Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Nokia fan no more

It seems you guys listened to x3 fanatic, the guy who praises the defective x3-02 phone. The turning off by itself problem is in no.4 below. If only you've read what I posted.. these are some of the complaints seen by users of this phone, and I say again:

For x3 fanatic, he says this is 8/10 but i say:

Nokia x3-02: 0.5 out of 10

Its brand new.
1.After buying you will see the defects.Some had returned the product for repairs after a day, or 1week's use.
2.Keys fall from the keypad because they were just glued one by one. The keypad is not a one whole piece, but the keys are separately attached one by gosh.
3.The space bar is located on the rightmost lower part of the keypad, where reaching for the space bar is terribly tiring using the thumb.You will desperately try to reach it.
4.The phone turns off by itself.
5.Poor battery life
6.Touchscreen is useless considering the size.You will accidentally press other functions.Irritating.
7.Not so clear during calls.
8.No navigation key, you will find scrolling difficult.
9.The slimness makes it easier to slip in your hands.
10.Most importantly congratulations on your new phone, you bought it as brand new, and in one day, one week's time, you saw these defects.And nokia would not admit the defects.You have no choice but to have it repaired.You bought it brand new and you'll agree to have it repaired? Listen to x3 fanatic and Happy Regretting!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2011I us the phone and I can teel you some defects. 1. it goes ... moreAre you all sure that nokia x3-02 is not a good phone to purchase i am going to buy onne for my sister this easter thats why i am asking?

  • spin

got the same defect...shutting off and on and off and on!!!!!!!! take action on it please...

  • usama

how to mark msg and then delete in this phone???????

  • mohammed

i bought this phone in UK and my phone initially its getting off and on, then after few days its completely got switched off. i went to nokia care thier they said its not repariable in india. now i dont have any option. now its unuse for me........ now i cant sent to UK and its not repairable in india.....

  • Nuwan

any one pls reply me soon foes this thing have 3G.My phone always turns off. Where can i fix this problem. Reply me soon................

  • don

im a nokia user for 9 years.. i was attracted to this phone bec its very slim so i got this phone after 3days of using it i just realize that i was buying the very very bad phone ever in my life.. a week after i sold it then i bought a new phone i switch to samsung chat 335 and i really love it and enjoying it its a good phone and a good value for your money with superb design. 5 stars for samsung chat335

  • waqas

Mann!! week ago i bought x3-02 and within a week i have visited NOKIA office twice, it restarts so often im sickkk of it..! i asked them to replace it as per nokia policy, but they said they will install the softare and it will be fine, its all same even after the new software, today i threw it bakkk there and asked them to gimme the new set i have not even used it 10 days..! DONT BUY IT !

  • Anonymous

I us the phone and I can teel you some defects. 1. it goes of and onn.2. it restarts quite often.3. the power botton doesnt respond easily. I just got it on Saturdy but am so unhappy because i never expected all the defect

  • Waseem Naqvi

Hi All, This phone has many deffects some are listed below.

1- No intelligent Phonebook
2- Hangs a lot
3- Restart quite often.
4- Slow usage
5- Weak signal strength
6- Weak Sensor

Overall phone rating is 5/10

  • delphia

the best cell phone that i ever giving credit to nokia

  • Shabaz

For VoIP, you can use FriendCaller VoIP.

  • M

Nokia fan no more, 07 Feb 2011Maybe u listened to x3 fanatic, the worshiper of the x3-02 ... moreYeah you're right, dont worry this is free handset from our network provider here in the Philippines. I only used these phone for network browsing using Opera Mini 4.2 / Opera Mini 5.1 Yeah Booooooy!

  • Clarity

raz, mistik, RosaBonita: Skype has not made an app for this phone. Fring has made an app, but only IM (no VoIP). If you look for VoIP, why not use the built in VoIP of the phone ? To get your favourite VoIP provider setup, google n0kvoip

  • spin

yes,got some problem too.. shutting off n off again n again...omg...

  • Nokia fan no more

x3-02 fanatic, 07 Feb 2011there maybe network problem... yeo sometimes it says operai... moreThat's because a lot of complaints like what you have were raised already. Only x3 fanatic praises this phone. This phone has defects and lot of complaints.

  • Nokia fan no more

M, 07 Feb 2011I used Nokia X3-02 for almost a month, for the first time i... moreMaybe u listened to x3 fanatic, the worshiper of the x3-02 phone that has so many complaints.You're even lucky it lasted a month from you... Many users complained a day, or a week's time after they bought the phone. Only fools lifts up a phone that is full of complaints. At first you will feel good because its brand new, but then you will realize x3 fanatic made a fool out of the phone. Now it feels like hell.

  • x3-02 fanatic

Kris, 05 Feb 2011Why can't i watch youtube??!!??! The media player opens a... morethere maybe network problem... yeo sometimes it says operaion failed its normal, just do it again. or check network settings, should default to all apps on your configurations

  • x3-02 fanatic

BLiTZ, 05 Feb 2011Well,all phones have its own advantages and weaknesses.its ... morethats what im talking about to him but his not listening.

  • x3-02 fanatic

BLiTZ, 06 Feb 2011well,im sorry if i made u mad,but i just wanna say that if ... moremore often than not, he'll do argue with you. promise