Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 review

09 January 2019
Once a prop for the communicating devices in sci-fi flicks, today the edge-to-edge screen has become a must-have feature for any flagship smartphone. It was Xiaomi who made the first steps in this direction back with their original Mi Mix phone a year before Apple came up with their notched iPhone X. The Mi Mix 3 proves once again that nothing is impossible and delivers a truly bezel-less screen with a twist (or rather, with a slide).

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  • Anonymous

-Great 6.39" Super AMOLED screen
-A unique slider, feels secure enough
-Flagship performance
-Good battery life given the 3,200 mAh capacity
-All-round good camera experience
-MIUI 10 and Android Pie out of the box
-Rich retail box with fast wireless charger inside

-Lacks water-proofing
-Very slippery
-Single loudspeaker
-EIS available only for 1080p capturing
-No 3.5mm jack as STANDARD
-No microsd slot as STANDARD
-Ads on MIUI (Solution: Unlock bootloader, install TWRP, then install Xiaomi.EU ROM for fuss-free, faster performance, ad-free with all the bells & whistles specific to each device.)
-No app drawer (Solution: Install Poco launcher from Play Store.)
-No FM Radio
-Somewhat OVERPRICED$$ for the lack of ESSENTIALS as mentioned above.

Okay, done :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019128gb and 256gb of storage, why do you need an sd card? Because we DO NEED CHOICES for every smartphone to decide where to store, regardless of price. Also, not everyone has unlimited data to store their stuff to cloud, not to mention privacy issues etc.

  • Frost

It is vera sad, that all designers died, this is normal derivation of iPhone X, like all 2018 phones. Stupid removal of 3,5 mm jack, rounded corners of display (why??? - it is ugly!), slider mechanical weak body. Not interested again...

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019you're right. they are keeping out and out many useful features.... moreThe FM network here is shut down, with some local stations still running. DAB+ and internat radio has taken over for those who use radio.

TV out has been wireless for so long now. DLNA, Miracast, Google cast and airplay to name a few possibilities. The days of 8, 16, 32 and even 64GB internal storage as a max is long gone. With phones having 128-512GB storage, the SD slot point is a bit pointless. Espescially with google automatically backing up photos and videos for free.

You say you don't want big screen, powerful CPU/GPU etc, but rather minijack, SD slot, FM Radio etc. The look no further than the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019If you watch some reviews on YouTube some have shown a widening ... moreThey won't mention dancing screen part here tho

  • c?

riflo, 10 Jan 2019you will care when your android or IOS will stop supporting your... moreThat seems unlikely bro, Xiaomi will probably upgrade this phone to new versions of Android for at least three years and upgrade it to new versions of MIUI for even longer. The original Mi Mix has Oreo and MIUI 10. Not to mention the fact that the installed userbase of Android usually lags largely 1-2 major versions behind (or more in some cases, a lotta phones are still running Marshmallow out there), so it's not really likely for developers to cut support for the old platforms. The version of Android they target is a cost benefit analysis of the additional difficulty of implementing workarounds for features they need. Relatively simple apps will support really old versions of Android, though I would say at this point it's probably fair to drop 4.x and even Lolipop

  • Professional

Din't expect the battery management so good!!!

  • George

Face unlock is enabled on mi mix 3 chinese version ,must be in eu version too

  • riflo

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019you're right. they are keeping out and out many useful features.... moreyou will care when your android or IOS will stop supporting your version, and you will not be able to use useful software

Anonym, 09 Jan 2019Looks like the LG G6 of 2019, in the sense this is the year of t... moreThis is a 2018 device and there is a 5G SD855 version on it's way within Q1.

Anonym, 09 Jan 2019Looks like the LG G6 of 2019, in the sense this is the year of t... moreIt won't. The chip is powerful enough for 99% of the users and even two years, it will be powerful enough. Don't forget, this phone was I troduced some time back and was released prior introduction of the new chipset. They will use new one in the next generation.

  • lol

Gandalfdenvite, 10 Jan 2019Mechanically moving parts are never good, they break and collect... morepretty sure mechanical thing last enough compared to ageing battery and other component inside... -shame apple for bringing unremoveable battery trend.

  • Gandalfdenvite

Mechanically moving parts are never good, they break and collect dust...! A mechanical camera slider is really not good at all, and almost as bad as removing the 3.5 mm headphone jack! There should not be any need for any mechanically moving parts on a phone at all, not even volume buttons and power buttons (fingerprint scanner can be used to turn the phone on and used to turn the screen/phone off)!

  • 123

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019Camera does worse compared to Mi8. Samples are kinda blurry and... morereal life samples from mi8 are worse. dont go for the review ones
I believe mi mix 3 has better cam than mi8
I need mi9, can't wait for it, when was the launch date ?

  • 123

SpiritWolf, 09 Jan 2019Camera seems to be worse than one in Poco F1. Strange. Then agai... moreI dont believe pocophone has better cam though!

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019im gonna wait until Xiaomi launch a sd855 phone and the price dr... moreI think this is a good idea yeah, specially considering when it is available on a SD845 (Which is pretty capable still, but new CPUs are coming).

Also, question @GSMArena, now that you use ViSer, is there a difference about the old rating ? Because 84 hrs isn't that much I think tbh ...

  • s-pen pusher

just a suggestion to gsmarena- being that the razer phone and razer phone 2 are the ones with the best ever speakers on smartphones, shouldn't they be the reference for comparison in your speaker tests? i'm not saying it's me, but it is sort of.

  • Anonymous

Unsolved Mistry, 09 Jan 2019I'm sorry but from a design standpoint the un-equal bezels is st... moreBending the OLED panel under the display connector is patented by Apple and even if it wasn't patented by Apple it would probably make the phone ridiculously expensive.

  • Anonymous

If you watch some reviews on YouTube some have shown a widening gap between the two halves towards the top. Huawei's version of this is built much better.

  • Couch expert

What's up with the loudspeaker?! Xiaomi focus! Your phone has to ring @ 100dB! Now! :D