Mi Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note10+: Do you really need 108MP in a phone?

03 Jan 2020

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This is all so tiresome...

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CCE, 04 Jan 2020I need Infrared Camera and with black light.Cut 4 plastic little circles.
Transparent plastic.

Blue maker and red maker.
Make blue, red, blue and red.
Cover the camera of your phone.
You'll have your black light.

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I need Infrared Camera and with black light.

Morsel, 04 Jan 2020You have a point. You described sensor can do better. But I... moreIt's possible, IMX400 is 19MP & 1.22 micron, a little more effort is quite possible. Manufacturers are not producing such sensors because the trend is different. And it's not that huge as You think

note 10+ costs twice as much as mi note 10 , do you really need a comparison between the two?

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Nick Tagataka, 04 Jan 2020Care to explain how Note 10+'s shot is better than Mi Note ... moreIf you take 108MP and downscale to 12MP, you will see it is much better than samsung. By far.

It is wrong to compare different resolutions. People wrongly thing that photos from Samsung, Google and Apple would look same at 20, 27, 40 MP as they look at 12.

No, they would have same plastic oil painting looking seen on photos of other brands.

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Morsel, 04 Jan 2020You have a point. You described sensor can do better. But I... moreIt is possible. The thing is companies never had interest in having those bigger sensors.
For them is much easier also cheaper to keep working with similar sensors every year and just rely on software improvements with the help of better ISPs provided by newer CPUs.

Let's compare a 23MP 1/2.3" ( one was recently announced with ability to do 4k@120) x 23MP 1/1.5" (example sensor).

The 1/1.5" will be more expensive.
It will require larger lenses , that are more expensive.
If you put OIS, it will be larger too, also more expensive.
Since the final module is much larger, you spend more R&D to create solutions to find more space inside similar body sized phone.

There is one Exmor RS called IMX204. I am not sure when it was made, I believe it is from 2012 or 2013. It has 20 MP 1/1.7" , diagonal is 9,33mm. Bit larger than imx600 used by Huawei P20 Pro.

People love thin phones like Motorola Z, Sony Z3+, Samsung S6 and iphone 6+. Most do not want fat phones, even if they pack more battery.
With the cam bump, S11+/S20 Ultra will have 10.1mm ....

YUKI93, 04 Jan 2020And I definitely prefer that. It also feels good to see the... moreYeah,, Some of us like something which we don't get. Because there aren't a good amount of people who wants that.
For example I want a 5.9" phone with full power(everything they offer for the bigger model).
But I don't see that happening. If that type of camera phone were attractive, Nokia/Microsoft wouldn't go bankrupt.
NB: Do you remember the Samsung galaxy alpha/ Samsung galaxy A5/7(2016)… That's the last time Samsung offered good camera with midrange Phone. After that all are garbage. I still prefer those over current A series.

Nick Tagataka, 04 Jan 2020Care to explain how Note 10+'s shot is better than Mi Note ... moreI normally don't believe what GSMARENA says. What I do is take those sample and see it on my laptop display.
And in my personal experience I have found that, midrange or lower budget android phone use some type of in built algorithm to look the photos better but when I take it to my laptop. The Ugly things come out. The photos are ugly. Bad color/contrast/sharpness.

Nick Tagataka, 04 Jan 2020Umm... have they? And even if they have with S7, how is it ... moreNone of the top brand dominated continuously. Besides, Why are you comparing a 2019 Q1 released phone with a 2019 Q4 phone.
Isn't it more logical to compare between 2019 Q4 vs 2020 Q1 phones. Because there is less time gap.
Don't say that Note 10 was delivered at the same time.
It's just the marketing strategy. They are using same for the S and Note series.

Morsel, 04 Jan 2020It was more of a camera than a phone like the galaxy camera.And I definitely prefer that. It also feels good to see the old hardware physics still doing far better than the modern software-focused algorithm.

Just forget the Galaxy Camera, that is just a joke since it didn't have any cellular connectivity whatsoever.

Nick Tagataka, 04 Jan 2020Mi Note 10 has a 1/1.33" sensor, so that's definitely not t... moreBut the pixel size is 0.8 micron.

YUKI93, 04 Jan 2020Perhaps that everyone is now going crazy with pixel binning... moreIt was more of a camera than a phone like the galaxy camera.

sohail shafayat, 04 Jan 2020Not 1/2.5" but 1/1.5" 24MP, remember the Lumia1020, that ha... moreYou have a point. You described sensor can do better. But I don't think it's possible to make 24MP at 1.4 micron for Smartphone. Not with the current tech at least.
It's not like there is only one Sensor maker. There are plenty. If it were possible at least one manufacturer would do it.

harwey, 04 Jan 2020Gossip?Obviously you don't read articles here at GSMA on a ... moreYeah.. I saw that post and I ignored it. Xiaomi doesn't have capabilities for making sensor. If Samsung would take any help from anyone it would be someone with experience. I have never heard Xiaomi doing anything about sensor or anything about camera.
So, I believe what GSMARENA said or what based on it was said was a false statement.

Shui8, 04 Jan 2020'That's what has been causing problem to Huawei's phones.' ... moreMay be I need. But it's true that, Huawei did good in low light but lost in many areas for the image processing. It's not that only I am saying it. I don't test phones. Other does. What I do is test/see the samples they gave. Where I saw Huawei phones struggle in many scene. Just because of imperfect software processing.

gsmarena: do you want to know who has the best camera?
Me: yes, please.
Me: and the winner is....?
gsmarena has left the chat.

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Bigger pixel does not make sensor thicker.
Pixel gets larger in axes Y and X, not Z.
Looks like Quadbayer are cheaper than Bayer of same size.

Quadbayer/Tetracell/4-cell and this Isocell Bright have pixel merging at hardware level, not software like what is seen on OP6T and LG G7 " night modes".

They are made to do real time HDR by using different exposures. It is not just about making pixels bigger for better Noise performance.

YUKI93, 04 Jan 2020Perhaps that everyone is now going crazy with pixel binning... moreHigh resolution matters more, that's why 3mp is by interpolation on bayer made into 12mp and with stacking made into 48mp. Even if its work of multiple frames and guess, output looks way better than just 3mp with all real color detail in one moment.
Pixel binning and quad/.. bayer is great, but its not answer to everything, there is limit to thickness, thats why there is need to also advance sensor way more to bring more quality at smaller size than to just trying to bring bigger pixels at this still ridiculously small size. Using multiple sensors for better quality and different fov is also the only way how to counter thickness, you wouldn't want tele or even ordinary lens protruding on flat phone like its on mirrorless.

Morsel, 04 Jan 2020Sorry for the 1.8(though there is one 0.9 byer sensor) I wa... more'That's what has been causing problem to Huawei's phones.'

You have a lot things to learn, junior. Huawei's pioneered Quad Bayer system since P20 and improving each iteration. I find their image processing is way way better than any Samsung processing (which below Google, Apple & Huawei).

Back to this thread's topic, looks like Mi Note 10 made a good use of the big sensor (better than Galaxy Note 10 on most aspects), just held back by mediocre lens. Samsung's upper hand are their wider dynamic range in Auto. Other than that, yuck.