Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551

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  • m@s00d

for a better battery time do not unplug the charger until receive a message in notification area "battery charge full, unplug the charger", you will see the difference. i am using this phone for a week and yesterday i saw this message first time.

  • Anonymous

but it cant directly transfer office word documents from pc to ds mobile ryt? it must still need to be channelled tru kies?, i have heard some user say that their laptop cant detect their phone tru usb cable..

is kies the only way to transfer, how bwt thru adapter trasflash where u would only insert ur memory kard , and directly paste your files from the this possible

  • albar

im using a windows 7 laptop, um will i have a problem in transfering files from my laptop to celphone if i purchase this device?

  • jawir750

andrea s piarah, 22 Jan 2011hello.. I'm From Indonesia can u explain more abuot this phone... morereview about this phone

  • andrea s piarah

I'm From Indonesia
can u explain more abuot this phone please..?
I mean the Review..

  • Anonymous

hey, can i exchange data say an mp song, a video or picture using bluetooth with another phone?

  • Anonymous

i think this phn does not have java support.

  • Sagar bocheer

Sindhu.S, 21 Jan 2011guys, i heard that Galaxy 551 dont have SWYPE... they are say... moreyes it has swype option

  • Sagar bocheer

Samsung galaxy 551 is a very cool set to hang up with.... its sliding qwerty key pad is awesome.... it cost around 13k. i'm using 3G sim. one thing i have not satisfied is the battery back up...but other samsung phones are having a good back up. don't kw the reason.some told battery back up will be less if u use 3G.

  • mustafa

shankz, 20 Jan 2011hey... which android costing within Rs.15000/- is best..? m se... moresuperb phone just bought.....worth og money and specially it has android 2.2 froyal....latest.
nice smooth touch,very simple to understand.just go for it..

  • sinx

i own spica i5700 rooted. i flashed it to any ROM i want to try...
and know what? warranty still okay.
once my speaker squeaks, and samsung replace it. i'm sure they know my spica is rooted and flashed with leshak ROM.

  • Anonymous

Does Samsung Galaxy 551 support Flash 10.1? Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

how much is the samsung galaxy 551 not bill pay!!!!

  • Anonymous

how to download yahoo messenger for this phone??i checked in android market but i can't find it..plz help me...

  • adiktuz

I want to have this phone...

so far from browsing thru different models (nokia, SE, samsung), this is the best that I've liked (comparing Nokia N97, 5230, 5530, 5800, SE experia)... it looks so good and it's specs looks pretty nice for its price, and the feedbacks are also great...

if I'd be able to buy this, this would be my first Android (and smartphone) experience...

  • persy

how much is galaxy?

  • Sindhu.S

guys, i heard that Galaxy 551 dont have SWYPE...

they are saying that, It was wrongly mentioned in the box about that feature....

  • ramesh

I want this mobile, but the black color model is not avalable here in siliguri. Please if anybody has a black color one please inform me.

  • Amit

TANMAY, 20 Jan 2011no Rakesh it does not has a skype in it but it can be downloaded... moreBeta, answer only if you know,

He is asking about Swype and not Skype?

" yes yes you can download it free from market"



rakesh, 20 Jan 2011iam planing to buy dis fone.... Pls anybody tel me dat dis fone ... moreno Rakesh it does not has a skype in it but it can be downloaded from the market facility provided by andriod for free .......its very easy..!!