Nokia XR20

Nokia XR20

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I agree too. 3 people in my family have a Nokia 6. It meets my needs. I installed the Google Camera application and solved the photo quality. Available in Dolby atmos and fast charging. Keep using it until it breaks

  • Scott

It's worth the cost. Finally a ruggered phone with software updates from a reliable company. Tired of poor support from Chinese companies. Ulefone make phones but never provide any software or security updates and just churn more phones. They promised Android 11 for Ulefone Armor 10 customers and never delivered. Blackview lie and cheat customers, just look at there indiegogo complaints.

  • Habib wardak

Nokia's phone, they don't die easily, yes expensive, but works for more than 4 years, I'm still using Nokia 6 from 2017 and continue using it. This one is rugged so imagine...

Eran, 19 Aug 2021WTF??? Sounds like a phone from 2014....What is that POS,Nokia??Yo bud..this is the cheapest and highest tech "bullet proof" over the durability

  • Inokentii

It costs the whooping EUR 560 in Bulgaria!

  • Inokentii

Unreasonably expensible block of electronics.

  • Eran

WTF??? Sounds like a phone from 2014....What is that POS,Nokia??

  • Ravikumar

Looks as Touch Screen version of
Nokia 5130c XpressMusic. ❤️

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2021Typical nokia body with old samsung design :( . should take... moreOld Samsung design? Samsung is putting their tramp stamp on the back of generic phones and that's for sure

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2021Typical nokia body with old samsung design :( . should take... moreHuh?

  • Anonymous

I really like this phone a lot! And I´m a Motorola user, but ~I must admit this one is much better that the Defy 2021.

It´s expensive but for a rugged phone you do get a lot from your money i mean:
4 years of updates (3 of OS updates)
1 year of screen replacement in case it get´s broken
5G connectivity
Stereo speakers
Nice deisign

Those of you bashing on the newly Snapdragon 480, probably never used it before. My moto g50 has the same Soc, and not only it´s fast but very efficient as well. Don´t let the numbers fool you.

By far the best HMD product after the Nokia 7 Plus and probably the most interesting one too they will launch this year

  • Wilddocs

Why Nokia smartphones have poor sound engineering?

  • Nokia

Nokia phone box isn't a seal box.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2021Typical nokia body with old samsung design :( . should take... moreTypical? What are you talking about. Since when has nokia samsungs body? This one for sure ain't like samsung.

AnonD-993436, 15 Aug 2021I see a lot of comments it would be cheaper or better to bu... moreR u srsly comparing a no brand with a nokia

  • Anonymous

They rarely used amoled display

  • Anonymous

My advice to all: don't judge the performance of a SoC by its name

  • Anonymous

Typical nokia body with old samsung design :( . should take the design from windows Nokia

  • Anonymous

Ender, 16 Aug 2021I have Nokia 7.1 with SD636, which is faster than SD 450. B... moreand what is got to do with snapdragon 480? 480 is going to much slower than snapdragon 636? from the spec sheet alone snapdragon 480 is better than snapdragon 636, unless spec sheet doesn't mean anything anymore

AnonD-993436, 15 Aug 2021You didn't read the specs too well.What was he saying? He deleted his comment so I assume it was hating on the SD480 5G.