Google Pixel 6 Pro review

3 November 2021

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Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021'Just thank the manufacturer and stop complaining'... moreWelp.

  • Bill

Was interested until I found out it had the rounded edge like my Edge. Hate the rounded edge that I believe Samsung started. Have investigated to find most people don't like the rounded edge. My question is why are they still making garbage like that? Can't wait to find a nice phone that is wide enough and not scrawny like all this junk their making now. I give. Am now using the Nokia 8.3 but it has a LCD screen which can't compare to the AMOLED. Why? I would gladly pay the increase for better screen and more screen width. I have small hands.

  • Tom

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021"The auto white balance was much better in a certain r... moreJust get a modded gcam and toggle the HDR+ enhanced.

HutHutHut, 04 Nov 2021No... my man... It would be wishful thinking on your part..... moreAll depends on what your preferences are and who you listen to. Most of the top flagships are close. Depending on who you listen too, the mi11 ultra, the Huawei p50 pro, the Vivo x70 pro+, the Iphone 13 pro max, the Honor magic 3 pro+, the S21 Ultra are the best... One thing is for sure, none will always be better than the other for every photo or video situation. Unfortunately, most consumers are not going to try them all to be able which one they think is best. For example, I guess you have not used most of these phones to make a determination

  • Benboy

Great phone however:
1. Curved screen which will crack easily if dropped.
2. No 3.5mm headphone jack.
3. Reports of poor battery life.
4. No memory card or dual SIM.

with that thick camera bump, they should include free case inside phone box

  • Anonymous

The periscope issue of my Pixel 6 Pro is simply terrible. It very often refuses to choose the periscope camera, even when the light conditions are not bad. It will often only choose the periscope camera, when you choose a high zoom factor like 8x. It also wasn't due to the minimum focus distance. And sometimes it does choose the periscope camera in light conditions that are much worse and the result is still better than digital zoom. Arstechnica's review of the Pixel 6 Pro wrote: "The thing is, the 4X telephoto camera on the Pixel 6 Pro doesn't work."
I completely agree. And the crazy thing is: Sometimes the Pixel 6 Pro even refuses to choose the main camera!!! Sometimes it uses a crop from the ultra wide angle camera, even though I don't use the ultra wide angle camera, that's no joke!
And I can confirm that Google doesn't use the 48 megapixel mode of the tele camera sensor because 8x HDR+ raw files have a low resolution.

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021I have bought the Pixel 6 Pro and these are my first impres... moreHm, I left a bit disappointed after such a feedback. I expected new Pixel to be much better than that. It seems that Galaxy S21 Ultra still stands its ground quite well especially considering that it can be found cheaper than Pixel 6 Pro now and it's available literary everywhere.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021I have bought the Pixel 6 Pro and these are my first impres... more"The auto white balance was much better in a certain room"
I want to add: Better than the Pixel 3a , but not better than the Nexus.
My first impression is that the Nexus 5x in HDR+ On mode still has the better camera. Much, much more consistent, better colors.

  • Anonymous

I have bought the Pixel 6 Pro and these are my first impressions after a few hours indoors:
The camera is completely(!!!) different than my Pixel 3a or Nexus 5x. The auto white balance was much better in a certain room, but this was maybe an exception. White balance is extremely inconsistent, especially if you switch between different lenses, there are huge differences regarding the white balance. The colors often seem to be calibrated so badly, that using the white balance slider doesn't help. It seems that even when I use the white balance slider, the colors can be worse than the automatic results of the Google Nexus 5x.
The camera app extremely often refuses to choose the periscope camera. It will often only choose the periscope camera when you choose a very high zoom level. Then you have to go back to 4.3x and then it will occasionally keep the periscope camera. The 4x digital zoom results were always worse than the periscope camera.
Low-light performance (night sight turned off) is also extremely different. It seems that Google now doesn't really combine frames anymore, if the exposure time per frame is long (> 0.1 seconds) because single frame dng files from a 3rd party app didn't necessarily look noisier. There is a huge amount of color noise reduction in low-light conditions (night sight turned off, used exposure compensation for brighter images). I have never seen this before from a Google phone. Neither the Pixel 3a nor my Nexus 5x do this. The results can look terrible in a very dark room without Night Sight (but with exposure compensation), much, much, much worse than a Pixel 3a in HDR+ enhanced mode or iPhone 13 Mini without Night mode. Even the stock camera app raw file (from a very dark room) looked much worse than a single frame dng file. I tried to adjust the white balance in Lightroom, but the colors were always worse than the colors of the single frame dng file (of course I disabled Lightroom's color noise reduction).
Regarding the periscope camera: It is possible to use the periscope camera with certain 3rd party apps, but you can't save periscope camera dng files with 3rd party app. A huge disappointment.
Night Sight often chooses an exposure time per frame of 1 second(!), when you use the periscope camera, although the light conditions were not terrible. This can lead to blurry photos.

Street Puppy, 04 Nov 2021Anandtech has found the screen is using huge amount of powe... moreFunny how Anandtech never bothered how iPhone isn't running at 120hz when it should be, instead it is running at 80hz-90hz.

Also how they never bothered going deep into all the variety of panels used in iPhone 12 Pro Max and the quality control issues associated with them.

  • HutHutHut

Mdmallu, 04 Nov 2021So overall vivo x70 pro plus keeps sharing the best android... moreNo... my man... It would be wishful thinking on your part... The Mi 11 Ultra is by far the best smartphone camera on the market... The Vivo X70 Pro + is good... But just not as good as the Xiaomi... As for the Samsung - well if you can tolerate the overprocessing... then I suppose its good. I was expecting the Pixel 6 to give the Mi 11 Ultra a run for its money at least in low-light... But as was expected the Mi wipes the floor clean with Pixel... its Tensor chip... and its overhyped camera setup.

  • Street Puppy

Anandtech has found the screen is using huge amount of power.
Even at 60Hz and low brightness.

This screen is 8bit, with no 10bit simulation.
Should use much less power than screen used by OP9 pro for example.

  • Caroll

Gandalfdenvite, 04 Nov 2021210g is far too heavy, it is supposed to be a phone...! For... moreAre you for real? If you can't carry 200g with one hand, well maybe is time to hit the gym

Dometalican, 03 Nov 2021Yeah like when you zoom into the one with the pink flower, ... moreI was thinking the exact same thing - that flower looked hideous. I'm in no way convinced here. I think its better to wait for Pixel 7 Pro with Tensor chip 2.0.

  • Anonymous

ABF Media, 04 Nov 2021I think by embargo brigade, he means youtube reviewers who ... moreIf person is not open to give true opinion, should not even review any product.
Because in the end, person will be fooling whoever is watching.
That is the problem.
Person in the end, does not care about the audience.

So overall vivo x70 pro plus keeps sharing the best android flagship with S21 ultra..and best camera phone title too😌

  • Anonymous

camera quality isnmt as good s21 ultra.
S21 have better details in the small rocks in the blue car
also you can see back building more clearly.

ABF Media, 04 Nov 2021I think by embargo brigade, he means youtube reviewers who ... moreThat's correct, but the thing is that all the reviewers are like that.
Large channels, lots of subscribers, all the same biased stuff.
Twisting the things the way they were told to.

  • Shiny Dave

Anal, 04 Nov 2021I think I will hold off and see how good the S22 is before ... moreS21 FE might end up being the one to get instead depending on how good the 2022 chipsets turn out to be.