A month with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro

16 December 2020

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  • Ok

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020This is best phone ever? No, how can it beat P40pro+?

  • Dometalican

This is why we can only hope MicroG succeeds on Authentication and SafetyNet of all apps. Once done, EVERY Android app should be good to go without GMS.

  • Annon

Using Huawei P30 for almost 2 years now, you can really see the difference between Huawei and other OEMs, I compare my shots from my friends' phone, Phone X, Phone G, and Phone O, (same level with my p30) these companies have a top notched "camera technology" even in lowlight, but they can't keep up with Huawei and Leica. Even if it is just for my preferences with how Huawei using their photo processing power, my friends also like the results that Huawei shows. Been using all Huawei's ecosystem, from laptop, phone, freebuds and matepad it's pretty good but not as good as apple's ecosystem. But due to trade war I'm looking for alternative ecosystem that I can use seemingly between my devices if this Trade war will continue and may affect Huawei until they eventually lost and bankrupt.

For USD$1300, phone that doesn't have ois is a ripoff. It should be priced at USD700 to entice customers who is about to lose Google services.

  • Anonymous

vx, 17 Dec 2020I bought a gms-less huawei nova 7 se to see how life is wit... moreI really don't see installing apps outside of the appstore much different than installing programs on windows. With windows, you still have to go to the developer's website to download the executable and run it on the computer. Isn't that even safer than installing random apps from an app store?

Installing Google apps on your own is too much work that consumers aren't supposed to do in the first place. Huawei is far from worth it at this point.

  • Fred

At this price point 1000 USD it's a NO for me. The amount of hassle you have to go through just to install apps you need is unfair.

You can have a similar camera experience without the hassle of a lack of GMS with other brands with a similar price bracket.

But if it has GMS, I would get it in a heartbeat. I'm currently using Huawei Mate 20 X.

  • Anonymous

This is best phone ever?

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 17 Dec 2020exactly on point. they dont cover the ads in the OS as well... moreNot only that, it doesn't matter how wrong Google tries integrates everything together (as most companies do), as I mention earlier IMAP IDLE and Google's own gdata protocol is not the same. If one uses heavily on Gmail, you won't find a e-mail comparable to Gmail's native app at this moment. Period. If GSMArena can't pick that up, they're just as dead as DxO to me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020Fair enough, it's just that those who make the effort ... more1. Stella phone? Beside the camera, giving at the price point, I don't see anything stella about it.
2. Opt out of one tracking and subscribe to another... The circle never-ends...

  • vx

I bought a gms-less huawei nova 7 se to see how life is without google and its not the end of the world honestly. Keeping it stock and installing fdroid -> aurora store you can pull google playstore apks. Installing microg core app even without full access you can enable notifications for apps through it by registering the device. The only issue is you cant play games which rely on gms/play games of the sort but aurora store notifies you which apps use play services and which dont. Has worked with my banking apps and authenticators and outlook email etc. Best part is all open source setup (fdorid/ aurora store/ microg) without needing bootleg sketchy apps to rig in a semi working gms.

Pile, 17 Dec 2020The most fascinating thing about GSM Arena's phone rev... moreexactly on point. they dont cover the ads in the OS as well. phone security is getting more and more important everyday but they are keeping mum about it.

hidden agenda? paid by CCP?

this is a top notch phone and I would definitely try it if it were available with less price, not for 1000 bucks. right now without google apps its so hard but everything has a price.

  • MrCong

Great camera system (despite lacking OIS), solid performance across the board and screen, but finished without GMS outside China.

Nick Tagataka, 17 Dec 2020"A camera that doesn't take good night photos&quo... moreAbsolutely he is living in a stone age!!
I have P40 Pro and it performed excellently without any hiccups on photography which it would be same for Mate 40 pro. Many comments here aren't true because of their bias about Chinese products.

I need to make payments NOW with my Huawei and I cannot because my Bank's app show me a message that my Huawei is an unsafety phone (no Google Services).

I need twice apps (weather and vessel positions) but I cannot execute them because they are made them in Google Maps.

I want to purchase some apps to get premium features but I cannot do it because these apps have a built-in-purchase app mode based in Play Store ...

These things I want do them NOW !!! but Huawei cannot offer to me ... this is the REAL situation.

  • Anonymous

Firstgen, 17 Dec 2020Love the time when we support new OS and innovation, nowada... moreYou can't blame them though. Our lives are all interconnected through apps and as soon as an inferior system shows up late to the party it will always be looked at as an outcast if it can't integrate.

Can someone help me with a answer ? I have the P40 Pro and the quality of the FFC when I make videos inside my home is super bad, worse than Samsung A70 or Poco X3 ... Is my phone with a problem or are there any settings that I haven't found about yet ? It's very annoying. Hope someone can help me with this matter. Other than that, it's a stunning piece of hardware, can't imagine how super amazing the Mate 40 Pro is.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 17 Dec 2020"A camera that doesn't take good night photos&quo... moreWell, it's been since 2017 since I've looked into new phones because that's usually how long my contract lasts but while looking through GSMArena and watching comparison videos between Apple/Samsung/Hauwei they all have pro's and cons. Not one stands out as 'the best ever in the history of phone cameras'.
If your biased and like the Hauwei because you support the brand then good for you, I don't like them.
If my preferred cell phone provider had Sony phones I would definitely consider (strongly) as those have always been outstanding for me. But for simple point and shoot my Samsung does a spectacular job.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020Fair enough, it's just that those who make the effort ... moreJust wait until HMS gains traction, then you'll see ads just like everything else. Huawei is no different than the other brands with the fact that they like money.