Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

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  • Farooq Ahmed

Camera is good. Battery is so so. Big problem is touch screen. I have to touch twice or thrice or sometimes even more times to get response. My previous mobile S7edge had never this problem. Because of this I would like to change mobile but will loose lot of money. May be this time I may try some other brand. Is samsung offering some recipe for this.

  • Ladakh

Dkumar, 11 Jan 2021I have used exynos version for 1 month ( with all software ... morePoor you, why don't you just buy the 5G version so you don't have to endure the Exynos crap

  • Anonymous

Poor performaance ears getting burned so hot, battery life poor, charging taking more than two hours. Not worth for the money. Ordinary phone not a flagship one

  • Walt

I've had this phone for three months now. I've had problems with it from day one.

I was extremely excited to upgrade from my s7. The s7 was an amazing phone at release, but update after update broke it. Sad that updates make the phones worse. This phone is no exception.

Every reason I wanted a new phone for, this phone does worse. I should have just suffered the s7. Of everything though, the worst features outright are speech to text. The s7 was very imperfect, but even after slowing down over the years, it works circles around this. Same with swipe to text. Trash. The famed camera system is dull compared to my nearly derelict s7. This phone's camera has a few extra features which I was excited about until I used them. I haven't bothered since. The quality is so subpar it's pointless.

I'm not letting my standard for the tech. If they can't provide better quality in newer tech, then it's pointless. As is new for the sake of new. As such, I can recommend this phone to no one.

  • Anonymous

Using exynos 4g version. Battery is a disaster. Im a light user without gaming. Still need to charge twise a day. WiFi is the only solution for internet. Otherwise heating issue get worse. I don't know , sometimes it heats up for normal voice call. Camera?? Sometimes photos looks like paintings. Don't zoom any image which is taken from this, you'll be totally disappointed.

  • Dkumar

I have used exynos version for 1 month ( with all software update), I have to mention Battery is very bad.
With 4500mAH, the screen on time is just 4 to 5hrs. Even the standby mode is very poor.
I would suggest to buy any Snapdragon processor phone.
People who are interested and wanted to enjoy the flagship specification and also ready to charge the phone two to three times a day can go with this phone.

it's Dual Pixel autofocus, there is no such thing called Dual Pixel PDAF

just love this . Camera setup is amazing natural colors.......

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2021I'm interested on buy that smartphone, but I'm wo... moreBattrey is bad. And dont buy that its too warm in the gane and app didnt solve in the android 11 smqll better but didnt solve.

This phone is very bad. My friend bought that but sell because its too warm in the game in the insta app!!!!! Its bad. He updated to android 11 but dont solve and now buy s10lite that good. Snapdragon very good and dont warm. Buy s20 fe is wrost. Samsung create badcphone . Batrrey is bad too. I dislike that.

  • Joe

This phone is amaizing .
I noticed the following :
1.battery charges much faster on 25watt adapter
2.selfie camira is not great but acceptable
3.vibration rattle a little bit when turned to max
4.exynos chipset is good
I recommand this phone since the price is acceptable about 565$ for exynox version with 8gb ram and 256gb

  • N. Tomas

WorkingClassMan, 04 Jan 2021Can anyone comment on the 4g 6/128 variant?? I'm think... moreI'm quite happy with mine and I use mine every single day for video calling with a minimum video call time of 1.5 hrs and maximum of 4hrs with some 20%-30% battery to spare ! This phone's heating isnt bothering me so much and everything works so perfectly and buttery smooth ❤ I love this phone. So gorgeous inside and out and goodbye accidental screen touches cause it has a flatter display !

  • enamorada

This phone is amazing, specially after update on Android 11. I switched from Iphone 11 to this Samsung FE version. After sotware update, I am really impressed because battery life lasts much longer, it's very fast even if I use 60 HZ. I am really satisfied and I would buy it again. I would highly recommend this phone, because its much more worth than the price that is given. Also, I bought 25W charger and it's super fast charge, a lot batter that charger whish comes with phone (15W). After update, it also not heating, so gooooo for itttttt. :)

PS: I charge phone once a day, usually before sleep and after charge I m using it for some time and hangs on until the next evening. :)

  • Anonymous

sachin, 06 Jan 2021yes I bought it 10 days back getting video flickering issue... moreIt's a shame that Samsung went ahead with Exynos chip for this phone. With the Snapdragon 865, it would have been a complete package along with its display, camera setup and large battery at 40k INR. Now thinking of purchasing the Realme X50 pro 5G at 26k INR.

  • sachin

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021I am from India too and I am planning to purchase this soon... moreyes I bought it 10 days back getting video flickering issues on various apps like Instagram and heating extremely on the earpiece speaker

  • Kws

proUser, 02 Jan 2021Just bought mint color. [Exynos] I see its good after oneu... moreYes, poor on sunlight.

  • Hassan

I've been using my S20FE whithin last 10 days, its heating is not really a big deal, I have had s7 edge and note 3 (both exynos) and they were same as s20 fe heating-wise.
All of this phone features satisfies me as a falgship user for a long time. It has high value against price.
OIS, IP68, 120Hz display, Al frame, same config with note 20 ultra, wireless and reverse charging, no way to complaint.

  • Anonymous

Stasa123, 04 Jan 2021Is factory reset necessary, when i update do Android 11?Only if u face any problem after update....otherwise not.....Like when i updated my a8+ to android pie i have to do a factory reset bcos of fast battery draining after update.....likewise after updating my note 10 to android 10 i didn't face any issue so i haven't reset it.....

When I got this phone, the performance was disappointing. Battery was draining fast and the phone heats up just by updating my apps on Play Store. Not to mention when using any of those apps. But after a few weeks of using it, the issues just disappears. I can get a full day use and my ears don't get burned anymore when answering calls. The camera and display quality is amazing for this price.

TechGeek, 04 Jan 2021This seems like a good value phone. Big battery, flagship s... moreAgreed