Apple iPhone 6s review: The more it changes…

1 October, 2015
It’s how the saying goes. And you know, it’s not about Apple and the iPhone at all. It’s where the industry has been heading for a while now. In the race for screen size and processing power, the major makers’ flagships are like pro athletes finishing within milliseconds of each other...

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  • AnonD-156365
  • gGr
  • 19 Nov 2015

Please enlighten me... why mono recording? ?

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    • AnonD-466941
    • 0Ck
    • 18 Nov 2015

    I got my iPhone 6s in October of 2015 and became obsessed within seconds of holding it.This phone is the best iPhone yet.

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      • IV%
      • 16 Nov 2015

      voxy, 07 Nov 2015My new phone battery is now dead, just bought it in the las... morefind me..i'll give u,ur first iphone.

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        • Greg
        • pux
        • 15 Nov 2015

        I am sick of people spitting Apple only so they can hype out their favourite brand !!!
        Hear me out... I am Sony fan, r now i own Z3 and i am more than satisfyed with this great phone, but if someone would offer to give me new Z5 or iphone 6 (not 6s) i would say give me iphone 6. When i bought my z3 almost year ago i wished for Apple phone but iphone 6 was out of my budget. So, if you dont like other brands, then simply shut your mouth and respect it. People can buy any phone they like for their OWN money and thats none of your damn business. Peace.

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          • Miller
          • Nug
          • 13 Nov 2015

          Anonymous, 25 Oct 2015Really? Who complains? Only people who dont have iPhones, s... moreSony Xperia Z5 is better than the so called iPhone 6s... I had an iPhone 5s that battery is nothing but crap... Compare to a Sony Xperia.

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            • 12 Nov 2015

            Anonymous, 28 Oct 2015This is just an overpriced phone its no match for even huaw... moreI bet you've never used an

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              • good boy
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              • 09 Nov 2015

              I have iphone 6 and if I upgrade to 6s who will notice? it looks exactly the same.
              and the new color is so girly?
              they should have more new colors for new models or at least some striking feature to identify.

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                • AnonD-84826
                • xxH
                • 09 Nov 2015

                An excellent smartphone! I'm very fond of it!
                Recommended to all, especially 5s users like I was!
                Geek specs aside and some iTunes store limitations (country oriented, though!) Apple continues to drive the market of smartphones. All others are just trying to beat Apple!

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                  • MONEYRELIGION
                  • 9LB
                  • 08 Nov 2015

                  voxy, 07 Nov 2015My new phone battery is now dead, just bought it in the las... moresorry to say it but ur phone is done...u need a technician to take a look at it....battery is ron down...that is a realy killer of batteries

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                    • Raj
                    • ij7
                    • 08 Nov 2015

                    How do i verify the A9 chip set was made of Samsung or TSMC Before purchasing?

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                      • AnonD-463911
                      • Nu7
                      • 08 Nov 2015

                      apple have really PUT THERE selves in front of every one ,but I don't think apple will be any match for the next Gen android smart phones

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                        • voxy
                        • PT2
                        • 07 Nov 2015

                        My new phone battery is now dead, just bought it in the last 2 days and never really used except to just browse its features, forgot to charge in time now really need help to recharge. Still cant see any signal of "power on" after charging to plug and also to laptop.

                        Anybody help pls

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                          • Iyeshaa2666
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                          • 07 Nov 2015

                          Hey my name is iesha Byrne's, Muhieddine .
                          I've never had an iPhone, could never affort it but almost everyone I know has one . iphones get more and more advanced . I would love to have my first iPhone .. :)
                          If I could get one, I would it to gold . or silver

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Nhe
                            • 28 Oct 2015

                            This is just an overpriced phone its no match for even huawei. If you have this you scammed yourself LOL

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                              • AnonD-45605
                              • HCA
                              • 25 Oct 2015

                              Where is the very important Audio Quality test?

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                                • nbb
                                • 25 Oct 2015

                                Jonnijo, 14 Oct 2015Pls Apple... make the battery capacity much more bigger.. ... moreReally? Who complains? Only people who dont have iPhones, spec nlist readers like yourself. iPhones has excellent batteries in real life usage, the 5s battery is so amazing for the phone size and the 6s is better. I didnt like iPhone 6, it was stupid thin and should have been thicker to be more solid and fit a bigger battery but with 6s thats no longer an argument, battery is now perfect. Now all we need is a phone sized like 5s with A9 chipset but i am afraid it will not happen so im just gonna get one or two extra 5s reserve phones to cover my future needs, reasonable size is out, very sad.. =(

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                                  • AnonD-443543
                                  • iG3
                                  • 21 Oct 2015

                                  AnonD-362866, 16 Oct 2015Well you are 40 with kids, so I get it, and where your comi... moreWell said- but hell yeah I love to burn cash on my hobby car too - an EVO 6. If you are familiar then you know that it is a "little bit" more expensive than a stupid smartphone. I just wrote it for you to see that I did not pull the trigger on the Chinese phone because I got financial obligations. Lol - no - thank the Lord. It is just I really believe (and see) that an iphone is 3x the money and half the benefit - for me- yeah. And more money for less is never a good business now, is it? Take care pal.

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                                    • AnonD-72449
                                    • s1S
                                    • 19 Oct 2015

                                    Reading the comment section of this review is really entertaining lol Iphone users protect Apple, and Android fans come here just to talk smack haha.

                                    I have owned probably a total of 25-30 devices this year alone. Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc..

                                    To Apple fans: Iphone's are not perfect.. they have their flaws as well. But Apple does such a great job at optimizing their software to better fit the hardware that it's hard to beat in everyday performance.

                                    To Android fans: Android phone's have a lot more goodies than Apple devices but sometimes it doesn't matter because most of them are gimmicky. Also you can not judge Iphone's if you've never had one lol and no your friend letting you borrow one for a couple minutes does not count! Once you've used an Iphone as your daily driver for at least a complete week you cannot judge it or put it down.

                                    Conclusion: Everybody should choose the phone that better fits their needs.. Don't choose a phone just 'cause it's packed with so many features.. unless you plan to use them all. If you want something that works well, has a great camera, and probably the best App Store to date then go with the newest Iphone.. If you care about customization, and NEED wireless charging, fast charging, and just prefer Android's openness then go with a highend Android like a Galaxy S6, Note 5 or LG G4..

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                                      • AnonD-72449
                                      • s1S
                                      • 19 Oct 2015

                                      Anonymous, 07 Oct 20154k is very useful if: 1. U use it as a vr. like google c... moreUseless? It's the future man.. sure not everyone has 4K TV's now.. but that's where it's all going. It's the new standard. I myself wanted to get the Iphone 6 but decided to wait until the 6S was unveiled because i knew it would have 4K recording. It was worth the wait! Next i will sell my 1080p TV and get a good 4K one.. You can stay in the past if you want lol the rest of us are going to move on with or without you.

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                                        • AnonD-362866
                                        • NHU
                                        • 16 Oct 2015

                                        AnonD-443543, 16 Oct 2015You call it cheap - I call it reasonably priced and the iph... moreWell you are 40 with kids, so I get it, and where your coming from, whereas I am a 28 year old in the prime of his life with no financial obligations other than my car and partying. Not everything is made for everyone. So by all means bro, use what ever you like, buy what suits YOUR needs.