HTC One A9 review: Rejuvenation

28 October, 2015
HTC One A9 is not just a phone, it's a corporate rejuvenation. A9 is the boost HTC needs to swim out of the murky waters and claim its piece on the market. HTC may have outed a few very capable phones this year, but it needs a game changer, a statement that the king is still alive and kicking...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2015That's a no brainier, the One A9Thanks for the rapid response but why the A9?

  • Anonymous

That's a no brainier, the One A9

  • Anonymous

So since you all seem like you have a lot to say I need some advice. I not bothered about who has the highest spec phone but I do need help choosing one. I mainly used iPhone's in the past and a few android but now I'm due an upgrade. I could follow the trend and choose between iPhone and Samsung but I read this view and I have to admit it turned my head.

So the four things that are important to me is, design, music, memory and price. I could careless about fancy features oh and I use a lot data and social network.

Which one should I go for guys and why, also I live in the UK.

Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2015Did I hear someone saying there are paid comments... The most ob... moreHow foolish do you sound, paid comments. Even if he was paid, you wrote on here free and he got paid. It's a phone so GROW UP ALREADY!!!

  • Anonymous

mel, 02 Nov 2015good job wasting your money on this overpriced underperforming p... moreSome of the comments on here are laughable, overpriced? Have you seen the price and spec of an iPhone? Are you saying the specs are so bad you can't make and receive a call, text, listen to music, use maps and so and so on.

It such a bad phone that's why so many networks have brought it. Maybe you should buy an over priced, under specification, over rated iPhone.

So sad

  • Warren

Ripperant, 01 Nov 2015The A9 was never touted, insinuated or suggested as a replacemen... moreAre you serious? Since when do specs not matter in a phone?
Are you buying an overpriced mid-range phone to make a fashion statement? SMH
You must be one of those paid posters

  • coke

I kinda like the phone, it does look nice and has decent performance..

..but that price in EU? Is this a joke? Honestly I cannot imagine a sane person buying this AND PAYING MORE over M9, for example, which is a vastly superior phone.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • AnonD-437899

'a 2,150 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery, which looks about right for a 5" device'

  • jayK

Ripperant, 01 Nov 2015The A9 was never touted, insinuated or suggested as a replacemen... morewhy on earth would anyone in their right mind buy this phone?? you must not have internet access since a quick google search will reveal how this phone was already outdated before it even came out
this phon is worth 75$ USD at the very most

  • mel

Ripperant, 01 Nov 2015The A9 was never touted, insinuated or suggested as a replacemen... moregood job wasting your money on this overpriced underperforming phone sir.
next move: buy a supernintendo for 499$

  • LLL

I browse the internet a lot and thus need such phone that clocks 10 or more browsing time on mobile data and that does not suck on other activities.
So this A9 is not for me.

  • Mick

HTC is like noob manufacturer all over again. Bad decisions and flop of devices . so they think same design of m9 would sell and now they think a copy of underperformed iPhone can safe them? SMH HTC just doesn't have a clue about business or their consumer. They are far bellow Chinese manufacture like Meizu, xiaomi, or Huawei right now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2015So I've had the privilege to test the A9 and I just want to shut... moreDid I hear someone saying there are paid comments... The most obvious example is this one. Just admit it, the battery life is ridiculously bad! With this overpriced A9, you WILL need a powerbank just to get through a work day. Cut the asking price in half and then it could be okay... Maybe.

The A9 was never touted, insinuated or suggested as a replacement or = to M9 so some of the comparisons are a bit dumb. I just ordered 3 A9's today for our business. The handset is totally gorgeous and an upper mid-range.
It ticks lots of boxes. It’s not always about spec pitching. If that was the case the apple as much as I like them would be lower down the lists in some cases. It is also about style, build, look and feel where the A9 also excels.
Actually, I have always liked the look and feel of an iphone. I thought recently, wouldn't it be great to have that as an android. ka ching – perfect – A9 came. Can’t wait. Once these fellas are in the stores for a look and feel they will be well received.
If specs were always the basis for reviews then apple would actually be down the ladder a bit as many models have truthfully been mediocre spec wise. The A9 is classy and up there with the look and feel of some of the best. If people watched the launch they would also know some of the other cool features.
I think it will be awesome. Big leap over my One S which has been great for 3 years. I get a full business day out of the One S and the A9 is above that. If you want a gaming phone which is a minority then go a different unit. The A9 camera is excellent. It has already been touted as better than some of the bigger units. They even released an M9 variant with the A9 camera implanted last week. !! enjoy

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2015So I've had the privilege to test the A9 and I just want to shut... moreHere here. very well said and totally agree

  • Anonymous

So I've had the privilege to test the A9 and I just want to shut down a few your comments. Battery life is dependent on each individual on how they used their phone. I have never found GSMARENA's battery performance test to be spot on and they have admitted that.

The most I got out this phone was two days as a very very heavy user easily a day. For me I couldn't care less if my battery lasted two days. When I get home i have access to a charger, I'm not on my phone 24 hours in a day no uses their phone like that and guess what, they now have portable chargers.

I carry a bag when I'm working and if you can't manage a battery pack you need to join a gym.

If my battery is low, it's not a problem to charge my phone while I'm not using it. Your car runs out of gas, most people don't carry extra gas in their trunk.

So I think we are making a big deal. Apple are using a smaller battery, Samsung have reduced the size of their battery in the the Galaxy S6 but they are both out selling Motorola and Sony by far.

Apple users are always complaining about battery life yet they still live in hope that Apple will improve the battery but they don't. So what do iPhone uses do, they buy the case with the extended battery or a battery pack or ask if they can use your charger.

The A9 not only has a bigger battery, it not only haste extreme power saving mode as well as its standard power saving mode, but it features Doze. This is a new feature from Android M. It looks at what you are not using and the apps just simply, doze off.

The screen and camera are amazing, I put this up against the Sony Z5 and the Galaxy S6 and the A9 held its own with easy.

The audio will blow your socks off, it's the best on the market and the phone feels great min your hand although I would advise, get a case.

The OS is really quick and smooth and I love the new BlinkFeed. As for the lack of 4K video recording, I would never use it.

I so the 4K video play back on the Z5 premium and It did not impress me at all, why, because 5'5 is way too small to enjoy 4K playback.

This is meant to be a midrange phone, HTC this is not April fools because this phone is better than most flagships, especially and iPhone.

  • Anonymous

I can finally leave Apple, love this phone

  • Anonymous

I wonder where Apple got there inspiration from for the design of the iPhone 6. . . . Did I hear some say the HTC One (M7). . . Spot on!!!

  • Anonymous

niklex, 29 Oct 2015Overpriced phone with outdated hardware. HTC is doomed.Out dated hardware, you for real. The Snapdragon 617 is one of the newest bit of hardware on the market.

It so said that most people will use this phone to make calls, text, email, browse the web, take pictures, use social network, use maps, listen to music, play games and check the time, watch movies, yet there are phones with less hardware and they seem to more than cope.

It's a phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2015HTC are u actually trying???Yes htc try to make the best