Intergalactic camera shootout: Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. Note 4 vs. iPhone 6

19 March 2015
A quality camera has always been a big part of Galaxy flagships and Samsung is pushing new improvements every six months. The two-step cadence goes Galaxy S then Note then S again we're at the Galaxy S6 step of this cycle and...

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  • AnonD-368474

Dododo, 20 Mar 2015I am not blind, so I can see narrow dynamic range: look at the d... more"Oh look at me I am an iphone fan. I love to buy cheap things for a higher value because I love cool advertisements. I don't care what most technical tests presents and I blindly support iphone man because Tim said this is the Best phone man just stop accusing ok this is offensive to me. Look at the details on my camera man. You might not see them because only I and Tim can see how perfect the details are ok. You all look at the pictures in the wrong way and you all holding your phones the wrong way ok. Tim will also show me how to hold my iphone properly ok." said no android user :) just sad man just sad...

  • AnonD-371630

eyy, so there's only gs6 available for testing? how about m9?

  • AnonD-368474

"Wow I am amazed with the camera performance of the iphone 6. It is like it is from out of the world OMG! I must get one for me and for rest of my family asap. I will impress my friends on instagram so they will think i am a badass pro photographer." Said no android user ever :) I would definitely buy iphone 6 if the year was 2009 tho :) Congrats my dear beast Note 4.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 6 low light video is terrible and on top of that it suffers from very pronounced flickering. Look at Infinity Tower sign.

  • Dododo

AnonD-266350, 20 Mar 2015u r sooooo pathetic dude & really blind 2 . the iphone 6 was... moreI am not blind, so I can see narrow dynamic range: look at the detail in very bright and very dark areas.

The S6 appears to be really good, the iPhone is up there too, while the Note 4 and the S5 are lacking.

But if you like the S5, more power to you. It goes well with your awesome language skills.

Appreciated if you can include Lumia camera phones like 1020, 1520, or 930 to the arena. I mean, if you can include iPhone 6, why not Windows Phones?? We are not talking about the OSes anyways.

  • AnonD-270318

if you want a professional camera just get a damn dslr...

i'm an i6 owner and i've got to admit that the s6 camera is better but who cares, in the end of the day, the owner of the S6 uses the camera to take pix of his family only and not as a professional photographer would use lol

  • AnonD-303125

Galaxy S6 is the winner, and Note 4 is very near. Nice work Samsung! I love how Samsung work good on smartphone camera.
Unfortunately Samsung gone in wrong direction about sdcard/battery.. and is very expensive. Without this 2 mistake, for me, it's the best smartphone and cameraphone.

Iphone 6 was good on the 2013... damn 8 megapixel and no innovation!

  • aaa

only one sentence will destroy samsung galaxy camera
"Camera failed"

  • AnonD-342582

Instead of using so called 13 to 16 mp lens and all this Samsung phone are not worth iPhone 6 having 8mp camera giving them tough time

  • AnonD-84116

"The wider f/1.9 lens on the Galaxy S6 is not as sharp as the f/2.2 lens on the Galaxy Note 4."

Is this a fact or do you mean to say at f/1.9, the S6 lens isn't as sharp as the Note 4 at f/2.2?

  • AnonD-266350

Dododo, 19 Mar 2015Yep, the Galaxy S6 is really good, with the iPhone running a clo... moreu r sooooo pathetic dude & really blind 2 . the iphone 6 was so bad & there is no comparison with the s5 2 and u saying that it was close between it and the s6 lol that is the best joke i heard ow man i6 & 6plus 2 r the same cam and it's a garbage lol

  • meir cohen

And the winner is:
thank you.

  • AnonD-251095

barameus, 19 Mar 2015"The Apple iPhone 6 is a new device though its basic camera... moreSame here, why not milk the sheep as much as you can?!

  • barameus

"The Apple iPhone 6 is a new device though its basic camera hardware has gotten only incremental improvements since the iPhone 4S"

and in my country
iphone 5S 16GB (yes! five S)
is the same price with note 4

  • chupoltorero

ill go for note4 if aiming for a good cam on a will be cheaper once s6 is release

  • Anonymous

The S6 may be providing more natural photos in applying less processing. Still, the N4 picked up the pattern on the red carpet in the shootout - the S6 didn't. Make your pick.

  • Anonymous

Note 4 is impressive... iPhone 6 is just sad.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]How is the S6 a cheap clone when the iphone copied Samsung and the S6 more expensive and advanced parts?

  • Anonymous

great write up, agreed with your summaries and conclusions