Google Pixel 6 Pro review

3 November 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Sample images from Dxomark's review shows that Huawei&... moreOh, I just noticed that Dxomark didn't publish a periscope comparison in good light conditions. The sample images I saw were photos at 50mm. And Huawei's quality is much better at 50mm. Not surprising as already the Mate 40 Pro had a much better digital zoom in good light conditions. Huawei seems to be able to leverage the Quad Bayer resolution, whereas Google seems to ignore the high resolution mode.
It's weak that Dxomark doesn't show sample images from the periscope cameras in perfect light conditions, though according to their diagram, the P50 Pro 90mm periscope camera clearly outperforms the 103mm Pixel 6 Pro in perfect light conditions.

I think I will hold off and see how good the S22 is before deciding.

  • Gandalfdenvite

210g is far too heavy, it is supposed to be a phone...! For me 180g is the absolute upper limit, any heavier and it becomes uncomfortable to use with one hand for longer than a few, less than 5, minutes! Batterylife must be fantastic to justify 210g, but it is not, it is extremely bad!
Displays with curved edges are absolutely horrible to use!

thunderresistant, 04 Nov 2021Could you be more specific about "embargo brigade"... moreI think by embargo brigade, he means youtube reviewers who are bound by embargo.
These guys can't release videos until a certain date which is fixed by the manufacturer.
This is why you see everyone posting a particular smartphone's review around the same time. Their videos will get taken down if they post it earlier. The vast majority won't get free review samples in the future if they discuss certain flaws about the smartphones provided. Their criticism and entire review is closely monitored by the smartphone manufacturer.

Reviewers buying a phone with their own money aren't at the mercy of manufacturers.
They can give honest reviews without Apple, Samsung or other companies interfering in the review process. They don't need companies to tell them what they should be saying and what they shouldn't. They don't rely on videos being approved by smartphone manufacturers before publishing.

  • Anonymous

Sample images from Dxomark's review shows that Huawei's 90mm periscope camera totally outperforms Google's 103mm equivalent periscope camera in good light conditions. The reason might be that Huawei can leverage the full resolution of the sensor, whereas Google ignores the 50 megapixel mode and only uses the 12 megapixel mode. Google should rename their "super resolution zoom" to anti-resolution zoom.

  • Shiny Dave

T the Tinkerer, 04 Nov 2021The battery life on these just isn't acceptable. I was... moreAs soon as I heard the Tensor had two X1s and two A76s - the latter literally the same as on my A70, a pre-pandemic midranger! - I knew I was out. Frankly, I thought the battery life was going to be even worse than this.

S20 FE 5G for me, although the ROG Phone 3 is still ever-tempting with that giant battery pack and the ways to maintain it (although the updates will be far worse). Is Canada an Exynos market too? I'd get the S20 FE 5G over any Exynos S21.

L.O.R.D, 04 Nov 2021True. It is the amount of feature that really matter and no... moreproblem isn't that you get a new number with every update, problem is that.. every new update on ios introduces new bugs that didn't exist initially. This has been the norm for the past few years.


  • T the Tinkerer

The battery life on these just isn't acceptable. I was ready for the Pixel 6, but now I have to get the S20 FE 5G or a Canadian S21+ 5G.

  • Anonymous

Nitpicking: I would have gotten the pixel 6/pro if it didn't had an asymmetrical front screen. It's 2021, the pixel 5 had a symmetrical front, the iphone has one aswell, S22 will get close to a symmetrical front.
Also: why does the pixel 6 pro has a curved screen? Many customers don't want that (that's why samsung stopped using it).
Also: battery life: wth?! It doesnt last you a full day!
Also: no trade ins (in germany). I had a pixel 5, so why not give us the chance to upgrade to a 6?

I had a pixel 3, 4 , 5 and now switched to a flip 3! YES, it also has a battery lasting only a full day, but is also 1700mAh(!) less than the pixel 6 pro. How does this even work? YES, it has a plastic screen, but symmetrical bezels!
I must say I hate Samsungs UI and hope for a better pixel 7 next year, though I doubt they will call it "7".

  • Alpha mate

Arguably the best smartphone of 2021!!! It sits right there where it hurts apple fanboys 🤣

  • Anonymous

Abhishek, 04 Nov 2021I don't know why they make these phones so large. A sm... moreAsus zenphone 8

I gotta admit. It is a beautiful phone.

mawlki, 04 Nov 2021If all these faults can be completely solved by software wh... moreI do not have it in my hands, I do not know, but I am not led by speculation, for that we have to give time for more people who are not YouTubers to share their opinions to see how it goes

  • Street Puppy

thunderresistant, 04 Nov 2021Could you be more specific about "embargo brigade"... moreMany youtubers accept not to mention the negatives of the device because they were asked not to say.
And accept to keep getting free units and products to keep reviewing. Products they do not need to return.

How many of them mention downgrades of 21/21+?
How many say iphone 13 pro cine mode is poor quality and looks like webcam background trick?
How many mention pixel 6 pro issues and csm worse than previous?

DMX, 04 Nov 2021I'm going to wait for January, which is when they begi... moreIf all these faults can be completely solved by software why didn't they do that from the get go? These mostly are hardware problems that will not go by some tweaks.

  • Abhishek

I don't know why they make these phones so large. A small phone that fits in your hand is not available at all. Only apple seems to have realised that there is a market for smaller phones not only these unwieldy giants... unfortunately I'm not an apple fanboy!!

I have seen and read enough about this new pixel phone.

In forums and in reviews:

* Battery life not good at all.
* Camera's. All i can say older pixels are just better
* CPU is OK. So it is not ok to me. ;)

Bye Pixel 6(pro).
All will be solved in updates? Don't think so and anyways bringing it out with all these flaws ends it right here for me.

Was interested but am releaved i never have to look at this ever again; saves time. Was going to let the rediculous size and the no-headphone-jack-feature slide but no thanks!.

Going S22.

i0S.- Never.- Again, 04 Nov 2021Lately I only trust Youtubers who buy phones with their own... moreCould you be more specific about "embargo brigade", like what channels exactly? Just curious. Thanks.

[deleted post]True. It is the amount of feature that really matter and not the number of updates. I've heard an ex-iPhone user say that it is just a little change of a number every year and not much, and after switching to Android he was absolutely surprised to see the sheer amount of features, and the customisation options present, and they still use an Android to this day