Apple iPhone 6s review: The more it changes…

1 October, 2015
It’s how the saying goes. And you know, it’s not about Apple and the iPhone at all. It’s where the industry has been heading for a while now. In the race for screen size and processing power, the major makers’ flagships are like pro athletes finishing within milliseconds of each other...

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  • wHr
  • 09 Feb 2016

I love iphone 6s someday iwish i have that...

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    • 07 Feb 2016

    preet, 12 Dec 2015Maybe 5s is the most beautiful by means of design(since I o... moreWith 6s adding 2gb RAM it rarely; if at all, has any heating issues. This phone is brilliant and was best decision I ever made buying a phone

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      • dudunu
      • 9xM
      • 04 Feb 2016

      Not to mention the Mono video recording... thank god I have only 4 mics :D

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        • Ronak
        • Hku
        • 25 Jan 2016

        Seriously no one can ever win from iPhone
        There is no use of sd card in iPhone
        iPhone deals with perfection
        I love it

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          • AnonD-156365
          • 3V}
          • 18 Jan 2016

          Not to mention the Mono video recording... thank god I have only 4 mics :D

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            • Buddy
            • MkX
            • 17 Jan 2016

            good boy, 09 Nov 2015I have iphone 6 and if I upgrade to 6s who will notice? it ... moreTheres a letter S below the Iphone print behind the phone

              Just bought this thing a few days back and I am NOT happy!

              I switched to it from my beloved z3 compact after it got water damaged because of broken rear glass and charger flap.

              Believe me switching to an iPhone from android was a worst decision of my life!! So beware android users - this thing, is just, not, for you! You will regret if you switch, especially from a android flagship.

              I was after a compact phone with waterproof and near stock experience. Naturally my only choice was xperia z5 compact. Unfortunately though this phone is not launched yet in my country and probably will not ever. Furthermore, I didnt like its design over z3 compact anyway. The z3c white is not available either. Other than this one, the nexus 5x was also into my list but given its over 5" display I was not very sure about this one either.

              So, after being insisted by the sales person I ended up buying the all new an iPhone (I didnt do enough research before buying this this, my fault. But that doesnt change the fact that this was rather a downgrade buying this one!). I admit it was a hurried decision on my part and I am regretting buying it while I am typinng this from the same.

              It just cant rival the power, customisation, & freedom of android OS no matter how hard it tries, if at all. Following are few things in particular which I really hate about this phone:

              -- Worst battery backup - didnt even last me a full day. Have to charge twice or even thrice to take a full day out of it. Full day backup with a "heavy" usage is a joke so don't believe anyone who claims so. Beware ones who do surfing the most. This thing is just NOT for you. My xperia z3 compact used to last me even 2 days with "actual heavy" usage. I miss that very much.

              -- No USB OTG support.

              -- No mass storage support.

              -- No file system accees support.

              -- No direct song download. Only through iTunes or third party apps.

              -- SIRI is mad. Doesn't even understand a word sometimes.

              -- Basic browser.

              -- No call record. (Only few cheap workarounds)

              -- No "true" Truecaller

              -- No customization.

              -- No notification LED

              -- No back button. You need to reach to the top of the screen. Lame idea ever!

              Of course, these are only few demerits of buying an iPhone which matters me the most among many others. So dont be a fool switching to this brick as I have done. The iPhone is good only for:

              -- Simplicity

              -- Smoothness. (No surprises. My z3c was the smoothest android out there)

              -- Apple support (read updates)

              -- Range of apps

              And above all:

              -- Showoff!!

              Well, thats about it. Nothing more than a hype. Flagship android users just stay away from it if you dont want to regret like me.

              This was my honest short review. Really looking forward to the next xperia or nexus which is under 5", have waterproof and preferably metal unibody to replace this garbage. I cant forget my first love but cant sustain marriage with this one either. Will divorce soon...

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                • AnonD-77443
                • v6J
                • 11 Jan 2016

                LOL... that battery life.... FAIL!!!

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                  • PUa
                  • 06 Jan 2016

                  does anyone here having backlight issue on your 6s? :(

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 06 Jan 2016

                    Sorry I am laughing..
                    It's 2016 and I look at screen resolution and it is not even 1920x1080 (FULLHD)?

                    Wow and premium price too. Yikes!

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                      • 05 Jan 2016

                      voxy, 07 Nov 2015My new phone battery is now dead, just bought it in the las... moreHi just try to charge it with a more stronger charger,like one of the iPad,after that,wait a day or two,if nothing is happening,connect it on your PC,(make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed)and hold the power button with the home button until you see the itunes logo along with a apple usb charger on your smartphone's screen.iTunes will detect your iPhone and you will be able to factory reset it.If this will not work,the best thing to do is to took your iPhone to a certified apple service

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                        • James
                        • Xst
                        • 31 Dec 2015

                        Urgh had this phone for about a month but it was too frail. dropped it once and the screen completely shattered. I also prefer the android interface.

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                          • LosHo
                          • pwQ
                          • 28 Dec 2015

                          I had galaxy S4 with Android, Nokia 930 with WP, I got really tired of both ( a lot of bugs, no proper updates fixing that bugs, laggy etc.. )
                          2 month ago changed to iphone 6s. What may I say .... smart phone that it works properly in every way. I dont care if it is apple, samsung, htc, nokia .. I just needed a well working smart phone and I very pleased that I found one.

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                            • q}Q
                            • 13 Dec 2015

                            "The big stuff still missing: some sort of water resistance"

                            Uh, not really, there is "some kind" of water resistance, there's a rubber ring protecting most of the insides inside the 6S, you can see the teardowns and water tests that show it on YouTube.

                            "[The Nexus 5X] is guaranteed to receive the latest Android updates as soon as they come for at least two-years ahead - just like the iPhone 6s is."

                            Two years is weak. The iPhone 4S was released in 2011, and will be receiving updates on time most likely into 2016, but at least to the end of 2015, which adds up to 4 or 5 years, more than double what the Nexus 5X is guaranteed. Even the iPhone 3GS got 3 years, and who knows how long the 6S will last. Much more than two years anyway.

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                              • preet
                              • w43
                              • 12 Dec 2015

                              Maybe 5s is the most beautiful by means of design(since I own 1 6gen's of apple are ugly. Realtalk! but with its new specs, it is great. Esp 6s's. I duno if it still has the heating issue that i experienced with my previous precious 5s.

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                                • 10 Dec 2015

                                Greg, 15 Nov 2015I am sick of people spitting Apple only so they can hype ou... moreGreg is making sense, throw him to the wolves!!! :D

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                                  • nTc
                                  • 10 Dec 2015

                                  AnonD-392087, 02 Oct 2015I have a Samsung S6 and I have to say I'm really happy with... moreAndroid is designed to use RAM, this is a good thing because apps are kept in RAM so they don't need to be loaded from internal memory, this is why RAM cleaners are useless. Do you have any actual problems with your phone?

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                                    • Zachi
                                    • MkX
                                    • 09 Dec 2015

                                    Greg, 15 Nov 2015I am sick of people spitting Apple only so they can hype ou... moreI have to agree with you on this Greg!!

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                                      • sv7
                                      • 08 Dec 2015

                                      Anonymous, 12 Nov 2015I bet you've never used an iPhone...lolAnd I bet you never used huawei

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                                        • hahays
                                        • FMY
                                        • 06 Dec 2015

                                        I dont have this phone because its pricey. Hope to have this soon - no money.