Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

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  • atsuna

too big for my taste

  • Johnny

I bought this phone in Feb 2005. Since the day I bought upto now. I have already took this phone back to nokia shop to repair twice already. I'm going to get this most crab phone I ever have out of my way in short time.

  • sandy

hey guys i have a bad news i took this phone on 2june2005 and its 26aug2005 today the display has stop working i can receive calls and make calls but cant see anything . the biggest screwup is that there was no accident as such .. i didnt drop the phone and nor it fell in water. today i am going to my dealer and believe me if i dont get a new one i am gonna screw his a_s bye for now

  • Dragan

can i listen mp3 via some bluetooth handsfree on this phone!!!

  • Jan

Why is this phone so huge? To be a pretty new phone, it looks so outdated

  • Ravish Ohri

Guys BELEIVE ME this is an increadible plz go and bye without any has all the features which u can imagine in a mobile phone.luv u and god bless u all.bye

  • Paul

People using this phone please answer my questions
1)How is the Bluetooth
2)Is the radio good
3)I read the phone is slow. Is it true?

  • nokiaeric

I have had this phone for about eight months. I like everything about it, except the processor is very sllloooowww for me, does anybody else have this problems of it taking up to 6 seconds to get phonebook to come up. I am looking to get the Nokia 6681, hope it is faster..

  • Mars

actualy this phone has a mp3 player , i own a 6260 and it has a mp3 player , plus u can instal one if u don't like the original one

  • Neo Anderson

Hey Guys, a little help, i am looking to buy a phone, although i have looked at the samsung d600, sony w600, and nokia n91 + this one, i like this one, but other state that this phone does not have an mp3 player, having an mp3 player is crucial to me, can some of u that have this phone tell me weather it has an MP3 or not?

  • razvan

incredible liars those they say this phone has a mini USB port. wher can be this port? Anyway, the phone is ok but the speaker is slow and radio has a bad reception.

  • piyush

i just got this phone n its a good phone battery backup is short but still lovin this phone my girlfriend loves this phone too

  • Fisher

I have had this model for 10 months. I feel like Michael Douglas in Wall's sooooo bulky. The memory is horrific, and i agree with those that say the ringer is low. My battery life is usually over two days, and that's with constant use of bluetooth (not bad) I change in two months, 3 days and 14 hrs & counting....

  • christine

i like this phone, but i have a few question does this phone can be use anywhere such as any country, and is this phone is a tribend?

  • N6260

i own a n6260....does any1 know how to get the theme featured in this website....the blue one with the ball.....pls help....

  • Arnas

Does this phone supports 512 mb card?

  • Oshis

I've been using this phone for 8 moth, I am more than satsfied with that. It has cool and business-like design and it looks great on my girlfriend, too. So business woman do not be affraid, check it.
Nevertheless it has good features and cool looks, The only thing I do not like is battery capacity. I would expect better acumulator to work for a week at least. But otherwise I am deffinately satisfied and I do not see other same level competitor.

  • chad

hey i am interested in buying this phone and i was wondering how the call quality is and if there are many dropped calls......if there is many dropped calls could u give me a phone that has no dropped calls and great call quality....thanks

  • Bivragh

Hi, For some reason the ringing of my phone is altered and its seems the phone is ringing through headset even though i a not using them. Is there anyway to go back to normality



  • aky

what about the video player?