Poco X3 NFC review

15 September 2020

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  • Anonymous

Coming from an iPhone that needed charging 5 times a day the battery and charging speed is amazing !

  • Anonymous

Broke my OnePlus 7T and needed a phone ASAP this is the best/cheapest option that I saw in the closest store.
I was pleasantly surprised by the whole package for the price. Seems fast enough, good screen, MUI is not half bad except for some of bloatware (some have ads built in and cannot also be uninstalled), Fast charging and an amazing fingerprint sensor.

  • Anonymous

Please make a long-term review, I'm curious on your opinions 6 months later

  • Khamid

Abdullah , 22 Feb 2021Hello guys Right now I'm using pick x3 nfc and there... moreI have also this problem with my redmi 7 phone

  • Anonymous

Terrible phone. Became slow after the recent update.

Just bought this beast... but... I didn't get those stickers!!! LOL

  • Littlejon

Best mobile xiaomi under 300 $ is beter 9pro

Karthick.Gajapathy, 18 Dec 2020My Poco X3 NFC phone is not fast charging now... At first... moreTry to buy new cable data or charger or visit Xiaomi Service Center.

anony, 19 Sep 2020does this have autocall recording???Yes it does.

Kiberu, 28 Feb 2021Is it a duo sim phoneYes it is but the slot SIM card given is hybrid, so you need to choose.

  • HisokaaaahhGoOOOn

Girem05, 26 Feb 2021Hello. I have Poco X3 NFC with MIUI 12.0.7 stable edition, ... moreYou should go to your nearest PocoXhaiomi Service center dude

  • Nono

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021Does it support 5GNo

Had been used for 2 weeks, what can I say is:
The Poco X3 NFC so far is the best Xiaomi phone I had ever used. No lag, no ghost touch, and no delay touch issues I experienced (my Realme 7 was ghost and delay touch. The delay touch is can't fixed). I don't use my Poco X3 NFC for gaming like Honkai, Genshin, Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire. I am not smooth extreme gamer guy.

For surfing internet, typing comment, messaging, chats, work very good. Charging speed also good. So far no complaint.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021Does it support 5GNo, it doesn't.

  • Ange

Can anyone who owns the phone tell me if FGO works on it? My current phone lags/drops frames during some NPs like Hokusai's and after playing for a few hours the whole base game starts lagging too hoping a newer phone fixes this.

  • Kiberu

Is it a duo sim phone

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021The battery drain issue is because of the OS, MIUI 12, and ... moreI also facing this problem as well within MIUI 12.0.7

Hello. I have Poco X3 NFC with MIUI 12.0.7 stable edition, but present the error: no Signal GPS
But if I use GPS with mode fly, the GPS si active.

Please, help me to fix the problem GPS in my excelent poco X3 nfc.

  • Anonymous

Does it support 5G

  • Anonymous

Marcd, 16 Feb 2021same here, very poor battery life . Do not understand the r... moreThe battery drain issue is because of the OS, MIUI 12, and the chipset is new, just wait for updates or optimization