OnePlus 11 review

7 February 2023

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I was never a Fan of OnePlus. Somehow I couldn't trust it's idea of keeping it's connections with OPPO secret ( I am talking of initial days when it launched in India). Software experience was something that I had liked.
But after each iteration of its phone, OnePlus had started raising its price bracket ( something which even Nothing is planning for 2nd Gen).
But with official announcement of merger with OPPO, I was happy about my decision of not buying a OnePlus. Then came the promise of keeping OxygenOS intact, which they easily ignored and went ahead for merger with ColorOS.
They promised to abandon unified OS, but in disguise didn't promise to stop using ColorOS as base.
In the end current OxygenOS is nothing but a renamed ColorOS.
A company which breaks buyers trust deserves no mercy.
It will work for sometime in India. But slowly users will prefer other brands. Xiaomi is facing same phase now.

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    • 08 Feb 2023

    bundarmama, 08 Feb 2023Hello Folks. At the start of the year, all major android br... moreDude im waiting over year for new phonw. Its nonsense, life is short. Ok i will wait to June, then u say wait for novemver .. pixel 8, xia 14, vivi x100 ...its circle.

    I just buy Vivo X90 Pro, ye photos are still ugly, but less ugly, than this Op 11.

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      • 08 Feb 2023

      Anonymous, 07 Feb 2023If apsc camera is just 20x better than cellphone, it is ver... more100x is just exaggeration 😒

        If you check the EXIF data of the 2x telephoto (48mm) shots, it says focal length: 7mm.
        If you divide 48 with 7 you get a crop-factor of 6,9, which is the crop-factor of a small 1/2,9-inch sensor... IMX709 is not a 1/1,56-sensor. :)

          Hello Folks. At the start of the year, all major android brands have delayed globally launching their ultra flagships as they will loose against the optimized overclocked processor of S23 ultra. eg. Vivo (with X90 pro and not X90pro-plus) Mi (with 13 Pro and not 13 ultra) and Oneplus (with 11 and not 11 pro). Just wait till Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 PLUS launches in June - then we will have the superior zoom options of these flagships.

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            • 08 Feb 2023

            How you guys just swallow the fact that OnePlus is using two generation old E4 amoled versus E6 amoled now seen in similarly priced Iqoo 11 ?
            Come on man !

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              • 08 Feb 2023

              Aierlan, 08 Feb 2023I agree that perhaps they could have given 256gb in the bas... moreMi 13 in Europe starts at 256GB.
              Price is 999 euros.


                  LoneOwl, 08 Feb 2023Oneplus has really lost their way. For anyone who is in ... moreI agree that perhaps they could have given 256gb in the base storage variant and that would make the price fairly good. However, 600 (assume you are talking about Euro given the prices you are mentioning) is completely unrealistic. There is no phone that will have similar hardware specs that will be launched at 600. I doubt we will see any snapdragon 8 gen 2 phones with similar specs (there will be ones with the 8mp 2mp camera setups and cheaper screens for cheaper of course) but competitor phones like the Xiaomi 13 (regular version) and Oppo find x6 (not pro) will be at least as expensive in Europe (most likely more expensive) and the galaxy s series is more expensive. The Vivo x90 may be similarly priced if it's going to be available in Europe. If you want higher cost effectiveness you basically need to look out for older models that have been heavily discounted

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                    • 08 Feb 2023

                    Asphalt-nation, 07 Feb 2023Looks like OnePlus is almost back in the game. Yes, in ... moreEven without your opinion, any chinese brand (including OnePlus) is always be the cheaper alternatives of popular brand Samsung.

                    People who cant afford to buy Samsung, would buy chinese phone instead.

                    Thats would also explain why Apple has a plan to release the iPhone Ultra model, because Apple doesnt want to have cheaper phone than Samsungs to avoid the iPhone's image as cheaper alternative of Samsung.

                      Oneplus has really lost their way.

                      For anyone who is in the regions Google sells their Pixel phones, grab one of those, especially now that they are on a discount.

                      Latest Snapdragon is nice to have as well as decent battery and fast charging but they by no means justify the price increase.

                      I really dont understand what is Oneplus thinking with these prices, especially now that even OxygenOS is history for ColorOS.

                      If it was priced around 600, yes it would indeed be flagship killer territory. 850 is just too much for the bast storage of 8/128.

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                        • 08 Feb 2023

                        Settler, 07 Feb 2023I am happy with my OnePlus 8 Pro 😊 Have to say goodbye to ... moreNever in my life I would consider Apple. The biggest scammers on the world. You buy the product, but you'll never owe it. They follow the path of the WEF with their "you'll owe nothing, and you'll be happy. If you have an apple phone, you wish to change the battery, screen or you want to do any other repairs, you'll bump into serialization restrictions of the manufacturer. You'll end up having to pay heeps of money for a component replacement of a few cent, or they will push you forward in buying a new phone.

                          bulbulito.bayagbag, 07 Feb 2023OnePlus committed suicide when they merged with Oppo, with ... moreYeah, Stock Android (especially before Android 12) is too BARREN AND FEATURELESS, so much so that Google was compelled to RIP THEM OFF One UI and - surprise, surprise - ColorOS to keep "the people" happy.
                          - native theming and customisable launcher
                          - big toggles in the notification and big media controls
                          - dedicated "gaming mode"
                          - dedicated night mode and auto anti-blue light functionality
                          - they still couldn't be bothered to put in full manual camera controls unlike literally every other OEM

                          I just don't get the hype for it, especially given the bugs that only manifest in Pixel phones and NOT the customised Samsung and BBK phones...

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                            • 07 Feb 2023

                            Anonymous, 07 Feb 202332mp 1/1.56 = 1.0um??? 13mp 1/3.0 = 1.0umObviously wrong.

                            This imx709 is not even 1/2.5" ...

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                              • 07 Feb 2023

                              32mp 1/1.56 = 1.0um???
                              13mp 1/3.0 = 1.0um

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                                • 07 Feb 2023

                                Anonymous, 07 Feb 2023I expected a better battery, the biggest problem for me is ... more
                                Are cloud storage unknown too you? .
                                Assume you phone are are stolen
                                or otherwise "somewhere" where you
                                can't ( newer) get it , In the cloud you can
                                always get your stuff back . Memory
                                Cards are actually not the best solutions
                                , for smartphones.

                                  End of Oxygen. Everything was said...

                                    £729 for the 8GB 128GB version.
                                    £799 for the 16GB 256GB version.
                                    For People in the UK like me.

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                                      • 07 Feb 2023

                                      Sensor size for IMX709 seems to be wrongly stated, all sources I can find mention it's 32MP with 0.8 μm pixel pitch, giving roughly 1/2.76" sensor size

                                        Anonymous, 07 Feb 2023You won't get vivo in Europe. Here you'll get eit... moreWhy not? its owned by BBK Electronics, one brand gets in, others follow.