Huawei P20 Pro review

12 April 2018
Huawei was among the front-runners in the dual-camera race with the P9 and then the Mate 10, so who better to take things to the next level? The Huawei P20 Pro one-ups all current major players and comes with three cameras on its back, each unique in its own right.

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  • 16 Sep 2018

541Richard, 21 May 2018To people complaining about the photo quality. Either your... moreI think this phone is only for camera aficionados not over all good specs.just saying.

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    • 6p$
    • 13 Sep 2018

    Fluyid, 09 Aug 2018If you're calling iPhone a waste but what you don't realise... moreOur? So, are you an apple employee?

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      • 14 Aug 2018

      Anonymous, 02 Aug 2018To all cyclists. I got a huawei P20 recently. No doubt it... moreI'm having this exact problem, I mountain bike and use it all the time. I've managed to get it to record 1 activity but other then that it wont let me. |I have no Idea what the problem is.

        A, 27 Apr 2018Main thing is price 65000 in Amazon no use waste like Iphon... morePeople are still willing to pay a high price for it

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          • 09 Aug 2018

          A, 27 Apr 2018Main thing is price 65000 in Amazon no use waste like Iphon... moreIf you're calling iPhone a waste but what you don't realise is that a lot of phones have copied the design of the iphone X (I'm talking about the notch just to be clear). Apart from that, our processor (the A11 Bionic Chip) is still dominating the markets even after months from its release. You guys do have a better camera and that is something that I can agree to and also a better battery but what else is better? It's not better than the iPhone for gaming or anything else. Besides iPhones are also considered a fashion statement which is one of the reasons why they have a high price. And also the OS, compared to android, iOS is very optimised.

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            • 02 Aug 2018

            To all cyclists.
            I got a huawei P20 recently.
            No doubt its a good phone but my main use is Strava for cycling and Huwewi P20 has a problem and does not support Strava.
            I would advise anyone using Strava not to buy this phone.
            Samsung will never give you any problem with Strava.

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              • 05 Jul 2018

              Huawei makes their King Phone...

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                • 03 Jul 2018

                If the camera is really PRO, should we expect to have full raw capability for each of the lens. We have only this feature for the 40Mpix lens, and third party apps cannot even access this feature through the system api, the monochrome and tele lens has a lot of undesired after processing effect (noise removing, sharpening). It would be nice to have full raw support for the 3x camera and the monochrome one. A switch in pro mode to select which camera we want to use, or provide a new downloadable camera profile.

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                  • vV5
                  • 25 Jun 2018

                  hey, dual-glass design is more fragile, no Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection how can it survive from drop off?
                  hey dual glass with flat back design is more slippery, why nobody talking here but all of them trolling on Sony threads?

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                    • 23 Jun 2018

                    Conan, 09 Jun 2018i have a p20 pro too and it does not have an sd card!Yes, it doesn't have and it was clearly mentioned in the specs even before it was released...

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                      • Is2
                      • 19 Jun 2018


                      wich is better p20pro or samsung s8+???

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                        • 09 Jun 2018

                        AnonD-647882, 30 Apr 2018why last year processor still get so high score?i have a p20 pro too and it does not have an sd card!

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                          • 21 May 2018

                          To people complaining about the photo quality. Either your basing your views on someone else's opinions, or you are making assumptions.
                          I am currently living in China, for work, and their are Huawei shops literally everywhere. I have gone in and played with demo models on multiple occasions. The camera is incredible. (Can't vouch for the P20, because I always play with the Pro model)
                          The images are incredibly sharp, you can zoom FAR without much quality loss, and you can even zoom further, using the crop feature, after the fact. I have purposely tried to take photos to challenge the camera, and it does a great job. Definitely outshines the iPhone 8 and Samsung S8 that I have taken there to compare. I've noticed something with a lot of the negative reviews, with "proof". The photos that they are posting are WAY compressed, and limiting. Why get a 40MP camera in your phone, then compare a 6MP photo with the S9+?!? Of course a 6MP photo isn't going to be of the same quality as a 20MP photo. Up it to the 40MP, or at least the 20MP of the B&W lens, and see the camera shine! The AI works well in most scenarios, and if you don't like the result, turn it off and manually improve the photo. I am going to blame 98% of the negative comments on user error and a lack of knowledge in using the device. Every RARE once in a while, I will take a photo which has basically confused the AI and it isn't quite right.... but usually it is quite impressive.

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                            • 19 May 2018

                            i want to ask a question, what is the sensor type of the 40 mpx rbg sensor could it be the imx 204 ?

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                              • 19 May 2018

                              Where are the untouched video files in the Review by GSM Arena?

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                                • tu6
                                • 13 May 2018

                                May I know Huawei p20 pro selfie ,if more than 6 person will the phone Hang?

                                  blutooth 4.2? almost bought it but no. i want the latest power saving BT 5 in my phone.

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                                    • 30 Apr 2018

                                    why last year processor still get so high score?

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                                      • 29 Apr 2018

                                      Jman, 13 Apr 2018I like the camera setup, but everything else is unimpressiv... moreWhere are you getting this information. It has an SD CARD slot.

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                                        • 29 Apr 2018

                                        Dearman, 16 Apr 2018Given this P20 pro a miss and staying with mate 10 because ... moreWhere are you getting your information? I am using one and it has an SD card slot. I have used the Iphone X, Samsung S8+ and Note 8 and i can tell you that this beats the phones in my opinion. I am using the P20 pro for 2 weeks now and i can't get enough of it. The battery life, design, camera, processor and handling is top notch. I was an apple fan for a long time but now i think am sold.