Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung Galaxy A20

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  • Anonymous

Knight19, 24 Apr 2019A20 is a so so phone of samsung. Like j6 or j7 core with a ... moreso many spoilers :(

  • Anonymous

Kofi Dzoghard, 01 May 2019Please I want to know the effects of me constantly removing... moreYour fingers might get injured

  • Kofi Dzoghard

Please I want to know the effects of me constantly removing and placing back the sim tray? I move the tray because i download songs onto the memory card and put it into my mp3 player

  • Aidil

in specifications it is almost equivalent to the redmi note 5 but the contemporary design makes it aesthetic

I just bought this phone. It is incredible designed, solid body and solid battery.
Had been comparing this phone with other phones cam and display. It stands out very well, no other matches Samsung display and camera for sure.
That's why i bought it. Samsung quality outmatches the dirt cheap Chinese brands, dirt cheap might run faster but will always feel dirt cheap. A good reputed Brand does matter.
Furthermore it does not have any heatup issues. If your phone will heatup your faster cheapo mobile will lag.
Sure there are some limitations, but personally I did not find those low speaker and lack proximity sensor really an issue. One uses the headphones with phones anyway and the phone just works fine even without sensor.
Samsung is giving you a quality phone in 200 dollar price tag what do you want more? This phone is carrying flagship level show off for those who wanted a phone of flagship look alike. I have picked up other brands phones but they did not felt that great as the Galaxy A20 does honestly.

  • Anonymous

randomguy, 26 Apr 2019Does this phone has always on display??No, for an Always On display go in for A30.

  • Ginse

I'm not a Samsung user, but i bought A20 coz i know samsung deal with nice phone this year. I love the all over design front and back the super amoled screen is good and the processor is not bad. I already check the unit before u buy it and I impressed its worth it. Thank you samsung for providing such nice cellphone in today's generation.

in bangladesh A20 display is fhd+

randomguy, 26 Apr 2019Does this phone has always on display??Nope, like J6 and J8

  • randomguy

Does this phone has always on display??

  • Manu

nisar, 17 Apr 2019a20 is a good choice but 2 issue 1 are speaker weaker 2nd c... moreThe quality of speaker is poor. Vibrations on the back side of the phone ,while speaking is irritating. Never expect the issue from a brand like Samsung.

  • Knight19

A20 is a so so phone of samsung. Like j6 or j7 core with a notch. Camera is just like j7 core added with the secondary 5 mp cam. Battery life 2 days in heavy use. Buying this would be like iron commiting sacrifice by snapping thanos and army instead of giving the gauntlet to capt. Marvel to snap the army and thanos so stark dont die in the film. Yeah it's a smart choice but not a wise decision for smart buyers. Should fo a 30 for more ram and memory plus full hd. But if your decision making is like captain america when he went back to the past to marry peggy carter and get old at the end of endgame this would be a home run for those people who wants just for the sake of notch. The glasstic cover of this phone is finger print absorber like thanos absorbing the force from capt marvel, peppr pots rescue armor and other female marvel heroes. You know when thanos headbutt capt. Flat behind marvel it will not make a scratch but when being zap with power stone it would still make capt marvel fly and be hurt. So this phone can take some hit just don't throw it like 10 ft or letting it slip of your hand. Anyway just like end game yhis phone is 3.2 stars out of 5. Plus hope russo and marvel dies for killing iron man and wants to move forward with a gay hero in the future and a black market of heroes.

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019bro j6 is same like a20. just the difference of notch displ... moreA20 also Phablet sized 6.4 inch hd+

its been a few days since i got this model and i began to love it.
the best amazing about about this phone is.

1 -the battery life .. with exactly 24 hours of casual using with around 1.30 hour of phone calls during a day and consuming youtube videos and browsing i left with 65% ! battery life in the time of this writing.
2-super Amoled display.
3 -performance is great no lag and very responsive .. and no heat issue .
4- finger print is also fast to recognize.
5- nice camera pictures and video with rich colors .. for my liking .
the not so nice things i find about it is .

-1 the absence of the real Proximity sensor during a phone call.
its a software based and it feels like a little slow to turn the screen off during a phone call not deal breaker for me its just working ok.
2- video recording while it do capture a rich details and nice colors . but its lag stabilizer .
too shaky if you record while walking.

i cant comment on gaming in details ,but i found asphalt 8, and Dan the man just work fine .
i was hesitating at first because i hate the notch , but it can easily be hidden with the settings .
internet speed is good ,
the phone feels like its slippery and inferior so i am waiting to find a nice case for it to protect it from scratch . sadly the box doesn't come with one as usual with Samsung phones.
for any one just want a regular phone with good camera and YouTube music and battery life .
this is a perfect fit for the price.

  • nids

sheikh Rizwan, 21 Apr 2019Yeah! Exactly but i think samsung galaxy a series is much b... moreThink twice before buying a 20 as my screen was broken just like a glass. smashed as someone throw it from a 10 feet height, unfortunately it slipped from my hand from a height of 3 feet approx and all the front glass is broken. My bad is that glass protector is safe however.
Company says whole panel would be replaced not the digitizer only and it consts $ 95. huhhhhh

  • Snowy

i have come to know that screen pixels are visible because it's only HD+
and the speaker audio is said to baad be as bad as realme 3
and that it lags a lot
n frame drops happens while riding a vehicle in pubg on any settings
is this true?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019bro j6 is same like a20. just the difference of notch displ... moremaybe because u are using the old phone

  • Anonymous

Lazyb, 21 Apr 2019I have j6 n thinking to buy this a20 phone. Should i go fo... morebro j6 is same like a20. just the difference of notch display and battery with fast charging. if you can compromise on this, then don't upgrade. i think it would be wise to stay on j6

miau, 21 Apr 2019most of them still stick to old charger while this usb-c.If... moreor Realme 3 Pro

  • Anonymous

Tech master, 22 Apr 2019Just go to a30 because it is better option than a20 and the... moreA30 still costs 4500 more than A20 for just an always on display, AR emoji,slightly better processor and cameras. Checked from the comparisons on Youtube and it was found that apps opened faster in A20 than A30 even though A20 has 7884 and A30 boasts of 7904.
A30 could be bought but the price difference for the specs and performance is too high.