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Nokia N90

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  • lightning

It is true they are big,but who cares!This seria is the best one at the moment...It is your choise if you want to have excellent mp3 player(nokia 91) or excellent camera(nokia 90) and that is the main difference between them.

  • sarhan

hi all,i was planning to get one of the nseries models and i wanted help in which one is better and is it really true that they are very big.
so which one to go for N90 or N91

  • Sno

whats this about an enhanced model? could someone please explain.

  • Shell

Those are good news

Who exactly told you it has?

Thank you

  • harVy

kelv you are a legend. Thanks for all your info man.

  • Kelv

I would be getting the phone on the very first day and will update on whether it truly has vibrate or not. At the moment, take it that it does.

  • Shell

I hope you are right kelv, I really hope you are right...

It would be a great dissapointment buy this phone and fint out it doesnt have...

  • Kelv

Dear all,

I have been corresponding with Nokia officials tirelessly for the past week for all phone updates and specifications.

Phone though at 173g is solid and weight is spread out evenly.

Flip is sturdy.

Camera turnstile is firm.

And the most frequently questioned specification is that the phone has vibration according to a Nokia official who stated down to me that the entire N series would have the vibrate mode incorporated in it.

  • Kelv

Nokia has corrosponded with me giving me information that all the N series are to have vibration. Guess it was an error after all.

My-symbian's review might be a review using the first version prototype therefore the vibrate feature is not incorporated in it.

  • RickNYC32

Hi Im so exited as the Nokia N90 is finally available. Does it have a vibration feature? Whats the use of the Push - To - Talk feature? Is it a Walkie Talkie feature? If it is the how does it work?

  • Phayzed Butterfly

Is this phone out in Asia already??

  • Shell

Kelv, please, how do you know it finally has?

Michael Jerz, administrator of the site, who has the N90 now and is making a review, says he hasnt find the vibration on his phone... what does this mean? That the N90 which is going to be sold will have? So why does his phone doesnt?

I dont understand anything!!! Has Nokia confirmed it has vibration?

We need more details!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • harVy

Phew, thats a great load off my mind. Roll on the English release...

  • Kelv

Latest News:

All N series phones to HAVE vibration.

  • Anonymous

this is the phone to have . no matter it has vibration or no.

  • Kelv

There could a a high possibility of the vibrate mode misuderstanding. N91 supports it and it could damage the hard disk. Does not make sense. Nokia officials are checking on it for me.

  • yay

i would seriously rather buy a 2mp digital camera, and a phone one tenth the price, what use is a good camera, if you cant even tell your phone is ringing

  • Kelv

Mario, your tone was a little harsh in your first post, that was why I deemed it crude. Sorry if I had caused you any misunderstanding.

To all,

I have tried the dummy phone today, so for all who want to know whether it's easy to use/hold and about its weight, you can sms pretty comfortable with one hand, and it's weight isn't that bad. Trust me. =)

The phone is rock solid in terms of build quality.

  • [sensei]

Whatttt??? no vibration??? oh my, confirm this model will fail in market, trust me guyss..
What a nice phone but without vibrate is like nothing.

  • Omar

those who have already the phone... does this phone have vibration?