Moto G4 review: Lenovated

01 July 2016
The Moto G became the go-to phone for many people that wanted no fuss and guaranteed quality at an affordable quality. Now the line is under new leadership, with new branding and retooled design.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-546038, 02 Jul 2016Snap 617?...after 6 months will be slow and laggy as f*ck..... moreDude, get a life! You don't know what you are talking about

  • zodiacfml

Should be Snapdragon 625.

  • AnonD-60230

DonAlduck, 03 Jul 2016LED is really useful when you get a notification but can't ... moreWhat can you expect from a company which is still living in 2008! IPhone isn't even worth discussing

  • LLL

Nice review although I am waiting for the G4 Plus review. Having said that, I wish for a versus article between the two.

  • AnonD-100780

AnonD-458877, 02 Jul 2016Waiiiiiit,"Growing Up" was the name of HTC One mini 2 revie... moreHaha they actually changed it to 'Lenovated'

  • AnonD-546038

AnonD-20358, 02 Jul 2016You have never used a Moto phone before... My Moto X (1st ... moreYes i have. Since 2013 i have only used Moto G's lol had 3 already. After some months, they become laggy and stuttering and android is almost stock.

Snap 617 is old, just a 615 with minor tweaks. Snap650 should be inside new Moto G4, even if it was 30 or 40 more expensive.

  • AnonD-255623

AnonD-556356, 04 Jul 2016Any one help me... How to Connect gmail to Play store in M... moreMake sure you have a working internet connection (and your ISP isn't blocking Play Services). Go to settings>Accounts&Sync>Add Account>Google and add your Gmail address and password.

  • AnonD-556356

Any one help me...
How to Connect gmail to Play store in Moto G4 Plus?
while adding getting a error like "Connection timed out".

  • Anonymous

Totally agree moto G trully king of mid range, although sd617 is big improvement but sd650 would be good, consider z play will use sd652, leaving sd650 unused

  • Anonymous

Hmm, for a better camera and a finger print scanner I think $50 is a small price to pay lol

  • AnonD-554315

Did Motorola keep native VOIP/SIP support in this version?
Phone -> Settings -> Calls -> Calling Accounts -> SIP Settings -> SIP Accounts
They've removed it in previous MotoG generations.

  • AnonD-79180

Possibly the second best budget-friendly phone in the market right now ( Moto G4 Plus would be the most budget friendly imho). At-least Lenovo has some quality credentials and they didn't burden the Motos with the Vibe UI.

  • a simple man

AnonD-255623, 03 Jul 2016You don't need compass for navigation. GPS is still there. ... more@uzi.m , while you are correct that you don't need e-compass for navigation, it makes it much easier. Especially when you walking in a big city and you want to know if your going the right direction. With gps alone, you have to wait a while to see if you're going the right direction.

AnonD-255623, 03 Jul 2016You don't need compass for navigation. GPS is still there. ... moreLED is really useful when you get a notification but can't unlock the phone. I love it. Whenever my phone's on the table or on charger etc. I can just look at the LED and know that someone sent me a message on Whatsapp, or maybe someone just raided my village in Clash of Clans... :D It's simple & useful.

I find it annoying that iPhones don't have LED in the Apple's logo on the back of the phone would look really cool and wouldn't even eat up battery.

  • AnonD-255623

a simple man, 03 Jul 20162 main disadvantages were overlooked : 1) no led notificati... moreYou don't need compass for navigation. GPS is still there. I have never understood why people actually need a LED notification light. I had a Note II and I used to keep the LED disabled. No iPhone has it either. I think this is just nitpicking at this point. I feel that stereo speakers would have made a welcome addition to the Plus but that's just my 2 cents.

  • a simple man

2 main disadvantages were overlooked : 1) no led notification 2) No electronic compass [ how can you navigate without this ????) . Even the original moto g had these in 2013

  • AnonD-197751

I'm happy that review title and sections were changed to Moto G4 only, instead of Lenovo Moto G4, because the phone is still made by Motorola Mobility.
The strategy is confusing, but I'm happy Gsmarena is respecting the legacy of the iconic company. Thanks Gsmarena :)

AnonD-542188, 02 Jul 2016yep and its still on motorola Websitealso on lenovo website

  • AnonD-433808

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2016Still cant beat the 6 months old redmi note 3 wich wins in ... moreThat's right. The only area where G4 would have an edge over RN3 is software. Other than that RN3 beats it in every single aspect. This is one of the most biased review I have ever seen. "Moto G4 performs smoothly for daily routine tasks"....... Seriously ?? My 2 year old Redmi 1s also performs daily tasks quite well (And has 720p display and a camera comparable Moto G2, if not G3).
This is the worst Moto line up ever (Please consider cost-performance ratio friends). The peformance graphs explains it all. And if software is so important to you, buy ZUK Z1. Hell lot of customizations (Cyanogen), stock feel and a beastly 4000mAH battery with 3gb/64GB combo.

  • Anonymous

I have high hopes for the Moto Z. Please don't disappoint me, Lenovo.