Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G review

20 August 2021

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  • blue.sun

[deleted post]You know nothing and just throw money around. But this is not a toy for kids, not to mention some status symbol.

  • Om

joe nodden, 21 Aug 2021If you don't see the benefit you don't see the di... moreThats why apple invented promotion 5 years ago on the ipad pro
When is not needed , the display can go low till 24hz for watching movies for example and so on

One of Samsung device that I love!

Futuristic, fashionable, even more pocketable, useful front small display, and the great news, the price its not over $1000! One of a kind๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.

When u buy this phone, its not about camera or highest performance. I think Samsung better off using SD78x series or drop the display to 60Hz for better battery life.

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021For browsing on a phone or PC 120hz doesn't have as mu... moreCouldn't agree more with you. Chrome browser is a complete joke. I switched to the new Microsoft Edge and never looked back.

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021My opinion is based on my usage, not any "vision"... moreIf you don't see the benefit you don't see the difference. I've seen too many people that don't acknowledge the difference between my 120hz display and their 60hz display when to me their display feels laggy to me. You're one of those people. I don't care what you say about your vision, if 60hz feels smooth enough to you you aren't seeing properly.

And clearly you aren't comprehending me properly judging by where you said "If my opinion was "a vision"". What do you mean "a" vision? We aren't discussing some theoretical future situation here. We're discussing your eyes, buddy.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 21 Aug 2021"in my opinion" And your opinion is also appar... moreMy opinion is based on my usage, not any "vision" you try to make out of it.

In gaming I appreciate fast refresh rate screens a lot, as long a game does benefit from it (and oh boy most gamers would deathstare at me I play some games at 60 because it makes sense to do so for some old games).

But here you are trying to twist what I said, that something doesn't add much for me doesn't mean I think it does not for everyone, henche why I said my opinion, because it applies to ME.

I clearly see the difference between 60hz and 90/120hz on a phone or PC while browsing, it's that I don't see any benefit to it, but if it doesn't hurt battery too much in case of a phone I would use it anyhow.(and before someone starts about that, the difference between 60 and above on the battery life is quite small)

It doesn't have much benefit, but as long the cons are not too big, there is no reason to no use it.

If my opinion was "a vision" I would force it to others, but I don't.

However there are too many snowflakes online that automatically assume people attack just for not sharing their opinion 100% of the time...

Anyhow twisting what I said is low.

  • AnonD-1014095

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021It really doesn't need an 888. But then at that price,... moreI would like
S888+ at 3.5ghz, with 2 x cores, not 1
18gb ram
Ceramic front back glass
Xenon flash
Carl zeiss optics
1 inch sensor
Carbon fibre, titanium, copper, stainless Steel 916L, or rhodium silver
4k screen
5x optical zoom

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021For browsing on a phone or PC 120hz doesn't have as mu... more"in my opinion"

And your opinion is also apparently based upon your vision.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021As long people understand why the battery life is poor, it&... moreIt really doesn't need an 888. But then at that price, people are going to complain if it doesn't have the latest flagship processor.

If battery life is the same as my iPhone 12 mini, I can live with that because my 12 mini's battery life is actually very good. Better than all my other phones I currently own and like double or even triple than my SE1. It has gotten worse a little from the constant updates.

Nobody really mentions that the Snapdragon 888 overheats. PhoneArena did earlier.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 20 Aug 2021Better get your eyes checked then, because you must be bord... moreFor browsing on a phone or PC 120hz doesn't have as much benefit in my opinion, however on a PC battery is not a issue so having 120hz (or more) doesn't bring that issue.

On a phone it is a different story, however I don't think using 120hz on a phone all time vs 60hz would make a dramatic difference on the battery life.

Using a less broken browser (aka heavy like hell) like Chrome is would be a better idea, I mean on my current phone gaming uses as much battery as chrome, just imagine the performance hog mess that browser is nowdays (yes it works smooth but AT WHAT PRICE)

  • Anonymous

As long people understand why the battery life is poor, it's fine.

Samsung should have put a 870 at most here, maybe even 765(G) to make the battery life better, and let the Fold 3 have its 888 for the power user.

The design of the Flip does not lend itself for a bigger battery yet, 888 was a poor decision because of that.

  • Anonymous

With this battery life the phone belong to the garbage.

  • Anonymous

aquint5554, 20 Aug 2021Personally don't mind the limited battery life. What w... morePeople spend more time scrolling content than actually typing on phone. Where exactly do you suppose keyboard should go?

  • Anonymous

Tommy, 20 Aug 2021Absence of Samsung Dex at that price is my deal breaker :(You'd get dex like experience with one ui 4

  • Anonymous

Useless phone. We donโ€™t need phones that become smaller, we need ones that become bigger. Fold4 is my next device

YUKI93, 20 Aug 2021Silky smooth? I only see it during mobile gaming, couldn�... moreBetter get your eyes checked then, because you must be borderline blind. The difference between 120hz and 60hz is very noticeable when scrolling through web pages and social media but not during games. Because phones aren't capable of 120 fps in the majority of games. And even if they are, 99% of mobile games are locked to 60 fps.

Regarding the review's strange observation about the hardness claims, that they're only talking about aluminium materials instead of aluminium alloys. There are alloys, then there are alloys of alloys and so on. All to create different materials with different characteristics. So, by simply calling it a material they're including all aluminium materials when they claim it to be the hardest ever used in a smartphone, not just basic alloys.

A common example. Steel is an alloy. Yet, there is also something called alloyed steel. Which is steel alloyed with additional materials to adapt it for different functions.

  • blue.sun

With a 7XX series CPU the phone would get better battery life, less heating issues and significantly lower price. It could help to get foldables to more people.
And, by the way, can it accept calls by just opening the phone, as foldables of the 2000's did? That would be a useful feature.

Duck of death, 20 Aug 2021Liar. The 120Hz refresh rate is bliss no matter what you do... moreLol, why would I need to lie about my own personal experience? I'm not going to change it anyway. As a bonus, switching to 60Hz gives me longer battery usage. I experienced up to extra six to seven hours of battery usage when switching to 60Hz.