Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

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  • Abubakr

Ppl....dont buy this phone...i just bought it abt 2 months and now its screens not sucks..6260..really..i cannot do anything on it now..,..except to answer or reject calls..!!! @(

  • akhil singh

its a marvellous phone i really love this phone & ill reccommend u to go 4 this phone ,navneet arora ,this is the right choice. thnx.

  • mohit singh

its a very good phone ,i really like it ,
the video is realy very cool,u can shoot pictures , can take unlimited video.on the whole its a dream phone.

  • Shadow

Hi guys.. please help me. i want to buy a phone... my chioces are Nokia 6260 and nokia 6230. What do you think is much better? i need some suggestions... tnx!

  • whaaa

just got this phone 2 days ago, so far so good, got a problem tho,,, it hangs!!!! how can i stop it from hanging???

  • blanche

i have my nokia 6260 about a week ago.. and all i can say is it sucks!! everything! the video and camera quality is poor, mp3 and radio has only one channel.. loudspeaker sounds crap.. nokia is the only friendly user mobile phone that i think one thing nice on their phone.. i dont like the mobile fone.. im planning to sell this en buy intead a SE P900... ur money is not woth it!

  • POL

I thought the nokia 6260 has also an real-time video? What the other advantages of nokia 6230? I just want to know. tnx!

  • BloodRaven

well i like nokia 6260 more but 6230 has real-time video and better mp3 quality .... i like 6260 more because it flips ;))

  • Paul Heavens

Great phone I'm loving it! A bit worried about the turn around screen though, it seems to have gotten looser over the past 2 months I've had it...

How do I get the Microsoft Word and Powerpoint applications to work? I copy a file over to my phone but then I can't find an open to 'open' in these programs?

  • saviour

To H_999

that 32mb card, you have to format (erase) everything in order to use it. Just go to the Menu screen, otpions, memory, memory card, format

  • h_999

just got the fone few days ago, coz didnt very much like others, fine so far, just the rsmmc that came with it was crap!, it cant store or do anything, luckily as my gfs got the 6230, shes already got a 256 rsmmc, so i tried it out on that n it fine, else its a great fone. sooo...for those who got this fone, ditch the rsmmc they give u n buy another one...then...enjoy...

  • Mars

Yes indeed this is a very good phone and even if it's only 640x640 the photos are good , and i recomand u this phone :)

  • richie

Hey guys how do i get the cover off?
I really need this info. thanx?

  • Navita Arora

i always wanted a flap phone with camera only from nokia series.
i just want u guys to let me know that is this phone nokia 6260 is good phone or not.
i m not mobile freek the passion is only flap phone with camera and video recorder.
please do let me know
thanks a lot

  • moin shah

its very smart and nice fone with full of qualites like fm radio bluetooh infrarad port and with mp3 player
i like nokia phones but its very good one

  • koreo_;)

my uncle bought this phone and a week later my father bought S700i, after a month, when we meet up, we compare between the two phones, and S700i camera is much much superb than this phone. with approximately the same size, s700i has a sleek and better design. My dad's opinion about this phone is it does not look sleek at all, a very rough copy of a phone. In terms of application, this phone is better though

  • Betty

Pleace can somebody tell me where the MP3 player is? How many sound clips can this phone carry?How do i get ringing tones and ound clips?

  • Betty

Man i have been using this phone for 2months it is cool. Pls i have the following problems with my phone
The memory is too low can i get a hihfer memmory for it? If yes wcich one?
I can't see the USBport slot.
I can't send clips to people.
Pls i want to enjoy this phone better so i wish somebody will respond to me. My address is

  • Shaukat


Does anyone know if Nokia has ever made this 6260 in Silver color? Itís been very hard to find it. Did order from couple internet store and they have shipped the Black one even told them to send silver. Does any body know where to find the Silver one? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • James

The phone is larger than most phones. For reference the Razr closed is the size of just the base portion of the phone. Despite this, the phone weighs just as much as a Razr, and packs WAY more functionality.

The RSMMC can accept up to 512MB (about $50 USD) and that will be able to store a good number of MP3s. The phone doesn't seem to decode MP3s that well, so the sound is hollow and tinny on the highs. You are best off using a smaller compression (larger file) and swapping out more often.

The built in Radio is very good and keeps signal fairly well. There are a number of Series 60 software to put onto the phone to enhance an already impressive software package.

The lack of an external screen is annoying, especially because the light doesn't constantly blink for txts or voicemails. In areas where its acceptable I simply leave the phone in browser (fliped around) mode.

There are no settings for normal functions
like back light, etc. That part is a bit annoying, but overall the phone is a VERY competent package.

I have used the motorola a630, nokia 9500, tmobile sidekick 2, and this. This phone has a lot of the functionality of the 9500 with the cool "gadgetness" of the sidekick 2. It won't surpass the sidekick in User Interface, but offers more options for software. It also won't surpass the 9500 in functionality but brings a lot to the plate in a smaller and lighter package.

This is not a true smart phone, but if you are looking for a bit more than an all show no go Razr, but less than a weighty 9500 then this is the best out there by far.