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  • Joe

Using s20 fe exynos version for 2 weeks with top user experience and fantastic camira . No issues at all.
Battery lasts whole day with 5.5 hours screen on time .
Good phone with little price .

NhlalukoG, 19 Jan 2021Haven't gotten any overheating on dex cause I have don... moreI take it back. Still pretty sh!tty.

Yeah slight battery increase but the rest is the same. Overheats, slow charge while fast charging, apps keep closing.

Aziz, 20 Jan 2021Bro i just got my phone yesterday and the battery absolutel... moreWelcome to the club

  • Tech Kid.

Maybe it's because you guys have the Exynos version of the phone, its 20% worst in battery and performance.

My friend buy s20 fe but he sell that!! After 4 days. Because he say battrey and processor so bad. Phone was warm in the instagram app,! In the game its too bad! Please research about this phone. S20fe 5g is good because snapdragon s20fe 4g too bad! S10 lite better that this phone snapdragon is good.

I've been due for an upgrade for a while now. Whilst ideally I'd like an S20 plus, the subs on these phones are really high in South Africa.

So when the S20 FE was launched, I was really excited! The reviewers also praised it lots! So I was considering getting it.

But there's something about this phone that just doesn't resonate with me. And I think I've finally figured it out... It's the build. Not just that it's plastic, it's not put together well in terms of design. It just feels very sub standard and like an A series - actually worse.

After scrutinizing it further, I think Samsung has used the exact same screen from the A51. Now the A51 is a sleek looking ohibe and to my amazement I realized what the design flaw is. Using the A51 screen was fine, but in terms of the internals, I think Samsung had to make the chassis slightly larger than the A51. The result is that not only does the phone now have large bezels, but the screen doesn't meld into the chassis, but you can actually see the metal frame around the edge of the glass. So that's like 2 bezels! And that why this phone just doesn't look desirable. Between the A51 and the FE, looking from the top, the A51 is a sleeker looking phone and a little smaller than the FE despite the exact same screen.

The conclusion: I just cannot get myself to like this phone. Will wait to get one of the "real" S20 handsets.

  • Aziz

irti, 18 Jan 2021The S20Fe is really good overall, but the battery just suck... moreBro i just got my phone yesterday and the battery absolutely sucks the screen on time is like 3hrs 20 minutes
Right now my battery is 63% and the sot is 1hour 7 minutes this is not what i expected.

Dmi2020, 18 Jan 2021How about the dex function? Did it improved? Haven't gotten any overheating on dex cause I have done any prolonged use but the way it's been I'm 100% sure it'll overheat.
Overheats on multiwindow with only one app running. So yeah still trashy. Just that the trash now lasts for about an hour longer

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021i was reading all these battery, overheating problems, and ... moreSome of us are coming from previous exynos and were good. My previous phone was an S8 and before that an S6...

Yeah I should've read more regarding the phone that I agree. I would've just bought a standard s20 atleast.

Hell I would've waited for S21. Took this thing 2 months ago.

  • PeterG

Dmi2020, 18 Jan 2021How about the dex function? Did it improved? DeX worked in S20 FE...

  • Dkumar

aLREAdY, 18 Jan 2021Hello guys i have a question. What's better s20 fe(exy... more100% iphone 11

Hello guys i have a question. What's better s20 fe(exynos in my region) or Iphone 11?

  • Anonymous

i was reading all these battery, overheating problems, and i dont have any. then i realize that this is the exynos variant. Sorry guys but you should have studied a little bit before buy a phone with shitxynos 990 in it. All these problems are in s 20 ULTRA and note 20 ultra as well and they cost 1500€

•Really like the display with 120hz
•Using Dex constantly owerheats.
•Terrible battery life, in my case doesn't last even a day
•Charging with included charger extremely slow charging

  • irti

The S20Fe is really good overall, but the battery just sucks. Gives 4 hours SOT, I have contacted Samsung many times but they either tell me to wait for an update (I did, it didn't work). or turn off the 120hz refresh rate. Now, why would I spend so much cash to use a 60hz display? tbh the battery is not usable

NhlalukoG, 17 Jan 2021Well I gotta say, this phone has been pretty crap. And yeah... moreHow about the dex function? Did it improved?

  • Kurniawan

sucks performance not worth for the money

Well I gotta say, this phone has been pretty crap. And yeah Exynos 990 is really sh!tty. Overheats dex and multiwindow closing...

However, just got the android 11 update and u gotta say huge improvements on the battery department. Haven't done any slight demanding task but it's been good.

2 hours screen on at watching YouTube, a bit of multiwindow here and there nothing major 120Hz still at 75%. Not the best but compared to how it was b4 it'd be at like 50% or less by now.

  • DimSum

i received a ''fix'' for S20 FE and S20 from a user on Twitter for the battery drain Exynos version on One UI 3.0, Android 11. it worked for me and a friend of mine running the SD version. battery still drops slightly fast but its not draining insanely fast. unplugging from a charge doesn's drop % instantly to 98% in a few seconds anymore. i can do my daily routine (work stuff, play PUBG, Fortnut, youtube, social media) without worrying for battery life. my S20 FE is a week old now.

The ''fix'' is for those that are willing to try this and do the extra work setting up the phone totally fresh after a factory reset + this is for people that used the samsung swap data/files from old to new phone only. the option u get when starting up the phone for the first time and setting the phone up.

The reason why there is a battery drain is because you used the old to new phone data/files transfer, bringing files, maybe corrupt over time files, side-loaded files and not compatible files to a new phone, specially with Android 11 (One UI 3.0) that is totally un-optimized imo and is a battery drain itself. this is creating conflict with android 11 with the device trying to run something that simply isn't working 100% right. i used the data/files transfer myself on my first start up and by checking Samsung App booster (Goodlock) i had over 600 apps to boost when i had nothing installed besides the pre-installed ones and this is exactly the problem.

so the ''fix'': 1. Do a factory reset and start totally fresh. SKIP the old to new phone data/files transfer option u get when setting up your phone. u will start on the last Phone update received (Mine is on the January update).
2. add your needed accounts and install your apps new and manually from the Play Store again. (Avoid 3rd party launchers for now but that's up to you, i find them not working right)
3. ''fix'' is done so use your phone like normal again and set up the rest of the phone.
4. This is optional but it saves some extra battery if u want to keep using the 120hz mode.
- Turn off Battery saving (if u have it turned on of course)
- Open the 'Motion Smoothness' page in Settings > Display, click on 60hz and hit apply. now click on 120hz BUT DON'T HIT APPLY, now keep that page open in the background and now open the power saving page in battery & Device care > Battery. both pages need to stay open till this trick is done.
- Choose your options for battery saving ( i use the top 3 options) and turn battery saving on. keep to page open and now swap back to the still open motion smoothness page, u will see that 120hz is greyed-out but 120hz is still chosen with the little dot on the left. now simply hit Apply and the trick is done and u can close the pages. now u can use 120hz while saving battery :)

i hope this works for you like it did for me.

  • Amit Mudgill

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021I am from India too and I am planning to purchase this soon... moreNo lag. Charger provided in the box is 15w one and they call it fast charger! It takes around 1.20 hours to get battery charged fully. Battery, if you disable push notifications (no whatsapp push as well), will work for 12 hours. A 10 min charge will push battery percentage by 12% max. The so-called Samsung's amoled screen isn't crispy. It is just full hd, no quad.