LG G3 review: Dream catcher

06 June 2014
Late as usual but ever so strong. In an industry where timing is almost as important as quality, LG's highly anticipated G3 flagship makes landfall in the second half of 2014, a couple of months after the flagships of the other major players. Such a late...

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  • Anonymous

the best phone of the year!

  • Kiseki

Overall, I like the phone a lot. The design is beautiful. But because of lag and overheating issues, I will give this phone to my mom. For now, I'll go back to using my old S4. The 5 inch screen of this device is also a bit more friendly than the 5.5 inch screen of the G3.

  • ndn

AnonD-302680, 15 Sep 2014Did you accounted any lag or heating problem?? There is definitely no lag. Its perfect I can say, after using it for a month now. But heats a lot. And that's not good.

  • Vasu

I am the big fan of LG phones since 10 years.. In my house we are using 3 LG phones out of 4... recently I upgraded my phone lg g pro to lg g3... I was shocked after purchasing this phone... There is no contrast... Picture or letters are so dull.. & even they are not given best fonts.. & this was white phone.. Later I observed that some white patch in below side & in upper side black.. It's look like very cheap.. Overall the phone concept is very beautiful.. But they are forgotten simple things... If u put this phone beside any 20k phone.. People select that phone only.. Because this screen is no contrast & very dull.. Then after I sell this phone in low price & I purchased lg g pro 2... It's a awesome phone.. Now I am happy with this lg g pro 2

  • AnonD-318350

Have gone from an OG droid and droid X on verizon, to an iphone 4s, a nokia 810 windows phone and now LG3.

Must say I love this LG so far. Looks great, feels well built, the screen resolution blows up my eyes (I notice a big difference when comparing to a 1080P panel especially viewing text), almost complete lack of lag, and really amazing camera performance.

battery life is pretty good... probably on par with what i got with that iphone 4s. With heavy use it will barely last through a workday (12 hours with commute), but on most days with moderate use i still have ~20% battery life when i hit the sack around 11Pm (which is about 17 hours after I unplug it). Battery life is difficult to quantify but when compared to the other 4-5 smart phones i've had this is probably the best or close to it.

The phone was locking up and freezing when i used ART compiler (still in beta). when i went back to dalvek it's 100% stable.

The fanboyism of tech devices is pretty funny. This phone is sweet but i also really liked all the other phones and OS'es i've used. pros and cons to them all. I've played with a bunch of android phones lately and i'm sure the flagship models are pretty comparable. The sony z3 seems great and the samsungs are undoubtedly good too if you can deal with the touchwiz skin that looks crappy to me.

At the end of the day if you're considering this phone i would suggest playing with it at a store and see what you think. Performance, build quality, camera and screen are all super and i'd have no reservations recommending this if you're looking for an android phone. I don't really think the overly-negative opinions are justified.

  • acehadi

I installed bbm and WA in my G3. But it didn't have any notification at the icons. Can anybody help

  • gill

Super phone samsung s5 fail agenst lg g3

  • AnonD-302680

AnonD-285742, 21 Jul 2014Hi All, Got my G3 last Tuesday and would like to share m... moreDid you accounted any lag or heating problem??

  • AnonD-289183

I use iPhone,Note 3 and G2, never complained about them, they are all great product, when I need phone to make call I use iPhone, when I need to write something note or drawing I go on Note 3, I use G2 for web browsing...for design I love G2 so much, for good material phone iPhone is the King, for productivities Note 3 is the best...at least for myself...

So please dont give bad comment on everything that you've never used...just give it a try...all products have pros and contra...

As for G3 it is great phone...but I still love my G2...if I have extra money I probally will buy it...I love phone with thin bezzel...look more modern and futuristic than the phone with thick bezzel, just try to compare G2 with iPhones side by side....you'll understand what I mean, but still I love iPhone :)

  • AnonD-259899

AnonD-207990, 20 Jul 2014Tried out a Metallic Black today in a nearby store for abou... moreSo you have experienced it too. Yes I felt anything below 60% was pointless. But if low brightness is someone's thing especially in the dark this might actually turn out to be a boon but in normal conditions going below 60% on the G3 is not an option.

I did take note that the shop I saw the phone at had bright spotlights on all the display areas meant for smartphones but even then my Xperia S was just fine at 40% brightness so definitely the G3 struggles if you get anywhere below 60-70%

One thing I did notice was that anything below 70-75% or maybe even 80% didn't drain battery that fast but go above 80% and it drops like a 2012 flagship like say my Xperia S. The LTPS backplane is acting weird on this phone, it's power consumption for the last high 20% is not a linear progression of what is seen below 80%.

This dim nature of the panel is seen on other QHD screens like the Oppo Find 7, it seems the smaller pixels are having a hard time to get good emission for the power used. One reason could be that the max power draw allowed on the panel has been kept constant in comparison to say a 1080p 5.2" panel like on the G2. This means less power at the disposal for each pixel. LTPS has proven power efficient in the labs but you can do a lot of things to make it's power efficiency turn out to be not so great especially if a company is rushing something before the results have matured in terms achieved efficiency.

Every company's marketing dept is filled with ignorant morons who look for things to tick a check box before the next big release. Having working and efficient features are not much on their minds as long as something sounds good on paper. I think it's safe to say LG has rushed their QHD panels before they could really make it more efficient hence the trickery of falling brightness and lower contrast and over all brightness.

At 100% brightness setting it is probably close to as bright as most other IPS panel's out there but they feel the need to forcibly reduce the brightness after heavy usage, this points to backplane overheating resulting in more battery loss.

This possibly bad choice in their display panel product cycle execution seems to be inline with the reality that other than the display there is really nothing much to talk about in terms of a head turning features. Sure a larger sized phone with better SoC , 1080p panel and improved camera is a very good upgrade over the G2 but that is still a steady progression. LG are looking to disrupt the market with head turning features with every release so they rushed the panels. This I guess is what happened which if true would be a shame. A lot of people spoiled by the G2 will be expecting G3 to exceed the G2 in all respects. That certainly isn't happening.

One good news maybe that those who have ported the G3 ROM to the G2 are reporting atrocious battery life and reduced screen-on time. So there maybe hope that the batter life side of things can improve a bit more but not much can be done for a seemingly rushed physically weak design of the QHD panel.

Maybe this is one of their experiments like the G Flex's POLED turned out to be? That's a shoddy market practice to test prototypes as if they were really polished final products when they clearly aren't.

All that said even if you were to use the phone at 70-80% brightness you should get enough battery life to last the whole day of 22-24 hours, atleast people who have the phone are reporting as much with battery stats to prove it. It just wont last into the 2nd day like the Z2 or G2 does.

  • AnonD-285742

Hi All,

Got my G3 last Tuesday and would like to share my experiences. Thought of giving my honest opinion with the hope of helping someone to finalize his purchase. Before purchase, I have strolled through diff sites and reviews thereby getting lots of contradicting opinions of G3 and needless to say I was very confused.

When I got my white 32 GB G3 from Dubai, to be frank, I was little hesitant in the inside...concerned about the battery life and other problems that some reviewers / users were highlighting.

All my worries vanished as soon I opened the Box. Its really a beauty to look at. The screen is too good to miss and hey I have set the brightness in auto mode. It had around 46 % Juice left and it lasted for around 3.5 hours despite the heavy first hand use :)

The charging is fast...more or less 2.15 hours.

On my first day of real usage phone lasted from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm in the evening. During this period, it was heavily used with screen on time of 5 h 20m, more than an hour of calls, downloading and installing apps, little gaming (not graphic intensive ones) using watsapp and yes, all was done in wifi.

I didn't experience any sort of lag during my days with the phone nor it had any problem of switching off time and again as I read in some reviews.

During my second cycle of recharge phone lasted from 9.30 pm in the night to 6.00 pm the next day and u guessed it rt....didn't use much of the phone as it a was a super busy day :)

It hardly consumes anything when in Idle mode.So if u charge by night and if u see the battery percentage in the morning, it will be 100 or 99 even though a solid 5 or 6 hours has passed.

Coming back to the phone usage, it might take some time to get used to the size of the phone but it is not hard as it feels. Actually the phone sits perfectly in hand and it is not very difficult to operate with one hand even when the "one hand operation mode is put OFF"

All the apps, games and all works fluently and the phone is as fluid as ever even when almost 20 plus apps are running in the background. I had reservations regarding 801 but yes Lg were correct, this one doesn't need 805 to perform its duties.

Smart Notice even though gimmicky is good. I like it when my phone asks me whether I would like to return a call to some one, who I missed talking when he called in the morning and so on:)

Health app is good as it pushes you to do more. Atleast to check whether the app is working fine u wil do more steps ;)..but seriously the app is well refined and should suit almost all.

Screen is excellent as I didn't experience any sort of issues while being out in the sun as well. Only thing is that it is very stressful for the eyes if u put 100% brightness as it is very BRIGHT (atleast for me).

Faced one problem while adding my second gmail account through the LG Mail client but the same got solved after using the GMAIl APP. Other minor prob I faced was that the battery saving mode didn't get activated by itself but things were back to normal after I rebooted the device.

Coming back to the important aspect of battery life, following are my inputs.

* u will get 6 hours of screen on time if using heavily including demanding games.

* for light users, only think about charging the phone before going to bed or while driving to office the next day.

* For avg use, u can get through one full working day ie from 9.00 am to 6.30 - 7.00 pm.

* For heavy users, better to carry a battery pack or a spare battery since it is sure to die out during the mid day or early evening.

If battery life would have been more good,then it would have been a PERFECT phone for me and as u guys know there is nothing like perfect and that pretty well sums it up :)

Any queries are always welcome :)

  • AnonD-207990

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2014Buy the g3Tried out a Metallic Black today in a nearby store for about 30mins. After going thro tons n tons of reviews both written & video in d last 1 month. Finally happened to check out by myself.

I was so happy with everything, display, handling, speaker loudness, camera.. My only concern was about the brightness level.

I was not satisfied with anything below 100%. While the max i hav is 70% in my current iPhone 3GS. Now my concern is, i ve seen user reviews of phone not letting the user to go beyond 90% after some heavy usage. I felt anything below 100% dim...not sure if i'll get used this level of brightness...thinking....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-207990, 11 Jul 2014G3 users please share your opinion. I had decided to go for... moreBuy the g3

  • AnonD-207990

AnonD-207990, 13 Jul 2014Thts gr8 to hear Mhanz...xpecting to receive the device by ... moreSure..will do that...

  • AnonD-259899

AnonD-207990, 13 Jul 2014Thts gr8 to hear Mhanz...xpecting to receive the device by ... moreLooking forward to your review. If you could me a favor, please try to note how long it takes for 1% of battery charge to drop when you play 720p, 1080p and 1440p YouTube videos over WiFi, and only WiFi. Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-207990

AnonD-259899, 13 Jul 2014Well in that case you wont be disappointed with the G3 that... moreThts gr8 to hear Mhanz...xpecting to receive the device by mid of next week as its getting launched here in INDIA next Monday - 21st. Will post my experiences after spending time with the device....:D

  • AnonD-259899

AnonD-207990, 13 Jul 2014I rarely do Mobile data surfing... Am always on home Wi-Fi ... moreWell in that case you wont be disappointed with the G3 that much is assured. Every phone has it's quirks and we have to deal with them. It's all down weighing the needs and the areas that can be neglected.

A word of caution though the battery tests done here or anywhere else is highly unreliable. I have seen a lot of info from real usage from general people to the contrary.

It comes down to a case of if you want to drain a phone quickly you can do certain things in a certain way that surely will accelerate the process. But when used like how people usually use the battery life is much better.

  • AnonD-207990

AnonD-259899, 12 Jul 2014If you like to do a lot of WiFi surfing then nope. If yo... moreI rarely do Mobile data surfing... Am always on home Wi-Fi surfing.. And am a moderate user:

1. Calling - Not more than an hr /day
2. Messaging - Max 10 msg's / week
3. Moderate Gaming
4. Listen to music - once in 2days
4. I mostly try out various apps.. tweak around with the mobile..Which i was only able to do to a little extent with my jailbroken iPhone 3GS.

I had listed down Nexus 5 / Z2 / G2

N5 - I liked the handling / Due to poor battery perf & music capabilities - Rejected

G2 - I liked the handling / Hated the UI to the core - Rejected just becoz for this single reason

Z2 - Hated the handling / Felt too big for even 5.2" compared to G2 / Glass rear is a BIG NO for me - Rejected.

So Finally chose to go for G3.

  • AnonD-259899

AnonD-207990, 11 Jul 2014G3 users please share your opinion. I had decided to go for... moreIf you like to do a lot of WiFi surfing then nope.

If you do a lot of mobile Data surfing then go right ahead as no phone can get you more than 4- 4.5 hrs anyway. The screen is hardly a the bottleneck when it comes to mobile data heavy usage.

Everything else it's pretty much on par with every other flagship out there.

I have friends who report extremely good battery % drop off while playing YouTube streams over WiFi on 1080p and even 1440p videos.

Don't know about the overheating issues.

UI, design and stuff like camera manual control all comes down to personal choices. For the average user G3 is just fine.

  • AnonD-207990

G3 users please share your opinion. I had decided to go for G3. now am taken aback after seeing lot of heating issues being reported. I ve even seen users claiming to have returned their handset in XDA forum.

Which is better - G2 32GB or G3 32GB - both ART enabled.???

So if G2's perf is better than G3 due to qHD & 801 combi...may b the 805 version of g3 might roll out shortly. i'll have to go for G2-32GB. As its high time for me to switch my device.

But i hate the UI of G2. I can root it and port a custom ROM like cloudy or optimus. but am bit skeptical about this as this is gonna be my first Android phone.

Should i still go for G3????...Guys, your thoughts.