Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 review

09 January 2019
Once a prop for the communicating devices in sci-fi flicks, today the edge-to-edge screen has become a must-have feature for any flagship smartphone. It was Xiaomi who made the first steps in this direction back with their original Mi Mix phone a year before Apple came up with their notched iPhone X. The Mi Mix 3 proves once again that nothing is impossible and delivers a truly bezel-less screen with a twist (or rather, with a slide).

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  • Anonymous

Bring on the Mi Mix 3S with SD 855 ;)

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2019Too bad it can't be an official Android One. But, if you're... moreYes, you have a point of view, but I can buy a pixel... is true... more money and probably overall(except the stereo speakers :D) low hardware...
But today all flagships have enough hardware power so we have the interaction with the software and here android one/pixel experience is the best... all popular apps(youtube, facebook, mail app...) are always working and interaction with the OS very good... on MIUI and other GUI's sometimes you need to wait few months or a year to solve some software issues...

P.S. I used 2 XIAOMI flagship phones... at that time I believed the hardware is most important... but you know how easy is to maintain a pixel? take a lot of photos and I never lose time to backup or move them? how easy is to find a 3 years old photo in over 10k files?
For one year on a mi5s, I was not able to switch the camera in the FB messenger... you know how frustrating is this? etc... etc...

  • Anonymous

Dolanescu, 11 Jan 2019Just imagine this device with Android ONE software at this ... moreToo bad it can't be an official Android One. But, if you're willing, you can unlock bootloader and install a custom ROM based on stock Android such as Pixel Experience and the like.

  • Vlad

Not sure how the Selfie Camera figures add up: 24 MP, 0.9 pixel size but binned it's 1.8. That's a 2/1 ration, not really 4 - 1 binning. Am I missing something here?

Just imagine this device with Android ONE software at this price :D

  • Kula

GSMARENA forgetting about one of the better phones, Nubia X !

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019The phone is always bigger due to it. All you care about is... moreNo thanks!

Huawei's and Samsung Stb ratio's are tricked by curved screens. Those are just awful. Awful to watch fullscreen content and awful to hold with less side grip and more prone to false touch. Huawei's "88%" stb ratio Mate 20 pro has a huge notch, which is also a big NO. As far as a full screen and bezelles experience go, you get it with the Mi Mix 3, but not with the Mate 20 pro.

Honor Magic 2 is a better attempt, as far as Huawei goes, but Mi Mix 3 has better stb ratio and camera. Camera being the main selling point in phones today, makes it an easy win for the Mi Mix 3 for my sake.

Elgreco, 10 Jan 2019You have 5G coming up where you live soon? Probably like th... moreYes, 5G is already built out a bit down tha coast from here and will be here shortly, but that wasn't the point.

The point was that it is a 2018 device with SD845, not a 2019 device without SD855 like suggested.

  • Anonymous

ElGreco, 10 Jan 2019Everybody needs to drop the 3,5mm discussion. Soon the chea... moreNope, this aint about adapting to new technology, but it is all about having CHOICES for listening be it through the 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth etc

Chavis, 10 Jan 2019Hi! Nothing is different in the battery tests themselves. J... moreThanks for the comment, I know well ViSer but I didn't know that you did that "by hand" before, I though that was a script of yours for example.


Great review and couldn’t agree more. Got in Europe from Swedish online mistore.se. What’s difficult to explain in a test is the feeling from the opening, box quality, the letter from CEO, the included Qi charger!!! and of coarse the Mix 3 itself. I think that one important thing about this phone is that you need to want a phone with a hidden selfie camera. Meaning a lot of people say they want it, but if you take a lot of selfies, it is an extra momentum you need to do. I don’t do a lot of selfies but watch Netflix, YouTube browse the intern etc and really appreciate the true full screen experience. As far 3,5 etc: it’s not coming back and we heard similar voices 10 years ago wanting Symbian phones instead of IOS and Android. Things change, some for the better other for the worst and we need to accept changes. It’s a bigger problem that Apple uses lightning. USB c is meant to be the one standard. In 2 years people will be laughing at comments on 3,5mm and micro sd

  • ElGreco

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019If you watch some reviews on YouTube some have shown a wide... moreDon’t know what these people have done to get that gap, but I can tell you I see no gap ina any angle and I’ve tried them all. Also Magic 2 is not nearly as good of phone as Mix 3. I use Mix 3 now and tested Magic 2 some time ago.

  • ElGreco

Gandalfdenvite, 10 Jan 2019Mechanically moving parts are never good, they break and co... moreEverybody needs to drop the 3,5mm discussion. Soon the cheaper phones will have USB-C as well. It’s like shouting at the music industry to get LPs back.. get amp air of ANC USBc headset from Xiaomi or other and you’ll forget 3,5

  • Elgreco

Marco M, 10 Jan 2019This is a 2018 device and there is a 5G SD855 version on it... moreYou have 5G coming up where you live soon? Probably like the rest of us no. And the 5G 855 version WILL be more expensive, don’t even need to guess here. 855 is more expensive so just the chip will bump the price.

  • Elgreco

Professional, 10 Jan 2019Din't expect the battery management so good!!!It’s great actually. Switched from Poco which fantastic, but still, it gets everything done.

  • Elgreco

George, 10 Jan 2019Face unlock is enabled on mi mix 3 chinese version ,must be... moreNo it’s not. Works great when you slide the phone

  • iamjim

What is the DRM security level on global version? Netflix 1080p available?

  • Anonymous

Giant bezels (85% BtS ratio).

They should take a page or two from Huawei (88% BtS ratio and soon over 90%).

Too sad to see how far this company fell. Mi Mix 1 was a 84% BtS ratio and had no need of slider.

3 iterations layers, a much smaller battery, a slider *and* 2 years later , all they managed to shave the BtS ratio for just 1% ratio.

Come on Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Marco M, 10 Jan 2019Yes it still has a chin visible in photos and invisible dur... moreThe phone is always bigger due to it. All you care about is looks, I care about footprint. This phone is big for the screen size. Huawei's phone has smaller bezels at 88% BtS ratio. Maybe Xiaomi takes a page or two from them and stops with those fat bezels...

  • Jerry

Could someone please freaking update the benchmark scores on the mi 8!!!! after MIUI 10 the phone is now optimized a waaaaay faster than those number suggest. My antutu score is around 293000 similar to mix 3(no one cares cuz it's antutu). Please don't let others think that this lovely device is slow soz...