Realme X2 Pro review

25 Oct 2019

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  • Sky

Konrad, 31 Oct 2019Can You tell me something about haptics? Is it comparable t... moreIt is better than OnePlus 7/7t.

  • Konrad

Can You tell me something about haptics? Is it comparable to OnePlus 7T?

  • Anonymous

If only this was a Android One phone.

  • Anonymous

very nice phone....perfect phone for 2019.....

Manni, 29 Oct 2019Is it supports netflix HD contentsWhen it'll come to India or Europe, it'll come with Wildwine L1 certificate. It meant support all stemming services in HD.

  • Manni

Is it supports netflix HD contents

  • Anonymous

This is cool, you can also see more updates here, and thank me later

  • Anonymous

It's a hell of a smartphone for that price really. Pixel 4 XL looks pathetic overpriced piece of rubbish compare to this.

  • Gerets

Whoa this is a bummer.

Molderz, 27 Oct 20192.0Sad but they have to cut corners somewhere

  • Anonymous

Molderz, 27 Oct 20192.0How do you know it has USB 2 and not USB 3 ? So it doesn't work with USB-C to HDMI adapters ?

Is anyone going to talk about how this phone renders people's skin tones naturally well?
I mean, this is probably the very first time that I'm seeing an Asian-made smartphone rendering human skins in a natural way.
In order to take natural skin tone for my Chinese phone, I had to utilize GCAM port, which, by the way, wasn't an easy procedure as I had to unlock bootloader, root, and enable camera 2 api on my phone in 1 day.

So I guess this is going to win my book for good selfies. I never considered any smartphone to be good if they can't render my skin tone well.
Though I prefer to look more white than I am, their way of doing it is very artificial and very obvious at first glance.
Apple and Google have done this very well, and it's embarrasing how others are just doing the same thing now, when this was supposed to be how they should've done it from the very start.

  • Molderz

Symbianz107, 27 Oct 2019usb 2.0 or usb 3.1???2.0

usb 2.0 or usb 3.1???

Popy, 26 Oct 2019Do they have reviews for this phone bro?You need to search that for yourself.

  • Anonymous

Do you think that the bad post processing can be fixed in future software versions

  • Anonymous

I had high hopes for this 64MP sensor but it appears the terrible post processing ruins it. There is over-sharpening, too much noise reduction and everything looks like water colors.
In the video the trees look like garbage. Compression ruins the rest. Such a disappointment!
I'd be curious if this can be solved with third party app like filmic pro can fix this.

DroidBoye, 26 Oct 2019You might be right but, for now, you're looking on a wrong ... moreDo they have reviews for this phone bro?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2019I did not expect more than this for a Samsumg camera sensor... moreSo what's wrong with the sensor? Most of the image problems are software-related or lens-related. The images look very clean in low light in the studio shot.

  • Anonymous

Think this is going to be my next phone.