Sony Xperia 5 review

18 Sept 2019

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  • Anonymous

XZP LUL, 19 Sep 2019sony always have their ways with the battery life. i have d... moreDude you have your phone for two years and you do not know that it runs in 1080p mode most of the time? It only shows 4K when you are watching 4K media. Games and apps are in 1080p otherwise.

  • JEAN

Why would anyone buy this , Same stupid design from the back , no full screen display in 2019 end , smallest battery ever and expensive rate . I would never suggest anyone to buy this phone ever .

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019Haters mocked the battery size. 96h , LOL ...... Here c... moresony always have their ways with the battery life. i have downloaded accubattery to measure my 2 year old xzp battery health and it is still doing 99% right now after 2 years. my friends phone all getting more than 10% lesser after 2 years with the phone.

my SOT still getting a little bit over 8 hours using the apps calculation with this 4k LCD screen

It's an awful pity that Sony's great photography sector refuses to collaborate with its mobile sector. Rather, they shared their cutting-edge technology with companies like Huawei, and as a result Sony smartphones never get high scores in photography contests. Otherwise they would surely be a class-leading player in mobile photography.

  • Anonymous

Haters mocked the battery size. 96h , LOL ......

Here comes the best. This devoce will still have more than 3000mAh after 2 years, while other brands with 4000 wont have 3000 ....

  • hmm

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2019Xperia 1 = imx445 (Motion eye) Xperia 5 = imx563 (regular... morewait what, the camera's aren't the same between X1 and X5? i thought they were meant to be the same hmm

  • Popop971

Since I'm using a Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd gen, no headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. Too bad, I really like Sony's phone and this one is no exception.

  • Agnis

I just love, how Sony phones always get so much hated for battery size despite being as big as in many other phones, but ends up being the longest running in it's class. :D
Eat this spec warriors!

kibet85, 18 Sep 2019+1...want to find out if this thing has super slow mo 960fpsbecomes interesting. i'm still waiting for nokia 9.1....

  • Anonymous

Xperia 1 = imx445 (Motion eye)
Xperia 5 = imx563 (regular )

kibet85, 18 Sep 2019Okay..gsmarena team should update their review accordinglyYeah. Xperia 5 has IMX563 and Xperia 1 has IMX445.

  • Anonymous

So every flagship phone has at least a wide angle as second lens...except Pixel 4. How very, very Google. Their mobile hardware division never fails to disappoint.

sm4rt4ss, 18 Sep 2019No, different main sensor than X1. Okay..gsmarena team should update their review accordingly

kibet85, 18 Sep 2019+1...want to find out if this thing has super slow mo 960fpsNo, different main sensor than X1.

Xperia user , 18 Sep 2019did you try slowmoo 960fps? is there any? +1...want to find out if this thing has super slow mo 960fps

  • Anonymous

Night photos look better than xz2.
But I prefer daylight shots of xz2.
Those 7MP are doing huge difference here.

They should explain that brighter f1.6 is useless when you decrease sensor size. It is equivalent of 1/2.3" f1.7 and worse than 1/1.7" f2.0

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2019So are Samsung photos plasticky or oversharpened? They work... moreHaloes you see only when pixel peeping. At least brick wall looks like it's made of bricks, not like painted plywood (looking at you, Samsung).

  • lavialegon

without a notch, an aura color, hope everything will be fine with sony, good luck, I really like this company

  • Anonymous

Please, make a giveaway.
I want the blue or light gray.

  • Anonymous

Xperia 5 = FHD 86.9 cm2
S10e = FHD 82.8 cm2
86.9/82.8 = 5 % more

Xperia 5 = 3140mAh
S10e = 3100mAh
3140/3100 = 1,3% more

Xperia 5 = almost 8h more talking, 39 min more web browsing, 72 min more video playback

With 3700 mAh this phone would score more than 110h ..