. thanks

  • hamer

its a good phone i just bought it juz for a week, the feature of 6260 is marvelous... the sounds are good and also the resolution of the pictures... but only the battery was not long lasting ... one question how can i use the quickword and quickpoint of my 6260?