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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Lets hope the Samsung will change their Mind in their AI to have subscription in 2025, or atleast maintain the today AI feature Free on device and some upcoming basic as other phone already their AI thing too.

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    • pdw
    • 29 Mar 2024

    Tiramisu, 29 Mar 2024Fantastic phone but unfortunately and surprisingly misses o... moreWe have a comedian right here

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      • Tiramisu
      • X$w
      • 29 Mar 2024

      Fantastic phone but unfortunately and surprisingly misses out on Dolby Vision support as well as support for 68 billion colors. It should be a must on the Galaxy S25 Ultra

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        • X03
        • 29 Mar 2024

        buy thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

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          • batman
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          • 29 Mar 2024

          Anonymous, 29 Mar 2024"Look at this perfectly good phone that is arguably be... moreS24 is way better and it looks future of all fathers

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            • kVi
            • 29 Mar 2024

            [deleted post]"Look at this perfectly good phone that is arguably better than iPhone in terms of features and planned obsolescence, and isn't strict like the iPhone! Surely people are stupid for wanting such a thing!"

            Go back to drinking your goyslop.

              maks-rs, 23 Mar 2024After a few days of use, only a few problems: color change... moreI've had no issues with WiFI on my S24 Ultra. It has been rock solid whether I'm on 6Ghz WiFi6E or 5Ghz WiFi6/WiFi5. I've easily been able to exceed 1Gb/s speeds, over 6Ghz WiFi6E at home.

                Tushar11, 28 Mar 2024Recently i got an update on s14 ultra of april 2024. A s... moreI seemed to have the opposite experience with the last update this week. My battery life, surprisingly, got longer.

                  Recently i got an update on s14 ultra of april 2024.

                  A strange thing i noticed after update the average battery drain is increases than earlier.
                  I am getting 1 to 1.5Hrs of less battery back up now.

                  No further improvements in image Quality in camera.

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                    • Woofy
                    • na1
                    • 28 Mar 2024

                    Not meant to be rude, with price tag over USD1300, most subtle differences are to be scrutinized. I did have a really bad experience with galaxy S20 Ultra after 2 years of purchase, where bright pink lines subsisted in monitor.

                    Yet I don't think it's Samsung's fault (as it's last batch of their flagship phone assembled in China) No similar complaints surfaced at all for subsequent flagships S22 & onwards that are assembled in Vietnam. So I return to Samsung S24U please don't fail me this time.

                      Geometry dash 2.2, 28 Mar 2024My s21 ultra really is better broIn what way exactly? I had an S21U - and it's a great phone. But I can tell you for a fact that the S24U is better: better display, better speakers, better cameras, better battery life, better (faster) charging, better (faster) all-'round performance...

                        Geometry dash 2.2, 28 Mar 2024My s21 ultra really is better broThe S21 Ultra's black color version is so Sick!

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                          • Geometry dash 2.2
                          • Kec
                          • 28 Mar 2024

                          SteveUk, 24 Mar 2024🤦‍♂️ I guarantee your S21U does/did not perform better than... moreMy s21 ultra really is better bro

                            Jerry, 27 Mar 2024OnePlus 12 is way better than this mediocre display and cam... more...strange that most reviews (including the GSM one) prefer the S24U. So it can't be that "poor" 😂

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                              • Jerry
                              • IBD
                              • 27 Mar 2024

                              OnePlus 12 is way better than this mediocre display and camera. lol .. OnePlus beats the Sh**t out of this poor phone in every category battery, camera, display, gaming, charging speed and specifically in price. hehe! 2024 is only for OnePlus.

                                Anonymous, 25 Mar 2024SAMSUNG YOU PEOPLE SHOULD IMPROVE THE FRONT CAMERA 12MP Ple... moreStop spewing nonesence. Megapixels never mattered. Just a useless metric

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                                  • mohammed jabr
                                  • JaU
                                  • 27 Mar 2024

                                  hello,thanks for all your devices.i used three samsung phones:galaxy s8+/s7/ was faster,strong,amazing.

                                    Anybody received april update
                                    I received

                                    One UI version: 6.1 • Version: S928BXXU1AXCA / S928BOXM1AXCA / S928BXXU1AXCA . Size: 992.20 MB • Security patch level: 1 April 2024

                                    Any improvements in camera?

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                                      • Meddyridhwan
                                      • mFd
                                      • 26 Mar 2024

                                      Thank you 🙏🙏 for your great, genius, best, brilliant and special phone, you are very creative and I'm sure you're going to take three quarters(3/4) world's industry for your creative and professional S series phones... Congrats on your updates and keep going on other updates so as to keep your eyes on the creativity especially the new technology... Thank you 🙏🙏 I'm proud of being a TANZANIAN.

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                                        • pdw
                                        • 25 Mar 2024

                                        RDX, 25 Mar 2024is there any cooling system in s24 ultraOf course but not as big as oneplus 12