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  • ste

no none of my vids have ever froze whilst watching them!!!!!

  • kurt

does anyone`s video`s freeze when ure watchin them NOT WHEN URE RECORDING!! or is my phone faulty

  • ste

louise, yes the x3 has a calender. it has the main calender in the tools section on the menu for seting reminders etc like on most phones but there is also a calender function on the external screen display to veiw when the phone is shut.

  • k

sorry got last quote rong .. when i am recoreing ( video ) my camra is ok all seams normal but wen i watch it agen it freezes can some one tell me why this is thank u ?? thanks alot email whw_kurt@hotmail.com with anser ;)

  • kurt

when i am recoreing ( video ) my camra freezes wen i watch it again can some 1 tell me y this is ?? thanks alot email whw_kurt@hotmail.com with anser ;)

  • Louise

Does the x3 has a calender?

  • Michael

Video types supported: .3gp & .mpg4

  • ahcool

wat is the price in malaysia??

  • Anonymous

are there any fm radio headsets for the o2 x range as there are headsets for motorola, sony ericsson and others.

  • Anonymous

does this support .3gp files ?

  • Anonymous

also what video types does this phone play e.g. rm, mpg, avi etc ?

  • Michael

Hey, the video on X3 is just great, rock solid image no breaking-up or shuttering, excellent color. I'm referring to a quality dvd rip of Friends then converted to .3gp, downside, large file but I manage to fit it on my 256mb SD card and still have some mp3s there also. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  • Anonymous

hey nick can you tell me where you can get the cable thing that you can use without an adapter to transfer mp3s on to the o2 x3 also can you get videos like sweety the chick and aicha video clips on to this phone ?

  • nick

Louise, its all part of liking the phone!!

Hmm nathan... Seems EXACTLY the same story as one other person has posted already...

o2 have no control over the camera quality and certainly won't repair your problems then cock up your camera...! Thats just stupid!!

Strange how you have to resort to scamming the insurance company when you could just take the phone back??

Person who said Video is gay... Its not... Why don't you try altering the sizes????

"shocking.. the worst phone i have ever owned, signal is absolutley dier, the screen gets scratched by the buttons, the menus are harder to use than any other phone.... i want my nokia back"

Signal is brilliant... I have never had a no signal area, apart from on the London Underground... :)

Screen gets scratched by buttons??? What the hell are you talking about?

Menus hard to use??? HA HA... What are you a dunce or something? They are extremely easy to use!

Nokia... phh... Well, if you like phones that look the same and have the same features since 2002 there you go... If you think the X3 is buggy, symbian sucks arse...!

  • lee

shocking.. the worst phone i have ever owned, signal is absolutley dier, the screen gets scratched by the buttons, the menus are harder to use than any other phone.... i want my nokia back

  • ste

What do you mean "the video is gay" the video on this phone probably the best feature along with the mp3. iv made some really good vids with excellent quality which is great cus there arent really any phones out there with sensible price that have a video function this good or even have it atall.

  • Chris

i have had this phone for a few months now. (4) and not had one problem with it. the cam is good, the video is gay but i dont use it so....

the mp3 player is ace, i use it everyday. i suggest useing a 128mb card as the 256mb one runs the battery down quick.

al in all i like it alot.

  • nathan

well i got my x3 b4 xmas but it was fualty and kept turning itself off so i sent it back to o2 to get fixed then A MONTH later i got it back only to find they had fixed the origonal problem but somehow made my camera quality really poor and the headphones that i got with it no longer work they crackle and i keep havin to push them back i. dont get me wrong i think the phone is excellent but i have read loads of forums about it and there are loadsa ppl experiencing faulty phones so i dont rate ben q i think there crap and now i am thinking about "loosing" my phone and claiming on the insurance. I am sick of ringing o2 does anyone have any suggestions or have the same problem?

  • Louise

Thanks Nick and Nick. Glad someone has a nice thing to say about the phone.

Only thing is i brought it from o2 online and it was 179.99!! Ripped off maybe?

  • nick

woohoo, another nick!

lol, I second exactly what Nick2 said... :)